lodgings Hotel Bahia Chac Chi Isla MujeresHere we are in the Hotel Bahia Chac Chi on the main drag in Isla Mujeres. The town is right at your doorstep as is the beach across the street.

And North Beach (Playa Norte) is just a few blocks down the street.

Rooms have either 2 double beds or one king bed.

Amenities: 32" LCD TV Deck/Balcony Double Bed Elevator Internet access Iron and Ironing board Non-smoking Private toilet and shower Safe Spa shower Writing desk and chair as shown.

Take note of the keypad and mouse on the desk so you can use the screen as though a computer.

Your own laptap connects free to the net.

Notice the newspaper on the desk. Probably some local thing with ads for local businesses like bars and restaurants or scooter rentals. The latter a big item on the island.

There is also what looks like a USA Today on the bed near the two coffees.


Terraces are nicely furnished as shown.

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Hotel Bahia Chac Chi Isla MujeresDon't think the flowers are real. Which is a good thing good people.

Less chance of water spilling on the laptop you'll be putting on the desk.

There are pool view or bay view rooms. Take your pick.

Both have safes inside the rooms as well as

free WiFi

And private balconies. Nice when there's a moon out.

This Isla Mujeres hotel has elevator access for all rooms.

The pool is located near the lobby bar so you can order up a cocktail while hanging out by the pool.

The classic is a cold margarita. This classic recipe is: equal parts tequila, orange liqueur and lime served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. (A splash of simple syrup adds an extra touch of sweetness.) Comes in many flavors like strawberry.

Horchata is a grain-based milky drink made in Cancun. Maria Hart makes hers Mexican-style when she can remember the recipi, with rice as the base. Vanilla and cinnamon add sweet, aromatic flavors.

A large variety of snacks are also served up in the lobby bar area. Enjoy. Bon apetit. Buen provecho.

Near Hotel Bahia Chac Chi is La Galerita a social enterprise designed to support the community and the store's owner.

Pay it a visit.

The focus of the store is to sell art and other products made from locally sourced or recycled materials.

That bottle you threw out last night may end up on the shelf here wearing a mustache and sporting a sombrero.

This enables women from the region to practice their craft and earn a pathetic wage while maintaining the traditional role of full-time housewife and mother.

Many of the women work directly from their home, making products that are completely unique and oftentimes useless while baby cries out.Depending upon the artist and the range of materials available to them interesting pieces arise.
Like that bottle you threw out.

The artists who contribute to La Galerita come from a range of locations, backgrounds and financial situations. Every product purchased provides a much-needed income directly to the individual artist.
With each sale, the artists can purchase tools and equipment to improve their craft, as well as helping to provide for their families. La Galerita features a number of these local artists.

Nice views of the Caribbean and Cancun in the distance over the water. Seen from your terrace if you opt for the bay room.


breakfast Hotel Bahia Chac Chi Isla MujeresAfter breakfast do any of the beaches in the area. There's one across from the hotel and North Beach two blocks away.

Snorkeling is good at North Beach and superb in El Garafon at the other tip of the island.

You'll find a very active nightlife on Isla Mujeres, if you're looking!!
Most action takes place on the North end of the island in the downtown area just where Hotel Bahia Chac Chi is.
There you'll find a good selection of places to try. Some bars have a happy hour posted where you will find drinks 2 for 1. Many also provide live music for your pleasure.
The atmosphere will be different at each bar! You'll find styles from the late night club atmosphere at La Peña or Kokonuts to the more subdued atmosphere listening to live music at Faynes or Bamboo.
If your looking for sports action, you can find that as well as live music at Jax!!! You're sure to find something that fits your liking.
For those night people, there are a couple of discos available to keep you dancing 'til dawn.



pool Hotel Bahia Chac Chi Isla Mujeres
prices in USD per night plus 19% taxes 2016 - 2017
apr 12 to June 30th
July 1 to August 16
August 17 to December 23
December 24 16 to January 1 2017
deluxe pool
deluxe bay
up to 2 children under 12 years of age free with parents | extra person 30usd

prices in USD per night plus 19% taxes 2016 - 2017
jan 2 to april 11th
apr 12 to jun 30
july 1 to august 16
aug 17 to dec 23 2016
deluxe pool
deluxe bay
up to 2 children under 12 years of age free with parents | extra person 30usd

Inaugurated in 2009, the Bahía Chac Chi is set in the heart of Isla Mujeres, so these Isla Mujeres lodgings are just steps away from downtown restaurants, shopping & entertainment, and bars.
At a nearby bar this dude was chatting with McAdoo about nothing.
Seems poor McAdoo booked with WorstNight and the joint didn't have his bookings so he's without Isla Mujeres lodgings.
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The main ferry port and the powder white sands of Isla Mujeres’ North Beach right there my dear.
With a contemporary architectonic design, Bahía Chac Chi invites its merry guests to enjoy its modern facilities, top of the line amenities and the magnificent views of The Mujeres Bay, the Turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean and Cancun’s famous Hotel Zone skyline. The property features 25 superbly appointed Deluxe Rooms featuring flat screen TVs with cable, digital security box, complimentary in room wi-fi and minibar.
So surf the internet and pick up a few beers and put them in the minibar.
Then call and invite me over!
A pool solarium, lobby bar and meeting room round up the facilities available for an unforgettable stay.
The Bahia Chac is the way.
This island was sacred to the Maya goddess of childbirth and medicine, Ixchel, before Columbus came around these parts.
Some say Ixchel was kinda cute. But all say CancunSteve does it good.

guest writes on April 15th 2015:
This is indeed a wonderful resort
My wife and I just left from a wonderful week at the Mia Reef Resort formerly the Avalon Reef Club on Isla Mujeres

guest from galaxy far far away writes:
Lyxigt hotell på en egen liten ö" Ett lyxigt hotell på en egen liten ö. Perfekt för några dagars avkoppling i hängmattan. Hotellet har all
Shields up Scotty. Uhura on hailing frequency.

The ecstatic guest writing in her notebook by the pool is most pleased checking out of her cheap hotel booked with Expedient in Isla Mujeres and now staying in the one and only hotel on the island Bahiachac in Isla Mujeres.

Click on the green arrow to see what she writes to her sister Mildred.

After click again on the green return arrow to return here and try the bars in Isla Mujeres.

Click on the link to the right above and compare the cheap hotel pool to the cool hotel Bagiachac in Isla Mujeres. A photo is worth 1000 words.

Yes let's go for a swim.

Then get out your PC and surf the net.

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On this magical island just off the island of Isla Mujeres the amazing thing is to the east is pounding surf splashing against the rocks. Shown to the left. A semicircle of natural rock makes a calm area safe for swimming. Now to the west are the calm waters of North Beach. To demonstrate this effect, move your mouse anywhere on the photo to the left.
As you look around the scene changes as shown in this animation. Don't dream it; be it. And remember. Every room we rent has WiFi and flatscreen cable TV.
In the bottom left of the photo the walkway behind the villas is shown. You'll want to walk here yourself day and night. The only problem is you'll never want to go home again.

How will you feel here? click here to see.

View just around the bend. And beneath the surface of the sea the flora and fauna are awesome.

See angel fish, French Grunts, and small fish you may feed right from your hand if you bring some pieces of bread for them.

And all the fun shops of the town await you with arts and crafts from every corner of Mexico.

And even discover Mayan ruins on the island not far from Bahiachac your smart economical Isla Mujeres lodgings.
The Mayans were genuses in math.
They invented the zero, and had a system similar to our decimal system, while we still had Roman Numerals.
Their system was more advanced than X minus VI.
Only using three characters.
Poc Moo Pool taught the little kids this:
Take any number higher than 10.
Now sum the individual numbers and deduct that from the number you selected.
It is always divisable by 9.
Try it.
Try Bahichac with CancunSteve

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