Be Playa Hotel in Playa del Carmen

Be Playa hotel. Boutique hotel of genuine modern design, bringing together the wisdom of luxury and comfort and maintaining its freshness.

23 charming, exclusive suites for travelers seeking places with imagination. A contemporary and bohemian look, with built-in whirlpool tub, white marble and the warmest wood. Spacious beds with pure cotton sheets.

The restaurant:
This is first-class cuisine. The leader in sushi and Asian cuisine, the Be Playa Sushi Club conveys pleasure and sensuality each and every time, combining exclusive, cutting-edge flavors. A space associated with good living, that offers the hotel's clients creative and Premium-quality sushi. Dynamic and innovative cuisine in a relaxed and comfortable ambience, noted for its warm and professional service.

Be Playa Hotel in Playa del Carmen

Standard suite:Design and greatest comfort brought together in this charming room, with the versatility to choose between a king size bed or two queen size beds

Junior Suite: Design and greatest comfort brought together in this charming, spacious room with built-in whirlpool tub and balcony, with the versatility to choose between a king size bed or two queen size beds.

Master Suite: Design and greatest comfort brought together in this charming, spacious 65-square-meter corner room, with built-in whirlpool tub and balcony, with the versatility to choose between a king-size bed and two queen-size beds.

Be Playa Hotel in Playa del CarmenRestaurant and bar on site in this centrally located Playa del Carmen hotel. Near the best beaches and of course Fifth Avenue. Located at 10th Avenue corner of 26th Street in downtown Playa del Carmen.

The 23 air-conditioned guestrooms in Be Playa Hotel include minibars and safes. Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access is provided for CancunSteve guests.
32-inch LCD televisions are equipped with cable channels.
All accommodations provide direct-dial phones with voice mail. Bathrooms offer complimentary toiletries (all those neat creams and tiny bottles). Additional amenities include irons/ironing boards and blackout drapes/curtains. In addition, a turndown service is provided nightly and amenities available on request include wake-up calls.

Be Playa Hotel in Playa del CarmenAll prices below in bed and breakfast plan (continental breakfast) in USD per room per night double occupancy
Rates do not include the 19% taxes

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The western world knows of five. Today the living Maya are allowed to speak of 15 of these calendars. Five of these Calendars they dare not speak of at this time. These are the Calendars of the cosmic ancestors.
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Dates Standard Suite Junior Suite Master Suite
January 4 - Apr 11 2018
Apr 12 - Jun 30 2018
July 1 - Aug 15 2018
Aug 16 - Dec 23 17
Dec 24 17 - Jan 3 18
Aug 16 - Dec 23 18
Dec 24 18 - Jan 3 19
July 1 - Aug 15 16
Aug 16 - Dec 23 16
Dec 24 16 - Jan 3 17
Dec 24 14 - Jan 2 15
American breakfast included and served at the Shushi Club Restaurant
Children to 6 years of age free with parents
Extra adult $70usd
Add 19% taxes
EARLY BOOKING PROMO: book 30 days in advance and 15% off

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5th Ave scenes
you don't want to reserve your Playa del Carmen hotel with just anyone! see who will be with you

Nearby bars:
On a roof top there is a small pool, a DJ playing a great mix of ambiant music to chill to, and BEDS! You are brought a tray for your bed and a bill for what must be the most expensive drinks in town....10 dollars for a martin
Senor Frogs. Open as well in the daytime.
Alux (pronounced Ah-loosh) is a bar-restaurant-nightclub built inside of a cave.
Next door to it is an auto parts store and a laundry mat.
But when you enter you go down a set of stone stairs and all of a sudden you are in a CAVE!! Not a small cave...a huge rambling underground cave filled with nooks and crannies and water and stalagmites They serve dinner, but we didn't eat there. We were treated to good drinks and a wonderful musical group which played a mix of music. Imagine Guatamalan music with the additon of a violin!! I think they were "the mission", but since it was all in spanish, i found it hard to keep up! There was also a belly dancer who got the audience into it!

And like Cancun, Playa has a CocoBongo.
At CocoBongo, the best in technology and show production can be found on high resolution big screens, impressive acrobatics, excellent impersonations of celebrities, there's always a Michael Jackson impersionation, so don't bring the kids.
Here find the best DJs and an all-night open bar that'll keep you high while you dance the night away.
Together, all the elements create a true trip each time you visit Playa del Carmen.
Enjoy the swinging experience of Cancun's counterpart, where we're sure you'll be not only dancing but partying it up.

A new one:
Los Danzantes is one of the newest clubs in Playa del Carmen. Dig the open-air terrace overlooking the ocean and its' great atmosphere.
You can enjoy an array of mescals from different parts of Mexico, as well as an extensive list of other drinks and cocktails. DJs entertain the crowd with all kinds dance music mixes.

Not everyone has the pleasure of staying here in Be Playa Hotel. There are those who stay in basic non luxury suites then go into town for Henna tatoos like this European. Yes it's another world in town. Find henna tatoos. Hair braiders. Ceramics from Guanajuato. Boots from Guadalajara. Tequila from Jalisco. Ashtrays saying welcome to Playa del Carmen all the way from the exotic Orient. (Made in China).
And great little coffee shops.

Right here in the hotel is this fine eatery
The synonym of first-class cuisine in Playa del Carmen. The leader in sushi and Asian cuisine, our Sushi Club conveys pleasure and sensuality every time, combining exclusive, cutting-edge flavors. A space associated with good living, that offers you creative and Premium-quality sushi. Dynamic and innovative cuisine in a relaxed and comfortable ambience, noted for its warm and professional service.

Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked rice combined with other ingredients like seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits.
Ingredients and forms of sushi presentation vary widely, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is rice or sumeshi.
Sushi can be prepared with either brown or white rice. Mind you I've never seen brown rice sushi.
Sushi is sometimes prepared with raw seafood (personally I like my sushi with cucumber, cheese, sarumi; when I was in Japan the waitress brought me raw fish which I declined saying I'm not a fish nor a fisherman; then I examined the fish to see if they snuck a hook inside), but some common varieties of sushi use cooked ingredients or are vegetarian.
Erica says:
I've been there for five days! Great Hotel, great staff... Everybody was very nice, friendly and very helpfull!! I recommend this hotel! Close to 5th Av, close to the beach... The pool area is so beatiful! The room is very clean, beatiful design. I have no doubt I would stay there again!
Porfirio dice:
Fuimos mi novio y yo a playa y quedamos muy satisfechos con el Hotel; el Diseno, Servicio, Ubicacion y Ambiente, todo estuvo super bien. Lo recomendamos ampliamente Nos encanto todo el concepto!
Jimmy says:
If you are looking for a place with a romantic atmosphere come to Be Playa; they have lovely rooms. We had a deluxe with a jacuzzi in the room, they have led lights to create all kinds of ambience atmospheres.
honeymooner says:
I was here with my husband for our honeymoon, and we loved the place! The location is great- a second from the main street, but not as much so you can't hear the noise. The rooms are very nice, big and clean. We took the junior suit that has a jacuzzi, and it was worth it.
Rosa dice:
Muy buen hotel, decoración chic y excelente atención sobre todo. definitivamente regresaría. La terraza está genial y la atención en el bar también, son muy accesibles si les solicitas algo. Lo único que recomendaría es poner puerta en la regadera.
from Denmark:
Fantastisk beliggenhed, tæt på alt, personalet aldrig siger nej. Tag-bar og pool. Dejlige værelser. Gratis cykler men gå er bedst. Vi vil vende tilbage igen og igen. Du er velkommen til at skrive til mig med spørgsmål.
guest says:
We'll never stay anywhere else ever again
Johnny said:
I fancy myself the type of guy who doesn't care much about where I stay when I travel. I travel to eat mainly. I think this hotel has changed my tune. When you LOVE where you stay it starts your day off right and ends it right as well. Everyone was so nice. The decor is lovely.
art lover said:
We just returned home from Playa and cannot wait to go back! We will definitely stay at Be Playa every single time we go. It was clean, comfortable and decorated in the best taste. From the art pieces, decorative items and especially the quotes written everywhere in the hotel, you notice something new every time you walk through the hall
Rosita says:
I was too cheap to stay in this hotel so I stayed with my nephew in his apartment and to thank him got him that exotic ashtray mentioned above.
shopping near Be Playa:
There's a Liverpool nearby. Only blocks away with name brand bathing suites for him and her.
Googles for snorkeling.
Caps with logos.
Beach towels too.

When shopping for tequila. Some have said look for Don Julio, Mexico’s most popular high-end brand. Don Julio 1942, considered the king of tequilas, has a sweet roasted agave flavor with hints of vanilla and sun-ripened tropical fruits. Blanco is smooth and crisp with citrus notes, good for killer margaritas, while reposa is nice for tequila sunrise.

De Beatriz Boutique, on Calle 2, just west of Fifth Avenue, is an unknowm little side-street shop selling locally designed manta (fine Mexican cotton) clothing close by the Be Playa hotel; and there's Rosalia, between calles 12 and 14 for textiles from Chiapas for that local-look, including embroidered huipiles and inexpensive shawls, scarves, and bags; hey mama's got a brand new bag.

On Fifth Avenue shops owned by local folk compete for your vacation dollars with high-end clothing, Cuban cigars, specialty tequila, handicrafts, trinkets, beads, candles, jewelry, and beach wear. Silver jewelry, sportswear, and low-end souvenir shops catering to sleezy cruise passengers and Rosita.
enjoy your Playa del Carmen lodgings, but beware
If you visit Playa del Carmen, you are going to notice a lot of creeps trying to get you to do hotel tours.
In reality, you are getting into a distasteful timeshare presentation.
You may think this is not a big deal but believe us, it is.
These people are schooled in using deceptive techniques to get you to certain hotel facilities.
Even though they are not exactly endangering or robbing you, they are still scamming you because they use fraud and lies to get your confidence.
This lady says:
And this is not the worst part.
The tense situation starts once you find yourself in a sleezy sales room.
Do not sign in for one of these tours or presentations. Never, never, never.
Better see a First Five Seconds of Summer Concert first!
Here's one woman's experience.
How Everything Starts.
How do you think these scammers get business?
They set up a tourist information or daily tours kiosk. They ask you where you're from and other inane crap.
When they notice you are taking a look at the activities advertised, they come up to you, gather some information and start to deviate the conversation to the hotel tour thing.
They will offer you money, tickets or transportation for just taking a tour of a property and recommending it to friends back home.
In my case, I thought this was legitimate because:
I have been on property tours before. So, these do exist. And I'm dumb.
I directly asked the guy if this was a sales presentation and he said no.
Hey like asking Hilary Clinton if she's a liar. What would you expect her to reply?
The guy was really friendly.
He was going to send us to a hotel related to the Xcaret park.
I believed I was dealing with a reputable company.
The compensation package was good (or that is what I thought initially).
So, I signed up for the tour and ended up having one of the worst experiences of my life.
Next day, we were taken to the tour meeting place.
Once I arrived, I knew I was lied to.
It was obvious that the place was a sales room. I should have stopped everything at that moment (I was really mad).
And dumb.
A lady took us to this luxury time-share Hotel.
Once she showed us around, we went back to the initial area.
Hey even this guy above knows better to go on stuff like this.
He's less of a fool in his fish-hat.
This is when everything started to get nasty.
We said we weren’t interested in buying at that time.
The lady got really aggressive and even insulted us.
She told us we were acting in a very offensive way.
She kept bringing people to try to convince us to sign some paper.
We stood up decided to leave but they were blocking us!!!!
At that point, I started to yell as I'm dumb and go crazy sometimes.
After more screaming and accusing us of liars, we managed to get to the front door. They gave us our compensation half an hour later.

Just not worth it.

If you need a tour talk to CancunSteve he'll set you up hassle-free.
And get you a deal on your Be Playa lodgings.
So is it worth paying more for upbeat Playa del Carmen lodgings:
Let's ask Vel Rosita and see what she says:
Yes, concierges add a lot to the experience. It is 5pm, you want to drive a Ferrari and have front seats at an overbooked opera performance.
Just ask the concierge at Be Playa Hotel.
A dedicated butler, gopher service, will unpack and pack your luggage, shine your shoes, brush your hair, a guest relation staff (usually aware of who you are before your arrival, probably aware of what you like or don't like) will be dedicated for coordinating whatever you might need, your children will be spoiled through special programs ordered by a dedicated team, and you to will be spoiled in Hotel Be Playa upscale Playa del Carmen lodgings.
In fact, a hive of smiling, devoting 'bees' for delivering whatever, whenever, asked.
And then just cast a look a the deco : paintings, statues, furnitures, all designed by praised artists.
Your favorite travel memories are directly because of staying in a nice hotel. True.
Rosita is a regular visitor of Be Playa's rooftop bar as it actually her favorite place in Playa Del Carmen.
This place surely has an atmosphere that there is no match to it! You go up to the roof and the aura of the place as well as the view will blow you away. Be Playa lets you take your drinks with you to the pool which is a truly great way to enjoy the Mexican sun if you just want to watch the sea from a distance without getting all salty. The staff is great, friendly and approachable and are very flexible. They seem to enjoy what they do and it really makes a difference. (they don't enjoy Rosita's small tip) It is always the guest first, they even help you get food from the restaurant downstairs without having to go down. Seriously, this is the best place to chill out in Playa, heavily recommended!
This is your holiday in Playa del Carmen.
Do it right.
And remember in Be Playa Hotel complimentary WiFi always.

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