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Playa del Carmen

ocean view studios; Solymar try before you buy rent an ocean studio from 65usd a night including tax.Click here to see more info on Condo complex. like any hotel rates vary by season.
New Water Park in Cancun! Now rent all inclusive at
Sea Adventure Resort and Water Park.

OR rent a beachfront condo in same complex at prices you can't refuse Hacienda del Mar
The condo rental includes free shows each week; gym; free parking.
Rental pool in place and many benefits too numerous to mention. Feel free to contact the webmaster
now's the time to invest in Cancun. prices are right.

beachfront for sale in Cancunbeachfront for sale in Cancunawesome ocean view beachfront on third floor; see the hotel zone and Isla Mujeres from your terrace and dining area!; rental pool if you don't want to rent it on your own; access to Adventure Resort facilities. Lowest monthly maintenace in a beach Cancun condo. Many free amenities.Have a look to see more info on Condo complex. $89,000USD.

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Gym. Tennis courts. And for the kids water park on site. Free parking. 24 hour security 7 days a week.
beachfront for sale in Cancunfull use of hotel's installations at no cost
water park reduced cost for condo owners
annual property tax less than what you'd pay for a lunch back home.
Brand new air conditioner. Electric hot water tank new. New remote color TV with all the cable channels you love. Equipped with storm curtains too.
Bosh glass top electric range.
Now this will suprise you: cccording to a recent publication of the World Bank, Mexico ranks in 48th place from the 185 economies compared on their business environment, performing better than Brazil, China and India. So this is the place to invest. And this beachfront is it!
water park in beachfront for sale in Cancun View of water park!
Your condo is right on the beach. Across the road is the water park; tennis courts; theatre.
Rental pool in place and many benefits too numerous to mention.
A beautiful sunset can be the perfect ending to any perfect day, especially one spent enjoying the scenic natural beauty of Cancun.
Here at Sea Adventure, the exquisite array of vivid colors will mesmerize you with their richness and beauty, with some of the most fabulous sunsets that can be found anywhere in the world.

So why are they so beautiful in this part of the world? Good question!
To start with (may have something to do with those tequilas you had at the hotel pool bar), understand how sunsets are actually created. The sun goes down. The color of the sun changes from white at high noon to shades of yellow, orange and red as it moves toward evening, mainly due to the sun's position on the horizon and the effect this has on the intensity of different wavelengths of visible light that are able to reach the observer's eye a prism effect of the atmosphere breaking apart the different wavelenghts of light (colors).
For example, as it nears the horizon, the sun's light enters the atmosphere at a lower angle and is therefore required to pass through more of the atmosphere than when it is directly overhead.

Some of the world's most beautiful palm trees can be found growing wild near this beachfront condo on the gorgeous Yucatan Peninsula. Reaching anywhere from just a few feet, to more than one hundred feet tall, the palm tree is though to be one of the world's most versatile trees and boasts origins that date all the way back to prehistoric times.
Even older than Betty White!
With more than 1,500 varieties in existence, palms provide us with food, oil that is used in soap, cosmetics and margarine, shelter, decorative mats, and palm leaves. Coconuts.

Feel free to contact the webmaster

When it comes to Mexico’s real estate housing costs, you can generally expect to pay around half of what you pay in the United States for a similar sized residence. Many of today’s retirees have chosen to live out their golden years soaking up the rays in beautiful, sunny Mexico. The low cost of living, natural beauty, good healthcare and modern amenities are all major reasons why it has become a popular retirement destination for expats from around the world, but just how much can you save by retiring in Mexico? When it comes to Mexico’s real estate housing costs, you can generally expect to pay around half of what you pay in the United States for a similar sized residence. From the most luxurious homes and condos to a variety of more modest real estate options, there is sure to be something to suit almost every budget.

frequent questions:
Q: Can an American or Canadian citizen own real estate in Mexico?
A: Yes, by placing the property in a bank trust. (Fideicomiso)

Q: Can I own property near or in front of the ocean?
A: Yes, laws passed in 1973 and 1993 have made it possible for foreigners, foreign firms, and Mexican firms with foreign participation to acquire interests in coastal real estate through a bank trust.

Q: Who is involved in a bank trust?
A: Three parties. The seller of the property, the bank is the Trustee (Fiduciario), and the buyer is the Beneficiary (Fideicomisario.) once completed the purchaser can rent, use, or sell the property like his own anywhere. The trust is more or less a rubber stamp.

Inter-active page to select your ideal vacation hotel   

Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya   You really don't want to go to Phuket, Thailand.   Just say 'Phuket' and come to the Riviera Maya instead.
Once upon a time in Thiland the town council was debating what name to assign this city; throwing up his hands in despair the prince said 'Phuket' let's go.

Find the ideal lodging for YOU based upon YOUR priorities. Want a 5 bedroom? Or all-inclusive? Or king bed? Or AAA discount? In Cancun? Out of Cancun? You tell the CancunSteve script what YOU want

Dump a bucket of mud on bin Laden    Ecological beach one and two bedrooms Isla Mujeres, Mexico   beach pool restaurant bar

Isla Mujeres Mexico night scenes    small island off the Quintana Roo coast of Mexico

Vacation in Niger on nothing a day! Yes there are less expensive ways to travel other than CancunSteve, but do you want to?
More and more African families are discovering cheap vacations in famine spots such as Niger or Chad. Mikawa Makamba of Chad a resourceful mother of sixteen children keeps her famine-ridden family alive eating insects recently discovered the joys of travel to Niger.
The way to save money on these holidays is to just walk. Pack whatever meager belongings you have on your head and shoulders and away you go!
These countries Chad and Niger do not charge for walking. If you're walking from Chad to Niger stretch your limited budget at a Ramadan Inn.

Maybe this isn't for you. No problem. Here in Cancun at this beachfront ecological hotel Maya Caribe Cancun stay all-inclusive or bed and breakfast for pennies more than the resourceful mother and live like the king of Siam.

When looking for a cheap vacation with quality think of Maria Bonita in Playa del Carmen Mexico

The woman on the left is saying
a we me way a we me way
which translates to I don't wanna go to Niger or Chad
while her friend replies
buga bo buga bo kuendelea kutembea kuokoa fedha meaning keep walking girl; we save money then rent in Playa del Carmen

And if we walk all the way to the sea then swim to England, then continue walking for free we can go far in London without spending a cent. Gazing at the city’s iconic attractions. A 40-minute walk along the South Bank will take us past Big Ben so we can see the time (I didn't put on my Rolex); and the Houses of Parliament are nice, the London Eye is a sight, mind you we would have to pay to ride it.

Europe hotels:

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All-inclusive resorts throghout Mexico   great rates       

Car rental in Cancun, Mexico - free airport delivery and return. Unlimited mileage. VIP service at low rates.

click on the image to the left to visit an adult-only only resort in Cancun

ocean front studio for sale in Cancun. awesome ocean views. furnished. 580 sq ft.
$89,000 USD
low maintenance fees. rental pool in place.

retire in it. rent it. vacation in it.
property taxes much less than the cost of a dinner in the USA

lots of beaver in beaverton
(sung to the tune of Kansas City) Goin to Beavertown; Beavertown here I come; they got some crazy beaver there and I'm gonna get me one!

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NYX beachfront all-inclusive now 35% off!!!

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In these countries there's an anorexic with a yeast infection. The natives call her A Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

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