tulum overlooking oceanThe Mystical Side of the Mayan ruins

To the right we see Tulum overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the Quintana Roo coast (about one hour and a half south of Cancun).
The Mayans understood power places and selected those places where energies were of special vibratory levels.

ugly Mayan chief The Mayan ceremonial centers help humanity in the purification process. These sacred Mayan centers are the cosmic transformers that humanity needs.  When a human being meditates within these centers, the vibration produced helps to transform the initiate to a different level.
There is the process of filtration and the process of distillation. In the former that which is not desired remains behind in the filter. In the latter the desired is separated from the lower by fire.
In filtration we say, that's no good, I won't do that anymore We tell our friends we are different. They look at us and say "well you look the same" And we think "what an ass-hole". We know we have changed. In distillation a cathartic change results from a permanent separation of the baser from the finer.

mystery of the Yucatan awaits the visitor When this occurs, the initiate has the obligation to understand the law of the trinity.  For the Mayans it is Tepeu, Gugumatz and Huyub Caan.  For the Hindus it is Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.  For the Christians it is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  When we understand this law, we can understand our real origin.
For the mystic the number three always had special meaning.
The law of the triangle.
Meditation the first point in the triangle; perception the second point; change the third point.
Or being mixed with lower elements the first point; heat the second; removal of the baser from the finer the third point.

Just a short distance from Chichen Itza are the caves of Balancanche (from Cancun going towards Chichen Itza ask for the underground caves about 6 miles before Chichen Itza). Here your guide holds a flashlight as you go down hundreds of feet below the ground to an underground lake where the fish are blind as there is never any light here so fish never had the need to develop sight. Centuries ago the Mayan leaders left writings indicating white men with beards would come and destroy their civilization. They knew about the coming of the Spanish before the Spanish did!

For a great meditation experience ask your guide to turn off the flashlight and refrain from speaking to experience the energies of this place without the distraction of the five senses.

The Mayan calendar is most outstanding. It is the most accurate calendar the world has ever known and was in use centuries before the birth of Christ. As a matter of fact the Mayan calendar caused Pope Gregory XIII to abandon the Julian calendar and introduce the Gregorian calendar in 1582. So the Christian world has an accurate calendar for  only 400 years or so.

Uxmal too has a ball court like Chichen Itza. The ball game had a religious significance unlike our ball games of today which is just a way for players to seek multi-million dollar contracts. The Mayan ball players had no agents nor did they go out on strike for multi-million dollar contracts.
If you have the time try to visit Uxmal; Kabah; Sayil; Labna (it's a day trip from Merida)
lodgings right in Chichen Itza

In the Mayan bible Popol Vuh (which you can find in any good bookstore down here) has striking similarities to the Christian bible:
For example recall the tower of Babel: ...the speech of the tribes changed; their tongues became different. They could no longer understand each other clearly after arriving at Tulan.
Recall the story of Noah and the ark: ...a flood was brought about by the heart of Heaven; a great flood was formed which fell on the heads of the wooden creatures.
And as our various prophets sometimes lost their way so did the Mayans. there at the crossroads they were overcome;
one of the four roads was red, another black, another white, and another yellow. And the black road said to them: I am the one you must take because I am the way of the Lord - word of Hun Came


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