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Playa del Carmen

beachfront for sale in Cancunbeachfront for sale in Cancunocean view beachfront third floor; the higher you are the better the view!; rental pool in place; use of most Sea Adventure Resort facilities; compared to other Cancun condos, low monthly maintenance; numerous free amenities.Click here to see more info on Condo complex. Only $89,000USD.

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Free use of Gym. Free use of the Tennis courts. And for the kids water park on site. Free parking.
beachfront for sale in Cancunfull use of hotel's installations at no cost
water park reduced cost for condo owners
annual property tax what you'd pay for a dinner back home.
new air conditioner. electric hot water tank new. new remote color TV. equipped with storm curtains too.
Bosh glass top electric range.
cable TV included too
water park in beachfront for sale in Cancun View of water park!
Your condo is right on the beach. Across the road is the water park; tennis courts; theatre.
Rental pool in place and many other benefits too numerous to mention. Like owner discounts in the bars and restaurants.

Mexico is now THE place to invest. Safe. Priced right. Lots to do and see. Great food and shopping. Friendly people.
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If you are tired of the high cost of living, but don’t want to give up the modern conveniences, security and other amenities of home, Mexico has the answer! Here’s why: The peso-to-dollar value is favorable, which means that your dollar goes further than it will at home on every purchase you make. Also, you can rest easy knowing that Mexico’s economy is one of the strongest in the world, having grown despite the global recession and emerged as a leader among nations. The government has also made it easy to obtain a visa in Mexico, even compared to Panama, Belize and Costa Rica. In fact, millions of Americans have been moving to Mexico in recent years, thanks to the strong economy and safety of its major expat havens. In addition, the recession has actually created a buyer’s market in Mexico, which was already a more affordable place to buy real estate than many other tropical destinations worldwide

Plus The tropical foliage found throughout Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula remains one of the region’s major claims to fame – following the many miles of pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, of course. Even if botany isn’t your favorite subject, the exotic trees and shrubs in the region are sure to catch your eye and dazzle your senses. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most intriguing varieties. Even if botany isn’t your favorite subject, the exotic trees and shrubs in the region are sure to catch your eye.
Indian Coral Tree dots the streets throughout this region, Indian Coral trees are easily recognized by their bold, yellow striped leaves and dense clusters of red blossoms during the dry season.
The Lady of the Night (we're talking flora here) although visually nondescript compared to some of the showier varieties to make this list, the Lady of the Night has an exquisite scent that more than makes up for its small pea-sized fruits, dense, bush-like appearance and lack of stature.
Pomegranate during the late dry season in early March Pomegranate trees in this corner of Mexico produce slender-stemmed branches reaching more than 10 feet in height. Inch long bright red flowers that eventually morph to become the delicious Pomegranate fruit.

Maybe this is what you've been dreaming of. Less than 3 miles north of Playa del Carmen this 430,700 sq meter tract of prime land with 2050 meters on the beach (water) can be yours for your own resort. At $42USD/meter which works out to about $4USD a square foot ocean front land. Total price $18,089,400USD. Use e-mail links above to contact us. Land ID=Chuchuen.
Less than 3 miles north of Playa del Carmen this 54,000 sq meter parcel of land with 352 meters on the water can be yours at $42USD per meter or about 4 dollars US per sq foot. Total price $2,268,000USD. Land ID=La Confradia. Use e-mail links above.
Also less than 3 miles from Playa del Carmen this parcel of virgin land has a huge cenote on it. Only $7USD sq meter or 70 cents per sq foot. 300,000 sq meters. Total cost $21,000,000. Land ID= Sachaucax with Laguna Cenote.
for a smaller land parcel this option:
has 10 meters on the cenote with 50 meters in depth and wider at the back so it is 1000 meters (a big lot) and great for a home. no manglar but jungle land. 60usd per meter or 60000usd for the minimum lot. ecological. density is 1000 meters per home so you're fine. also in this area are 20x10 meter lots at 50usd per meter or 10000usd you can put a home here too as here it's a home each 200 meters this lot does not have cenote frontage but gives access this area has streets and services (more developed than former) Use e-mail links above.
How about your own island. 20 km (12 mi) off the Q Roo coast of Tulum. The island shown to the right. Will it be yours? 5 km of beach Caribbean Ocean and 7 km of beach Boca Paila. Has sport fishing club; cabins; electric generating plant; fresh drinking water. $40USD per sq meter; lots from 12 hectares (10,000 sq meters). Island ID= Chencho Mac.
Maybe you prefer an ocean front studio near the Cancun hotel zone and and near downtown? Check out this beachfront condo in Sea Adventure Resort, a great value for weekly or monthly rentals and all the benefits of resort living.

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Beach front condo in Cancun Cancun beachfront condo
use all Blue Bay Club facilities free during your stay

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Hacienda San Miguel in Cozumel come visit this lovely hotel; monthly rates available

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Dump a bucket of mud on laden      Ecological park in Cancun, Mexico

Best Chinese food in Mexico right here in Cancun      

en Español Cancun Plaza - ver Cancun Plaza en Zona Hotelera en Español!

Adventure to Xpujil, Campeche get to know the esoteric side of the Mayan ruins!

Showtime at Grand Caribe Real - Five Star all-inclusive in Cancun made affordable! Early booking discounts available. Kids club with water park.

See underwater snorkeling in 3D! If you have RED-BLUE glasses

Playa del Carmen scenes; animations and scenes Playa del Carmen

Cabo San Lucas   the captains report on fishing conditions; from bungalows to five bedroom condos to all-inclusive

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en francais Cancun links

Cape Cod   New England country inns where inside grey shingled B&B's find bone china; fireplaces; poster beds; bay windows

ocean front studio for sale in Cancun. awesome ocean views. furnished. 580 sq ft.
$89,000 USD
low maintenance fees. rental pool in place.

retire in it. rent it. vacation in it.
property taxes much less than the cost of a dinner in the USA
vacation here. retire here. many do. holiday here!
Just hang out. The place to be.

economic beachfront condo rental in Cancun water park on site!

get rid of the annoying insect Fly USA which can be killed with this flyswater sqish fly usa before it lands in your coffee or cake.

in this exciting game determine which of these two photos is really Elba Esther Gordillo and win a discount with your booking

so many ways to get a discount with us here guess from whom Chief Justice Warren of the US Supreme Court is descended. This turkey headed up the Warren Commission.

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