Things to do on the wonderful island of Puerto Rico
Of course you can see the cathedral or Museum of Art in Ponce. Speaking of the Museum of Art move your mouse over the image to the left to see one of the works on display. But don't miss phosphorescent bay while there. A phosphorescent microscopic life form lives in the bay. When agitated, it gives off an errie light. One night we went out on a boat and this girl took some water from the bay in a pail and poured it over herself and she glowed in the night. Try it.
And on the drive from San Juan to Ponce you'll amaze as you drive past coffee plantations and rain forrests and waterfalls. So rent a car and get out to see the beautiful island. Of course you may just prefer to relax on San Juan's lovely beaches and play the casinos at night. Speaking of casinos see below...
Things to do in Puerto Rico lodgings hotels
Many of San Juan's hotels offer your favorite casino games. Try your luck at roulette. Or a hand of black-jack. How about baccarat? And of course the slot machines. Who knows? Tonight may be YOUR lucky night and three pineapples come up and the bells go off for YOU.
Puerto Rico never sleeps and most casinos are open to the wee hours. So after you count your winnings go for a morning swim in the warm ocean. Or a nice stroll along the beach.
Enjoy, Puerto Rico is yours.

Things to do in Puerto Rico lodgings hotels
There's always a party in Puerto Rico. Discos of every flavor may be enjoyed in San Juan.
I remember one I used to go to in Isla Verde; don't know if it's still around. The bar was on the first floor and the dance floor upstairs was glass. Nobody was shy and there was a slide to return to the first floor from the dance floor.
Your sure to find the disco for YOU to dance until the wee hours. Then you're ready for a morning swim.

watersports in Puerto Rico

Did we mention golf? And in the water is great scuba with many reefs. We recommend Fajardo, Ponce, Humacao for walls of fish and other underwater surprises.
Visability near 100 feet.
Deep sea fishing abounds so you can catch that really BIG one, as does windsurfing or kayaking as shown to the left.

Many hotels offer windsurfing classes if you wish to learn this sport.
Or would you rather just relax at the pool with another pina colada?

Old San Juan is great for strolling around and shopping. You'll love the architecture. And try to get to see El Yunque the rain forrest. Waterfalls and scenery you'll cherish always. Wether you go to Old San Juan or the rain forrest don't forget your camera.

And while on the island don't forget to visit El Yunque rain forrest.
The little Puerto Rican parrot is one of the most endangered birds in the world and is rarely seen. Bright green plumage with a splash of red on its nose and white wing feathers. With its timid personality this bird is disasterously vulnerable.
Before Colombus a million parrots lived on the island. By 1970 only 13 parrots remained. All in El Yunque. Today more than 70 of them live in El Yunque.

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