Playa del Carmen scenes and animations

This lovely tropical flower knows where she belongs.

Someone put her in the pool near the swim-up bar. But she doesn't drink.

Move her anywhere with your mouse and she'll return to her flower pot on the terrace of your Playa del Carmen hotel. Try. Move her anywhere. Again. And again. She'll always return to her pot on the terrace like guests return to CancunSteve.

Golf right next door in PlayaCar. Put the little ball down. Swing. Chase the ball over the course. To get a taste, click on the ball to hit it into the green for a par two.
Use the putter (II) to put it in.

Use the small green arrows that appear on the bottom right to try again.

These are also lovely landscaped areas to take a stroll.

The red ball to the right is magic. Use the left button to make it dissapear. The right button to make it appear again. The middle button makes it shrink.

This animation demonstrates a well-known mystical message. When you go to the beach bring more than just a ball.

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below a Playacar scene

One of the neat things about all-inclusive vacations is that there's no need to hassle with budgets or how much money to bring from the safe. Pay one price and enjoy. Drink all the beer you want. To feel the effects now click on the bottle cap to the right. Take as many of these caps off the bottles as you want.

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