Fifth Ave in Playa del Carmen, Riviera MayaWelcome to 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen where your hotel Nina or El Tukan is located, or two blocks from your beach hotel Costa del Mar or Pelicano.

If you're looking to have your hair braided this is the place.

Or just watch the people scene and the girls or boys go by.

Cancun is 45 minutes to the north and Xcaret just south of Playa del Carmen your vacation home. Fifth Ave fills up with the most inimitable people from sunset to midnight. Bars and discos offer music from European electronic to Latin salsa and even jazz and Flamenco. Frequently partiees are organized on the beach to celebrate some event like the full moon or just to have an excuse to dance under the stars.

Shopping on Fifth Ave in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

Fifth Ave in Playa del Carmen, Riviera MayaThe bars night life action of this city come to life on 5th Avenue. When you select your hotel in this city this is where you want to be. And be sure to book through the good guys at CancunSteve for value and service.

downtown Playa del Carmen sceneWhen people go on vacation they love to relax, eat great food, go to the amazing beaches, check out the nightlife, and of course shop and book with CancunSteve!

When shopping in Playa del Carmen, there are many things that people like to buy; local art, glassware, hand crafted pottery, silver, hammocks, Mexican Chocolate, and of course tequila!
Some basic information and background to help with the process of finding the perfect souvenir to commemorate your trip to Playa del Carmen On Fifth Avenue near all the hotels we offer you can find everything.

Depending on your style and tastes there are some amazing local artists here in Playa del Carmen, and the Rivera Maya. Due to our international community Playa has some world class art. There are foreign artists that create their interpretations of the area, and are trying to sell their art so they can continue to live in this paradise, as well as national artists who are exquisite at their trade. Look and you will know.
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Fifth Ave in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

in a hotel near Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen

swimming in Playa del CarmenThis is what's all about

The beaches are even more awesome than the pools.

The main beach in Playa del Carmen doesn't even have a name.

In New York there is Jones Beach. Coney Island beach. Even a Plum beach in Brooklyn or Orchard Beach in the Bronx

What shall we name this Playa del Carmen beach?

* Milly's my little dog

Strolling down the street:
On the stroll you will pass many stores filled with Mexican crafts, but one must is Pachamama. Translated to Mother Earth or a patch on mama, the shop sells high quality traditional Mexican handicraft from all over Mexico. It even highlights a few modern adaptations.
The owner, a resident of Playa for twenty years, works directly with artists at the source; pays them pesos and sells the pieces at a nice profit. He finds the one-of-a-kind pieces to sell to the public.

Then there's the Tequila house:
A trip to Mexico is not complete without a sampling of tequila. One place to get it is Casa Tequila. The building's imposing structure is easy to see on 5th avenue and its tequila selection is worth a try.
The official tequileria provides a place to sample Mexico's finest before you buy it. Ask questions and learn the difference between silver, repasado, and aņejo while tasting some of the blue agave spirit. Sometimes someone there knows the answer; if not they wing it. Enjoy.

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