The shame of it all! The shame of it all! Some people book with agencies other than CancunSteve. And suffer the consequences. Some stories:

I used to be a fan of those websites for getting such great hotel rates, and most of the time I didn't mind being surprised, sometimes pleasantly so. But after a few stays, I realized that unless you are quite fortunate, booking through a site like Hotwire typically means you will occupy the least desirable room, and I began to question whether I was actually getting a good deal.

Guy goes to a Web site to book a hotel across the street from where he has a conference over the next two days. His flight was delayed so he doesn’t get to the hotel till 11 p.m., and they tell him, ‘We’re sorry, we’re overbooked, but there’s a hotel six miles down the road where we’ll put you up.’ Guy says, ‘That’s a big problem because my early morning conference is right across the street.’
Resigned, the weary traveler arranges transportation to the hotel six miles down the road, where, Mr. Stewart says, he expects to stay both nights. But no, they tell him he has to come back to the original hotel for the next night because they’re not overbooked then.
Man, was he hot.

on the other hand read this:
Chris Murphy and Tammy Conley
USA January 10 2011 4PM (EST)
Cancun Steve delivers excellent customer care and follows up in a manner that exceeded our expectations. He made sure that the transportation company was reputable and reliable, thus easing our fears of missing our plane or hoping that the van provided would get us there safely.He also checked up with us to make sure that our accommodations were acceptable and he was willing to help us out any way that he could. It was nice to know that Cancun Steve cared enough to ask us to email him when we arrived home safely and even beat me to my email response by emailing us and asking that we please let him know that we did indeed make it home safely. Also, the staff where we stayed and the drivers for the transportation company were courteous, helpful and very nice. A+ service in my book! Cancun Steve will be the only person we work with in planning our future travels.
- Tammy and Chris
From our guestbook.
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