Salvia Condominiums in Punta Cancun
Cancun condo rental in Salvia Cancun beachfront studios and PH's This two bedroom unit has a full entertainment center overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.
Located next to Forum by the Sea and Dady O's and the Party Center in Cancun's Hotel Zone. Ocean views of clear turquoise waters . Enjoy.
Meet some of the good people who booked Salvia with us have a look
Why stay in a hotel, when you come to Cancun, when you can stay in your 'home away from home'. All condos have fully equipped kitchenettes.
Your dining area overlooks the Caribbean Ocean affording breathtaking views of the sea day and night,

You can see a corner of one of the double beds that adorn this unit.

Cancun condo rental in Punta Cancun beachfront studios and PH's at Savila ocean front condominiums
Cancun condo rental in Punta Cancun beachfront studios and PH's at Savila ocean front condominiums Here's your view looking south along the Hotel Zone. You can walk for hours along the beach or have the transparent turquoise waters caress your body in the warm Cancun sun.

For those that wish to snorkel or dive numerous tropical fish abound in Cancun's waters and coral reefs.

Reefs close to the Salvia have every imaginable fish. One of my favorite snorkeling spots.

Plus at your doorstep is all the night-life and excitement of Punta Cancun. Coco Bongo. City. And more discos. Plazas and malls abound.
With your Salvia Cancun booking we provide hundreds of dollars of discounts you can use in bars, stores, and restaurants nearby during your Cancun vacation rental.

From the terrace of the other bedroom all Punta Cancun is yours. Forum by the Sea with Coco Bongo is next door as is Rain Forrest Cafe. And across the street is Daddy Rock; Daddy O; Plaza Caracol; VIPS; many other bars and restaurants.

Did I mention this unit also has two baths.

And that the kitchen is fully equipped.
Two bedroom ph's come with either 2 king beds or 4 double beds. And ocean front balconies.

And with your rental get hundreds of dollars of Cancun discount coupons to places like this:
just one of the great eateries you can have discounts for with your CancunSteve rental

free wireless high speed internet over secure network in lobby for our guests

Salvia Cancun shown from Blvd Kukulcan with pool out front

typical unit shown at Salvia condominiums in Cancun

Look how the honeymooners from Neptune just love it here dancing on the table

Part of the suite shown above (two bedrooms one with ocean view and one with lagoon views)

speaking of rooms:
lagoon view:
basic hotel room with view of lagoon. air conditioned. cable TV. two double beds
ocean view studio:
studio with equiped kitchenette. air conditioned. cable TV. two double beds or one queen ocean view
two bedroom PH this is now called the suite here in Salvia: equivalent of one studio and one lagoon room above (can accomodate up to 8 people)
three bedroom PH: equivalent of one studio and two lagoon rooms above (can accomodate up to 12 people) more of a suite than PH
PH which is a unit with stairs leading up to roof:as studio but 3 beds accomodating up to 6 people)

Probably you'll be flying into Cancun. And probably flying while you're down here! Talking about flying, do you know with your booking we provide the names of the worst airlines of the world and those with most consumer complaints. And those airlines with the most lost baggage.
And gambling tips to use in the Cancun casinos.
All this in addition to providing the finest and nicest units at Savila.
Some may cost a few pennies less with less reputable merchants, but remember we pay for our bargains.
This is the place for low price and quality in your Cancun vacation rental.
But speaking of airlines and flights, did you know that Africa has made airline history? Yes. It's true.
see how Africa has made airline history in 2014

Some choose Salvia as it's on a great sandy beach, others for the fine reputation of the units we offer, some for the nightlife nearby, and some for the snorkeling in these transparent waters.
Fauna to see while snorkeling.

The yellow jack is often spotted in the waters here. No it's not a guy who's afraid to go in the water called Jack. But a yellow fin and gill. They can grow to three feet in length.
The blue runner looks like the yellow jack but is blue rather than yellow.

Would you believe there's also a black jack. Do not confuse with the card game run in the casinos down here.
By the way with your booking with us get inside casino gambling tips plus casino discounts. All this you download from our website with passwords we provide.
Best not to eat these black jacks as the larger ones sometimes toxic.

There's also an amber jack. So you can see lots of jacks down here.
Few lumber jacks as the jungles here don't have thick tall trees.

For sure you'll find the green razorfish also known as the hemopteronozus splendens to its' friends. They are colorful with a noticable black spot in the center of their bodies. These fish dive straight for the bottom and disapear.
Like the time share guy who disapears after you've given him your credit card information.

The angelfish are awesome. And grow to one and a half feet long. They hang out in the corals. This is not a bar near the Salvia Cancun but natural flora formations.
Often these lovely fish have yellow tails and sometimes turquoise stripes on their bodies.
The striped Cubbyu has black and white stripes and ventral fins.
An image of an angel fish shown to the left above.

My own favorite is the striped grunt. Abundant here in the waters of the Salvia beach. Blue and yellow stipes. Looks a lot like the French grunt but doesn't eat snails. Nor says bonjour when you get close to it.
Soft dorsal and caudal fins.

A wierd looking creature is the frogfish. Looks like it's sprouting legs with the two bottom appendages. This brown fish with black spots can sometimes be seen in the colorful reefs off the Salvia beaches.
This fish can change its' colors! From pale grey to solid black to brown with black dots. It does this as camoflage. It also fills up with water and puffs up.
Yes my friend, lots of strange things to see in the waters.
And sometimes in the nearby bars.

Some nightspots next to the Salvia
One of Cancun's popular night club, Coco Bongo, has been featured on many television shows. Never on Sanford and Sun mind you.
Through the evening, a variety of performers put on shows.
On any given evening at the club, Beetlejuice makes an appearance a look-alike to be sure, Spiderman flies through the air but it's really Jorge Jiminez, acrobats perform high above the crown, and a Michael Jackson impersonator lip-synchs some of the pedophile's classic songs or queen of rock's most classic numbers if you prefer.
The bartenders and wait staff even take the stage to sing and dance a few times a night everyone gets into the act.
When you feel your feet start to move, don't bother looking for a dance floor because there isn't one.
People just dance where they can find a little space.
Between tables, in the aisles, in the john.

Dady O's. Old but with it.
The exterior looks like a huge rock, with DADY'O carved into it.
The long hallway that leads to the club entrance looks like an underground tunnel. The inside of the actual club resembles a large cave. There is a dance floor in the center of the room and rows of tables line the walls of the multi-level club. Well-known DJs and some not so known, celebrities, and bands often perform here, or host special parties. Even though this is one of the oldest clubs in Cancun, there is usually still a long line of people waiting to enter the club on weekends.
Disco. Hip hop. Techno. Latin. No mambo or cha cha here my dear. Light animation on Cancun night life Cancun night life

The City.
This gigantic night club claims to be the largest nightclub in Latin America (but they sometimes exagerate), with a capacity for over 5,000 partiers.
It is most definitely the biggest club in Cancun and it's often packed to the brim. The three-story club often has performances by internationally known artists like Ludacris (who?), Akon (acorn?), Flo Rida, 50 Cent (half dollar), Fergi, Snoop Dogg and celebrity DJs.
The City Cancun also has performances by acrobats and other performers during the evening. They play music of all types on the 1,000,000 sound system and 650 square feet of video screens.

My best guess is that if you're coming down here to stay in Salvia you'd be flying in.
In the unlikely event of an airline strike what do you do?
Depends a lot on where you'd be flying from friend.
The European Union does have legislation that looks after your rights or those of the passengers.
For example, if your flight is canceled, you are entitled to a refund or alternate transportation to your destination so you can get down here and party in the center of the hotel zone in that fine unit CancunSteve booked for you.
You might also receive free accommodation and food if you can’t get on a flight for several days. Mind you this could be a drag if you're flying out of some off-the-wall place like Kicking-Horse-Pass Ontario.
In the United States, however, since a strike is considered an act of God, which is BS I say (God don't make strikes asking for better pay, He works for free), airlines are not required to do anything.
The question is which airlines paid-off which congressmen for that ruling. Give me a break.
Most, however, want to stay in the good favor of its passengers.
And yes there is a Santa Claus.
This could include offering to rebook you on a partner airline or allowing you to rebook on a different travel date without fees.
So you'd be getting here later on. No sweat, Dady O's will still be here baby for your Cancun vacation rental.
Low cost and charter airlines might be less compassionate, though, so beware when you make your original booking.

Here are a few helpful tips to deal with a strike:
Consider getting travel insurance. If you had enough foresight to purchase travel insurance, you’ll probably be covered through the insurer’s trip cancellation and interruption policy. Just double check the fine print.
Be a pest. While it is likely the strike could get called off at any time, you are responsible for manifesting the best possible outcome, which might mean obsessively calling the airline and talking with different customer service agents until you get the compensation you want. You can also become a visible red flag on social media. Those who complain publicly got their cases escalated to save the company’s reputation (for those companies who care about their image).

You know next to your beachfront Salvia lodgings is the Forum by the Sea.
A Hard Rock Cafe with great burgers and music. A Häagen-Dazs which is ice cream with some European name to price it higher.
And out front are guys doing mimes. Give them a dime. And someone with a parrot you can take your photo with.
A Carlos and Charlie joint. Fun.
A Carribean Puzzles boutique. CocoBongo disco and boutique.

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Economical Punta Cancun Studio   next door to Salvia

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Cancun condo rental in Punta Cancun beachfront studios and PH's at Savila ocean front condominiums

Why book here in Salvia:
♣ Ocean Front plus right in the center of everything. Shopping. Discos.
♥ Air Conditioning
♦ 2 DBL Beds
☀ Bathroom Amenities
☻ Kitchenette Facilities
♤ Safety Deposit Box
✌ Palapas on beach
☀ Private Balcony or terrace
☻ Cable/TV Satellite
☎ Phone
♦ large Swimming Pool view of ocean
♣ Palapa Bar pool bar too
☆ Laundry and Deli wash the clothes and get a bite to eat while you wait to put the shirts in the dryer

☹ We just can't believe after the low prices we provide someone would not book with us. We know Cancun hotels.
The shame of it all! Nonwithstanding we have the nicest units in Salvia
there are those like the girl below who book with Someone else
get quality on economical rentals and condos to rent in Cancun
Woo is me! Why did I book this with BookWorm dot con?
I paid more and my room sucks! The air doesn't run and there's no one to talk to.
CancunSteve has a lovely rep here around the clock and charges less!
Their desks are right out front of the Salvia reception area (where you have FREE high speed internet).

get quality on economical rentals and condos to rent in CancunGot to the front desk and no one knows anything about my reservation.
And paid 100% of the rental upfront. The ad said economical rentals but
it still costs more than with CancunSteve's low price on condo rentals.
Furthermore CancunSteve never fails you.
With Steve it's room upon arrival.
I should go back to school.
I've learned my lesson.

Walking distance from Salvia Cancun lodgings are the Del Rey archeological sites. This power place was part of a Mayan city prominent on Cancun Island before the Spanish arrvied here, and if you have not yet visited all the great Mayasites, go to the Ruinas del Rey.
Originally El Rey was named Kin Ich Ahau Bonil which sounded like ichy kitchy koo like when you talk to an infant so the name was changed to El Rey.

Find an abundance of indigenous plants and trees growing here kind of a botanical garden.

Also across the street is a 24 hour convience shop to stock up on groceries.

The Bawga Theiddhi Asain eatery is close by to these Cancun condos. Variety of items on the menu and mid range price-point.

Golf is close by but not walking distance.
So tee off. And remember if you pay more by booking with someone else you'll be teed-off.
Cancun and the area nearby have 15 golf courses and is quickly becoming a world class golf destination for both amateurs and professionals due to its unique courses which have been designed by such architects as Jack Nicklaus, Robert Von Hagge, Greg Norman , Nick Price, Robert Trent Jones Jr. , and Hy Hertz (kidding).

get quality on Cancun hotels and condos to rent in Cancun
The TV's busted. Can't watch Leave It to Beaver!1
No one here to talk to about it.
Made a friend at the pool. She told me whenever she needs something,
CancunSteve's rep is around or a call away.
Never again will I book with Hostile World. Never. Or some owner who's not on site but in Timbuktoo.

If you walk a little way up on the beach going south, you will find some incredible snorkeling at the point.
This is where I go when I snorkel in Cancun.
Down the strip are the Mayan ruins, Ruinas del Rey worth a visit. It's not Chichen Itza but it's so close by.
There are water sports and parasailing right on the beach next to the hotel. This beach is famous for turtle nests so maybe you can see some baby turtles hatching. They're so cute.

1 we just loved that Barbara Billingsly when she admonished Ward
hey Ward don't you think you were a little rough on the Beaver last night?

The condo hotel complex is located at the center of the Cancun hotel zone, on a wide beach an ideal beachfront rental. There are numerous condo-hotels in Cancun. The concept of a condo-hotel is a hotel where the individual units are privately owned in the form of a condominium. The owners provide their units to the rental management. Who in turn rent these units to you.
Rental managent is on-site so if the unit needs anything someone responsible is there to attend to it.
The danger of renting from a private owner who may just be in Timbuktoo is there's no one to talk to if something goes on the fritz.
That can happen. Anywhere. Even in your own home as you know.
Pays to deal with someone who will back you up like me.
And as units in Salvia are individually owned it goes without saying some are better maintained then others. Know that we select the creme de la creme with you in mind. Don't pay less for second best.
Get a select ocean view studio for your beachfront rental.

Catering for both couples, singles, and families, or spring breakers, Salvia offers a safe, comfortable and beachfront environment.
Here, you can just relax and enjoy an average of 310 days of sunshine a year, or you can plan for any number of fun activities.
Your condo rented through us will have panoramic ocean views of the turquoise Caribbean, a sugar white sandy beach, a beautiful oceanfront swimming pool, and clean air-conditioned rooms overlooking the Caribbean.
Cancun Plaza is an awesome vacation deal which is directly on the Beach, and just minutes away from Cancun’s International Airport, with round-the-clock public bus services 24 hours a day. You are next to all major Shopping Malls, Restaurants and the night clubs.

get quality on economical rentals and Cancun hotels
My unit's terrible! And I overpaid as well for this condo rental.
The guy next door booked with Steve. Awesome beachfront rental.
The beach here is fabulous. Too bad I overpaid for a crummy room.
Next time around I go with Steve!

We rented our beachfront condo at Salvia with Steve.
Great deal. Lovely unit.
TulumMayan ruins shown on left. Merchants selling these plants claim other stuff growing in the area of these ruins across the road from Cancun Plaza can make someone invisible.
As evidence they show how the famous Hollywood actor, singer, dancer, Fred Astaire is invislbe in this photo on the left.

But some claim he never ever came down to the Mayan ruins or the beachfront economical Cancun Plaza.
As he's no longr tap dancing anymore, figures he no longer travels anywhere anymore as well.

Michael Doglas took a jet down to Cancun but as far as we know never made it down to Cancun Plaza.
Paris Hilton has been to Cancun but never tried this herb as far as we know.
All those who come to Cancun love the warm transparent turquoise waters off the wide white Cancun Plaza beach. And the great deals we provide to happy vacationers.
But proof of invisibility is yet inconclusive.
So be reluctant to purchase this plant or book Salvia with anyone but us.

And besides archeological zones and 24 hour grocery stores, safe economical busses run 24 hours a day seven days a week right in front of Salvia to bring you anywhere in the hotel zone or downtown.
The bars, discos, shopping, are all a bus ride away.
And free parking for your car if you have one.
Most of what you want is at the doorstep of Salvia.
Not everyone books their Salvia lodgings in Cancun with CancunSteve.
Neither do people know units in Salvia Cancun are privately owned and managed and rented by operators in a rental-pool.
Some stories:
♣ Gertrude and Alice booked a studio in Salvia for spring break.
While in the lobby surfing the internet, with Gertrude's fat arms on Alice's shoulders, an elderly woman asked are you gay?
Alice interpreted that as being happy.
She replied no we're not. our Cancun lodgings has a busted air conditioner and when we spoke to front desk they said the owner of that unit hasn't paid his maintenance fees in years so they won't send no one to fix it.
We tried calling Worst Night but no answer.

The old lady said I'm so sorry for you nice ladies. It's 90 degrees out so I can imagine how awful this is.
We booked with CancunSteve.
Our sink had a leak and we heard tap-tap-tap as water dripped.

You know how we elderly get upset easily.
I called CancunSteve as his offices are right here in Cancun.
He lives here you know. And he speaks perfect English too.
A half hour later a plumber was at our door and then the faucet leaked no more.

♣ Roosevelt booked his Cancun lodgings with Travelitis. Pre-paid.
Upon arrival no one at front desk knew who he was or anything about his reservation.
Roosevelt grunted lookee here man, we's got reservations for this here Salvia Cancun. Says so right here on this paper.
To which the poor guy at front desk replied, sorry it ain't listed.
Roosevelt dialed Travelitis.
Don't jive me fool. They don't have our bookings. The man at Travelitis said, someone may have forgotten to put it through. We're big and them things happen dude.
An angry Roosevelt roared fix it up now.

Three long hours later Roosevelt and Kayla lugged their baggage to their room. The afternoon was shot.
Kayla said hey baby, next time we book with CancunSteve

♣Joel arrived tired at the Salvia Cancun reception desk, after a delayed flight from Nome.
The Salvia Cancun did not have Joel's Bookie.Con's reservation which he made months ago.
Joel: Does Bookie.Con have an office in Cancun?
Receptionist: No se Senor. Here's directory.
Joel: This sucks. Next time with CancunSteve

♣Rosita got a horrible unit from Hinton Klinton at Saliva Condoms, don't assume that each owner updates their own condo. This one had ants and Hinton is up in Texas drinking moon-shine.

Rosita said, next time with CancunSteve.

Now that you've got ideal Cancun lodgings in Condominium Salvia Cancun with CancunSteve let's explore the area:
Some fun discos abound at your doorstep. But prices are steep.
Consider a second mortage on the home to help pay the stiff all-you-can drink entrance to a disco like CoCoBongo.
At the CocoBongo exotic dancers high up on a stage, while acrobats twirl on red streamers mid-air, and people wild with joy and hands in the air. Colored lights galore.
Many of those renters with CancunSteve at Salvia Cancun.
They have DJ's and shows. Hip hop, techno, Latin, disco, and contests too.

Bikini contests, fun, party at the doorstep of condominium Salvia Cancun.
Sports bars, dancing waiters, dancing girls, cantinas with free snacks, and salsa discos.
The shopping in the malls at your doorstep is awesome! Duty free perfumes. Your favorite European scent at less than you'd pay anywhere else. Be it airports, department stores in New York, flea markets in Cairo, farmers markets in Mayberry.
The arts and crafts are too much!
You'll want another valise to bring it all back home.
Some of the shops offer beach ware. Of course. No one is gonna get ski poles.

T Shirts proclaiming Cancun is a beach and I love Cancun. Good tequila shops abound.

In the ocean off the Condominium Salvia beach is colorful coral with tropical fish.
Coral is multicelled creatures having an external skeleton of calcium carbonate. They from colonies in their limestone shells. They withstand the waves, providing a habitat for plants and fish.
In order to flourish, conditions such as warm temperatures are required. Remember, no skiing here. Just water skiing and windsurfing.
The waters are warm.
And they need clear waters. Well the turquoise waters off the Condiminium Salvia beach are clear with high visibility.
A snorkeling haven.
Here experience the wonder of the coral reef. A world of beauty. Sea sponges, anemones, star fish, sea urchins, shells, and crabs abound.
Fish are everywhere.
What an adventure waiting for you in Condominium Salvia Cancun.
Even sea turtles too next to larger fish with iridescent fins and scales. Dazling.
And at your doorstep all the thrills of the hotel zone! Next to Salvia Cancun.