Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza

What is OKA´AN?

OKA´AN is a hotel in Chichen Itza which will relax your body and mind in the middle of the Yucatan jungle.

Offering a unique holistic experience in a premier hotel.
The name comes from the Mayan OKA´AN that means where the road begins.

The road begins here in this standard room which is shown on the left.

The archeological zone is just across the road from this ecological sanctuary.

There vist the ballcourt. This is the largest known ancient sports field in Central America, bigger than the old Ebits Field in Brooklyn.
At 545 feet in length and 225 feet in width but no ads on the sidewalls for tires or beer.
Each end has a raised temple area. The sounds in the ballcourt are remarkable: a whisper from one end can be clearly heard at the other.
Do try it.
Ask your traveling companion or anyone there to go to one end while you stay in the other. Now have a conversation. You can hear everything.
Proving the ancient Mayan genius with acoustics.

The Mayan ball game was a big item.
The goal of the game was to pass the ball around, without having it touch your hands, and then get the ball to pass through one of the rings. Since the rings were so high and players were not allowed to use their hands, it was extremely difficult to get the ball through a ring also when considering the diameter of the ring was almost the same as the ball.
In fact, when a player did manage to get a ball through a ring, that usually ended the game.
The game ended otherwise when the ball touched the ground.
Or if one of the players had to do pee pee.
Mayan Ball Game was a solemn experience, filled with ritual importance. Religious leaders attended, as did most chieftains and other government leaders. Sacred songs were sung and played. Like take me out to the ballgame; take me out to the crowd; buy me some tequila and apple-jack; I don't care if I never get back.
And Kate Smith sang Chac Mool bless Yucatan, land that I love.
Winners of the game were treated as heroes and given a great feast.
The penalty for losing a game was sometimes unusually harsh: death.
Or worse. Having to listen to One Direction songs for hours.
The leader of the team who lost the game was sometimes killed.
This fit in with the Mayan belief that human sacrifice was necessary for the continued success of the peoples' agriculture, trade, and overall health.
Ex US president Johnson believed human sacrifice was necessary in Viet Nam so his supporting industries could get war contracts there. So young soldiers were sent off to fight an ambiguos enemy who never threatened the USA and lose their lives so these corporations could get government contracts.
So we cannot judge the Mayans so fast. At least they didn't have profiteering.

Betting on who would win the game was common.
Pedro Peech: I bet two dozen ears of corn.
Felipe Conch: I raise your bet to three chickens and an IPod.

Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza

OKA´AN provides comprehensive programs including luxury accommodations and a complete medical SPA, with ozone therapy, colonics, MSA, massages and numerous other services.

Guest relaxing in the ozone waters of the pool on the left. Enjoying these Chichen Itza lodgings.

Okaan also offer reflection and development workshops.

Services available : 22 luxury rooms.

standard room detail:

These Chichen Itza lodgings are decorated with beautiful contemporary Mexican décor, where the tranquility unites with the modernity to give place to a fresh atmosphere ideal for rest and meditation.

It has two queen size beds, bureau, minibar ($), air conditioner, rain shower, balcony and a lovely view of the lake and nature.

Other amenities include a ceiling fan as well as a terrace-balcony

Hotel Okaan Chichen ItzaAnother view of the rooms.

Bungalow rooms like the one above but with garden views.

King bed rooms also available.

As are the larger junior suites.

And the archeological zone is just across the road.

Do the cenote then explore the lake area of Okaan. With luck see pink flamingos.

These lovely creatures shown below.

Before scrolling down have a look at the nice touches in the room shown.

Ecological surroundings and lush tropical views.

free high speed WiFi

Hotel Okaan Chichen ItzaThe pink flamingo is a native of the Yucatan. And found here in these Chichen Itza lodgings

Flamingos often stand on one leg, the other leg tucked beneath the body.

The reason for this behaviour is not fully understood by anyone.

Some recent research indicates that standing on one leg may allow the birds to conserve more body heat, given that they spend a significant amount of time wading in very cold water.
However, the behaviour also takes place in warm water so scratch that theory.

But there's an interesting anatomical mechanism that may help explain how they do it.
A flamingo's ankle is where you'd expect the knee to be : near the middle of the leg.
The knee is so far up on the leg, it's usually hidden by the body. That ankle has something a human ankle doesn't which is the joint actually snaps shut to literally lock the foot-to-leg junction in place. This gives the bird that incredible balancing act.

As well as standing in the water, flamingos may stamp their webbed feet in the mud to stir up food from the bottom. Or show they're angry.

If provoked they could take revenge on your windshield so do bring plenty of windsheild washer fluid with you.

And remember included with your rental is free parking for your vehicle.

Flamingos are monogamous birds (unlike ex president Kennedy) that lay only a single egg1 each year.
If that egg is lost or damaged (like Humpty Dumpty), they do not typically lay a replacement.
If a flamingo colony is ransacked by predators or hit with a natural disaster, it can take several years for the birds to recover and for their population to grow again.
Here at the Okaan these maginificient birds have a safe sanctury so you may enjoy them after your day at Chichen Itza. And before doing the Okaan pool.

Not like 1Barry Sonnenfeld who was born and raised in New York City and laid lots of eggs.
Like the TV series Reptile Room. Or The Independent Lens. And many other eggs he laid. Maybe Space Chimps was his biggest egg.

Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza Hotel Okaan in Chicen Itza has a complete business center.

Faxes, internet, and those services one finds in such a place.

Does not seem to interest our friend on the left much.

There is a Clinical Spa with an extensive list of treatments for your health. As well as a Palapa Restaurant with seating for 80 dinners.

Area for meditation and talks.

An Ozonated pool Gardens.

200 acres of flora and fauna for hiking and horseback riding.

Lagoons and a myriad of details to make your stay a unique experience.

Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza also rents their facilities for courses and have an area for yoga, talks and large green areas.

For an educational and ecological getaway this is the place. Discover the Yucatan's most important ruin and roam about Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza.

Some therapies follow below...

Hotel Okaan Chichen ItzaEnjoying a rain shower in the Okaan hotel.

Oka'an Medical Spa The SPA of Oka'an is a peaceful and relaxing celestial space, away from the hectic pace of modern life, where purification and reconnection are achieved naturally. Here you will feel your vital energy flowing again. (SCHEDULE 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm)


Alpha 2010 Capsule: Lay back and relax while our high-tech system offers relaxation therapies, meditation, skin care, weight reduction and more, in a pod with music therapy, aromatherapy, sauna-like heat and vibrating massage.


BODY CLEANSER: Sit back and enjoy an ionic detoxification through the soles of the feet, freeing the body of toxins (lymphatic drainage). Excellent to eradicate free radicals and provide comfort.


The Mayan massage priced at 950 pesos and a one hour duration purchased directly in the hotel is a relaxing massage given by the magic hands of a local Mayan girl so trained for this treatment.

It is a body massage using selected scented oils includes massaging the back and shoulders to relieve tension.

You'll feel so good.

Hotel Okaan Chichen ItzaBefore continuing with more spa treatments and goodies wanted to show the view from Hotel Okaan looking at Chichen Itza.

The Mayan calendar is awesome. It was the most accurate calendar the world has ever known and was in use centuries before the birth of Christ. As a matter of fact the Mayan calendar caused Pope Gregory XIII to abandon the Julian calendar and introduce the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Ol Greogory was not too happy about the pagans having a better calendar then he had.

There is a ball court in Chichen Itza. Stand at one end in the little structure. Have your friend go to the other end. About a football field's distance. Then talk in a normal voice. Your friend will hear everything you say!

The Mayans knew a lot of incredible stuff other than calendars and astronomy. As you will demonstrate here they understood acoustics.

And math. They are the first with the concept of the zero. Think about it. How do you calculate Ⅰ minus Ⅰ in Roman numerals? You can't. There's no zero.

I can go on and on with the amazing things you will experience, but for now let's continue with the therapies in Hotel Okaan.

Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza

INDIBA: Keep your performance to the max with this deep hyperthermia therapy produced by electrodes that stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation thereby improving nutritional intake and body oxygenation. Its use is for medical and aesthetic ability of regenerative cell activation.


MSAS: Discover our high-tech system bioenergetics evaluation, based on the acupuncture meridians and toes, identifying if any organ of the body is out of balance and the best way to help the body to be in harmony and wellbeing.


Ozone: Increase cell regeneration and purify your body with this specialized therapy, which involves the application of ozone in the body thereby stimulating the activity bioenergetics. Used successfully for arthritis, chronic fatigue, intestinal disorders, hepatitis, arthritis, vascular encephalic problems and skin damage among others.

USD per night in 2016 and in pesos in 2017 per room single or double occupation including American breakfast and all taxes
dates standard rooms bungalows jr suites | royal bungalows
aug 27 to dec 15 2017
jan 8 to 13 march 2017
Apr 11 to Jul 8 2017
Aug 27 to nov 30 2017
Jan 10 to 17 March 2016
mar 14 2017 to apr 10 2017
jul 9 to aug 26 2017
July 15 to August 20 2016
Dec 1 2017 to Jan 7 2018
up to 2 free children 12 or under with parents | $10USD per child for breakfast | $4USD supplement for American breakfast in 2016

pesos in 2018 per room single or double occupation including American breakfast and all taxes
dates standard rooms
2 double beds
2 double beds
jr suites | royal bungalows
january 1 to may 31 2018
june 1 to 30 november 2018
promo no extra cost king bed
hear the birds sing on your balcony
up to 2 free children 12 or under with parents | $10USD per child for breakfast | $4USD supplement for American breakfast in 2018
Add 200 pesos for standard room with king bed
Add 100 pesos for bungalow with king bed

While we stayed here I spoke with the hotel manager and he assured me all CancunSteve guests may bring their pets with them.

When you book with the best bring your pet.

Lovely areas for them to explore.

Don't forget to clean-up when necessary. Thanks.

Pet friendly Okaan. Yes you can.

While we stayed here in Okaan Chichen Itza we sent to see the impressive sound and light show at Chichen Itza (luz y sonido)

Shown the pyramid at night during light show
click on each pyramid with your mouse to see the show

After the show at the pyramids wandered around the nearby town of Piste. Then back in our air conditioned room at Okaan in Chichen Itza.

Went on-line to send some photos to family by Whatsap as these Chichen Itza lodgings have WiFi in all areas as well as in the rooms.

The next day wandered around the gardens and tropical areas. Had a great buffet breakfast which is included in the low price. Spoke witht the friendly folks in the hotel.

Went by the pool area.

The shopping all around the area is awesome!
Got these sculptures made from bone and resin at a fraction of what one may pay in Cancun. IF they even have those pieces there.

Wandering around the ecological Okaan, or doing the archeological zone, and exploring the town made for a getaway we shall repeat again!

The god with the pelican face to my left is well behaved. Didn't fly around doing on my windshield. The poor god on the right got this midget sitting on his head.

The artwork around these Chichen Itza lodgings are a nice touch.

Above from left to right is a fish with a big mouth. A drunk. (A tippler) And at the right a monkey.

Scroll on down for the links...

These Chitchen Itza lodgings in Hotel Okaan offer

free Wi Fi in your Chichen Itza lodgings and throughout the hotel

free parking | mind you not of the type where places are outlined on asphalt, but nooks and cranies within the scrub grasses

the pool area in these Chitchen Itza lodgings in Hotel Okaan are surrounded by lush tropical areas

high up viewing area to see an areal view of everything

  • Minibar
  • Shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Desk
  • Free toiletries
  • Fan
  • Wi Fi high speed interent
  • Free American breakfast
  • Tile/Marble floor
  • View
  • Mosquito net
  • Toiletries
  • Shampoo
  • Socket near the bed

Bungalows have more space and a sitting area with jungle views

The archeological zone of Chichen Itza are 75 miles (121 km) east of Merida. Or many miles from Tokyo.
Chichen in Maya means mouth of the well. So all together it's mouth of the well of the Itza.
The Itza were a tribe of kibitzers and shlepers who fled the Spanish hiding out in Peten.
Chichen Itza was founded in 445 AD then abandoned 200 years later when someone saw a mouse crawling about.
Reinhabited in 1000 AD with renovations made by Toltecs.
The hotel Okaan Chichen Itza is not only near the ruins but close to Piste, a fun village to explore during the evening for a bite to eat and window shopping.

Arts and crafts shops have neat offerings to take back home with you.
From 600 to 900 AD it is known as the Late Classical Period.
From two to three months late, it's known as the scary late-period for young unmarried teens.
The main temple is El Castillo, or temple of Kulkucan. This four sided pyramid is oriented perfectly north-south-east-west.
During the spring equinox the rising moon makes a serpent like image rise on the steps of the pyramid.
Inside the pyramid is an earlier structure which is Toltec with steps rising within the outer structure.
Outlet stores offer discounted name brands like Toltec watches, Aztec running shoes, and Pedro Kardan outerware.
West of El Castillo is the ball court. 450 feet long, the largest in Mesoamerica. Bigger than Dodger Stadium.
The Mayan knowledge of acoustics is awesome.
Stand at one end. Have your friend go to the other. Speak in a normal tone of voice.
Your friend will hear all you say!
Don't try this if you're deaf or dumb.
So much to discover nearby Hotel Okaan Chichen Itza.
On the north side of this ball court is the temple of the Bearded Man, decorated with frescos. He seems to be shouting ho ho ho as he's pulled through the sky by raindeer.
In the temple of the Jaguares is a battle scene of Toltecs attacking a small village.
A decrepet old lady is throwing stale tacos at the warriors and screaming curses at them.
The warriors are horrified by all her wrinkles, stale order, and brown age marks and retreat.

On the lower floor is two square columns.
The bas reliefs depict the ascension of man from birth and the other his unfortunate demise or transformation into the likes of the cantakerous old lady throwing tacos.

South of the temple of the warriors is the court of the Thousand Columns. No one ever really counted all of them. Can you? It's a bit like 52 card pick-up.
This archeologist major Marvin Keper tried to count them for his thesis at the University of Mobile Alabama.
He lost track of the count, and his thesis today may be found in a back issue of the Harvard Lampoon.
So much near the hotel Okaan Chichen Itza!
Going north from the ball court is the sacred cenote. Here once upon a time Mayans performed human sacrifice. Don't get sanctimonious. Remember Abraham and Isaac? And them witch hunts in Salem?
Not let's forget the Spanish Inquisition where innocents were tortured and burned in the name of a loving God.
Nor poor Joan of Arc. She may have been stupid attacking Paris, but she wasn't no witch.

Speaking of wars, we turn our attention to the Temple of the Warriors here in Chichen Itza near the hotel Okaan Chichen Itza.
Here find 200 round and square columns with warrior sculptues. This appears to be a favorite theme of the artists at that time.
Want to keep the kids busy while you do some submarine race watching. Ask them to count the columns.
At the top of this temple is a good example of a Chacmool figure. A reclining god most lazy, probably used as an offering table chacmool is an offering table (or tlamanalco) to receive gifts such as pulque, tamales, tortillas, tobacco, turkeys, feathers, vintage wine, and incense.
The Mayans were polytheistic. As the Hindus which have 32 million Gods. A Hindu shrine to hold all their gods would go from Maine to Colorado. The Hindus had a Trilogy: Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Each with their consort. My favorite is Krishna.

The ancient Maya had a complex pantheon of deities whom they worshipped and offered human sacrifices.
Rulers were believed to be descendants of the gods, either through personal bloodletting or the sacrifice of captives of royal blood. The Mayan vision of the universe is divided into multiple levels, above and below earth, positioned within the four directions of north, south, east and west. After death, the soul was believed to go to the Underworld, Xibalba (shee bal bah), a place of fright where sinister gods tested and tricked their unfortunate visitors.
Kukulcan - Winged God - Feather Serpent was the main-man. There was also a monkey god, Chaac, Hun-Hunahpú, and others.
The observatory in Chichen Itza gives evidence to the Mayan knowledge of astronomy. The narrow windows tracked the movement of Venus accurate to the second.
Mayans knew Venus was a planet.
As is the earth, and the sun the center of the universe.
Centuries before the Europeans.
Come out to the hotel Okaan Chichen Itza and discover.
Chichen Itza which is so close to Okaan and the town of Piste is an architectural marvel, modelled on the Mayan calendar.
The funny calendar has 19 months; one of five days, the rest of 20.
That makes up 365 days.
The photo on the calendar says Chac Juan Pool Pool's auto parts with a semi-clad woman on it.
The ancient auto parts store was near where Okaan Chichen Itza stands today.
El Castillo, or the Pyramid has nine levels, with a staircase down the middle creating 18 separate terraces that represent those months.
Bits across the top platform make up the 19th month of five days. There are 90 steps on each of the four sides which, again with the five bits across the top, add up to the 365 days of the year.
And a discarded empty potatoe chip bag represents a recent visitor who for lack of respect for this holy place will be eaten by Kukulcan, the hungry snake.
Bon Apetit.

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