Taxco in the town of Taxco for your Taxco vacation. Reserve at the best rates in the travel business. Hotel Monte Taxco in Taxco has rooms with superb views of Taxco. With your vacation at Hotel Monte Taxco go a short distance on the telepheric to see the famous sites of Taxco. As recently as 70 years ago traveling to and from Taxco was done on horseback. Now in less than two hours from Mexico City you drive through spectacular scenery and 300 curves which was part of the former approach to Taxco. An old-world atmosphere prevades Taxco and the Hotel de la Borda in Taxco.
Welcome to the magic of Taxco
Right now Filipe is inside the church playing the organ. Would you like to hear? Easy. Let the magic begin. Move your mouse over the photo of the famous church built by la Borda (this church is seen from the hotel you will be staying in through CancunSteve.) As CancunSteve's guest at the hotel you will not pay the list price (rack rate) but our special low rate .

More about the hotel later. la Borda a French immigrant to Mexico struck it rich in silver while in Taxco. To give thanks to God, la Borda built the cathedral shown to the left. Inside and out it is a marvel to behold. And maybe you'll attend mass there on Sunday. Around the plaza are great shops selling silver articles of every size and type for any budget.

Welcome to colonial Mexico. Welcome to Taxco.

town of Taxco
Taxco is built on hills with winding cobblestone streets.

A leading tourist resort, Taxco is especially noted for its preserved and restored 17th and 18th century colonial buildings; it was designated a national monument in 1928.
Much frequented by artists (and CancunSteve who took the photos you see on this page), the town has a school of arts, many historic town houses, and the baroque Santa Prisca Church. Fiestas are held throughout the year. The original Tlachco, a Native American settlement and mining town dating from the 15th century, was nearby to the southeast; the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés established the new silver-mining center in the 1520s. After 1717 Taxco became a leading silver center.

Be sure to visit the famous Spratling Museum; exhibiting pre-Columbian art; named for the American who in 1931 successfully revived the town's silver jewelry workshops. Closed Mondays. Address: Calle Porfirio Delgado.

Try the exotic dishes made with iguana meat. One of the dishes found in Taxco you won't find back home or in the tourist all-inclusive hotel buffets.

Like jumiles, you can get iguana tamales, moles, and many other preparations offered in the restaurants of Taxco.
Accompany your meal with a refreshing Berta, the typical drink in Taxco. Prepared with tequila, honey, lemon, and mineral water, it is served in a long glass with frappe ice. They taste so good, it's almost impossible to drink just one, especially if you are digging a balcony, enjoying a fabulous view of the city.

The people of Taxco
This lovely dark-haired child selling art done by her family recommends the Hotel de la Borda for your stay.
She says Senior, CancunSteve gives you good rate.
And it's true. This lovely hotel complete with restaurant, pool, bar, parking, lush gardens offers a splendid view of the city due to it's prominent position overlooking the town.
Breakfast is a reasonable $6USD and rooms have views, TV, telephones.
Rooms may be ordered with one king bed; or 2 double beds; or 4 single beds.

Aerial view of a hotel shown below.

Shown at left Humbolt house.
Today it is no longer called the Humbolt House. Old man Humbolt no longer lives there; he didn't pay his rent for seven months and they threw him out. Today this Art Museum is open to the public on Juan Ruiz de Alarcan, No. 1.

Alexander Von Humboldt was an explorer a 19th century Indiana Jones, who stayed in this house when he visited Taxco in 1803.
This museum features a baroque style facade and 14 exhibition halls with many objects that recount some history of the city and its mining growth, as well as important information about St. Prisca Parish Church, an important construction in Taxco.
Here, you can see religious objects, a wide variety of baroque art, ornaments from the 17th and 18th centuries, and temporary art exhibitions. The temporary exhibitions are here today gone tomorrow like old man Humbolt who never paid his rent.

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