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In your local paper you will see all kinds of travel ads. Fly to Cuba only $199, or fly to Zimbabwe only $299, etc.
But where you have to be careful with these packages is that tax and airport departure tax are not always included.

Be sure to rent with the good-guys at CancunSteve

Two blocks from the hotel you can snorkel in transparent turquoise waters.
IF you bring some bread you can feed the fish right from your hand.
In the animation below you can feed the dancing fish.
The feeding hose has bread pellets for the fish.

Click on the green arrow to send out a food pellet for the fish.
Each time you fire off a pellet of food it is registered.

Give the fish music to dance by with the pink arrow.

Enjoy the animation. Enjoy Playa del Carmen.

The Hotel Las Golondrinas offers a restaurant. Bar. Swimming pool. Tobacco shop. Laundry service. Telephone. Cable TV. Air conditioning. For your security a safety box right in your room. And free parking for your car.
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