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Know that you can call CancunSteve from anywhere in the word. While you're here on vacation or even after you get back home. Now a true story:

Mexico travel stories

Rod Godger rented from us then got back home. While he was in Mexico he made a credit card purchase having nothing to do with us, from a local merchant.
Now this merchant had an unscrupulous employee. Ron found a rather large amount billed to his card he did not authorize.
He called us to see what we can do for him.
Now we could have said, look we were not involved in that purchase. What you booked with us was delivered to you as promised without any complaints. This issue is not our problem. But that's not what we did say.
We contacted this merchant; got Ron's card credited. And the dishonest employee was fired; charges were pressed.

That kind of after sales support do not expect from Travelitis; nor from Hold-the-Wire; nor from Expediente.
And oftentimes we are cheaper than them as well.

Yes you can call us (during normal business hours CST; Cancun time) for any help deciding on the right hotel. Any question about your hotel after you've arrived. Or an issue after you got home. Another true story:

This man from New Jersey called me after he got back home. Thanked me for his lovely one bedroom at Avalon Baccara then explained he forgot his expensive blue suit in the room. We arranged for it to be shipped to him FedEx. So he got his suit back fine.


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