Hey I can use my cel phone on this flight

serious part below
Many aircraft on display at this year's Africa Aerospace & Defence exhibition in South Africa - and those flying in African skies - were manufactured elsewhere.

But South Africa's Paramount Group is determined to change that, bucking the trend by designing and producing aircraft on African soil.

Shown on left flying economy.
While this lucky business man on the right goes business class.

This aircraft is special. Environment friendly as it needs no jet propellants. Or other contaminantes.

No need to turn off your cel phone while flying.

Critics say these aircraft not suitable for trans-Atlantic flights.

Now this plane was built in Africa making airline history.
No it is not a Boring 707 or an Ebola 707

This is the first military aircraft to be fully developed in Africa.

The aircraft was designed and built by a team of more than sixty engineers and technicians. Of the 6,000 parts in the aircraft1, 98% were designed using sophisticated software2 and produced locally by the engineering team.
Who knows about the other 2%?
1 none got lost
2 not Windows Paint

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