The Magic of Old  Mexico


Here some vintage Mexican music while you browse if your browser supports this

Now this is us before we reserved with Cancun Steve. Click our photo to see the transformation!

These poor confused sewing machine operators in this northern Mexican dress factory do not know what to do!
The manager hired all of them but provided only four sewing machines.
One has no thread.
Another has a burned out motor.
The third one has no needle.

So they are waiting word from Cancun Steve to see what to do...
Click the picture to see the WORD from Cancun Steve

I don't care if my daughter's boyfriend is a boyscout.
After what he's done to my little girl he better marry her now or I'll hang him from the highest branch of that tree there.
Click the photo to see the bride's future husband.

Experience colonial Mexico the real Mexico in this Bed and Breakfast recently declared a historic site by the Mexican government by clicking here. And besides it's a fun-page in the crazy CancunSteve style. Enjoy.

Now in the sad days before Cancun Steve people didn't know where to here to see more.
This poor sucker didn't rent his car through Cancun Steve.Click here to see more.

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