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shopping in downtown Cancun Plaza las Americas  

The most attractive of Cancun's downtown malls is Plaza America hosting a cinema complex with over 8 air conditioned movie theatres with many films in English subtitled in Spanish. Now what a fun way to learn the language! In this digitized snapshot the elegant Liverpool department store dominates. To the left the Sanborn sign can be seen above the parking lot. If you look carefully my turquosie car can be made out to the right of the red car. Mine's behind the bush next to the light pole. The Sanborn is always open for a late supper or snack and has a book and magazine shop within. Hundreds of stores abound in the mall and on Saturday nights the parking is full.

Downtown CancunSteve places or close

Distances to this mall

The Hotel Antillano less than one mile to the east
go south west on Tulum Ave
The Hotel Imperial Perlas one and one half miles into the hotel zone
go south west on Tulum Ave
hotel Imperial Perlas in the Hotel Zone take bus to town two miles
go to Tulum Ave. then left a few blocks

Cancun resident looking at
goodies in Plaza America
Friends and family stroll in
Plaza Americas at night
One of Plaza Caracol's attractive sales girls places product for YOU to see; remember LOOK but don't TOUCH or was it LOOK and TOUCH

Inside Plaza Caracol many exotic shops are to be found. As this one featuring Mexican arts.
Fine brand name clothing stores as well as fine works of silver and gold jewlery abound.
Perhaps you're looking for beach or casual ware? Leather goods? Boots? Sun glasses?
Fast food places are intermingled with some of Cancun's finest restaurants.
Fine perfume stores carry the best European perfumes at duty free prices.
You can even find LLadro pieces here.

CancunSteve places near Plaza Caracol How far
SalviaJust walk across the street
and we have special discount rates here as we do everywhere
Aquamarina BeachTake a bus or cab two miles going south
Ambiance Villas CancunTake a cab or bus about one mile south or walk it
Dos Playas CancunTake a cab or bus about one-half mile south or walk it

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This is a MUST SEE mall! CancunSteve recommends Forum by the SeaThis is where to find: Hard Rock Cafe; Coco Bongo; Rainforest Cafe; the Beer Factory.
Clothing boutiques; fast food joints; grocery stores with goodies from back home; occasional art exhibitions.
IF you've never seen Rainforest Cafe you must go. The best hamburgers this side of the Sierra Madre and jungle animation effects a la Disney; while you eat the elephant lifts his trunks and flaps his ears; the gorilla pounds his chest and a rain forrest storm begins.
This is the Forum by the Sea multi-level entertainment center.

CancunSteve's places right up the roadHow far up the strip
Aloft Cancunright there
and kids to 17 years of age free
Hotel NYXtake a bus 2 to 3 blocks north or walk
Bacarattewalk 12 blocks or take a bus a few stops north

More malls: Plaza Flamingo and more Forum by the Sea
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