Subway in Distrito FederalSHOPPING IN MEXICO CITY (Distrito Federal)
Leaving Distrito Federal without buying anything would be unthinkable. Shops not only dot malls and markets but pop-up in subway stops and in parks. Metro (subway) shown at left. The array of items for sale is mind-boggling.
From a cheap souvenir to take back to Aunt Mildred to a fine work of art, you'll find it in Mexicy City. Look for obsidian; carved wooden chests; shoes made of sharkskin (I still have a pair I bought in Distrito Federal ten years ago and they still look great); fine table linens; glassware; embroidery.
Distrito Federal's major shopping areas include the Zona Rosa (see photo below) and off Paseo de la Reforma. The streets are Hamburgo, Niza, Londres, and Amberes.
Between the Zocalo and Avenida Lazaro Cardenas every other side street is closed to traffic and paved with tiles.

There are ten metro (subway) lines serving the city to get from one shopping area to another. On Saturdays the metro is open until 1:30AM but closes shortly after midnight on other days.
Take the metro to Allende on LINE 2 for the popular Thieves Market; a flea market open only on Sundays. You can find coins; silver; antinques; rare books.

Zona Rosa Distrito FederalZONA ROSA Distrito Federal
Elegance is everywhere in the Zona Rosa.
Shown on the right is an example of the Zona Rosa. The most popular discos and dance clubs as well as the city's best retaurants are found in this district.
Elegance in the Pink Zone (Zona Rosa) echoes of Europe past.
No one knows how this area got its name . If you have any ideas on the subject let us know.

Home of swank boutiques, gourmet restaurants in 24 square blocks.
Some of the shops include Appel; Aries; Cartier; Gucci; Bustamente.
Bars include La Mancha; La Cucaracha; Jorongo Bar.
Numerous outdoor cafes for great people watching. Niza is the main street of the Zona Rosa. Turn off Niza into some of the little side-streets and you're in Greenwich Village Distrito Federal style.

Distrito Federal marketLOCAL MARKET IN Distrito Federal
How to ask for foods in the market:
apple manzana banana platano
grapes uvas orange naranja
pineaple piŮa cheese queso
bread pan veal ternera
beef carne de res chicken pollo

Although it is easy to assume that Distrito Federal is the world capital of tacos like Leon Guanajuato, you can find any kind of food in this city.
There are regional specialties from all over Mexico as well as the world, including Japanese, Chinese, French, Polish, Italian, Argentinean, Belgian, Irish, and Indian. And of course you can find McDonalds.
The main restaurant areas are located in Polanco, Condesa, Centro, Zona Rosa, along Avenida Insurgentes from Viaducto to Copilco and more recently Santa Fe.

The historic district comprises the metro stops HIDALGO where you may visit the Diego Rivera museum while in Mexico City; BELLAS ARTES where you may visit both the Palacio de Bellas Artes and Museo Nacional de Arte while in Mexico City; ZOCALO where you may visit the Plaza de la Constitucion while in Mexico City.

Mexico City is 2200 meters above sea level so it is cool during the winter months.
Don't forget to take in the National Museum of Anthropology : besides actually visiting ruins, there are few museums in the world that display Mesoamerican history so thoroughly and interestingly enough to hold your attention (maybe not Samantha's).
It helps that this museum is relatively small compared to many other museums of this type, and the layout is easy to follow. You can see everything in a few hours or so.

And the Castillo de Chapultepec an 18th-century palace, known for its impressive gardens, served as the home of the Mexican President until 1939. This location holds so much history any cultured person would be happy to experience.
Is Mexico City safe you ask:
Let me tell you know that Mexico City is just as safe as any large North American metropolitan city such as lodgings in Los Angeles and New York and more so.
Mexico City is even safer than Los Angeles and New York because there is such a large police presence everywhere you go.
Walking pretty much everywhere on Avenida Paseo de La Reforma see plenty of joggers and people walking their dogs out, even during the midnight hours! There were a few DUI checkpoints being conducted during the night on Paseo de La Reforma, but nothing out of the ordinary. The structures in Mexico City are very modern, clean, and even more technological advanced than some developed cities in North America.

The only thing is the beggars.
You will see young kids, fake blind people, dirty grown ups, and the elderly asking for money.
Nancy Reagan said just say no, but mind you if it's a cute kid give it a few pesos. Why not?
You can encounter a beggar every day when walking in downtown Los Angeles, so this is no different.
Of course, you should always be aware of pick pockets in any major city. So guys, please do not leave your wallet in the back pocket- always carry it in the front. Ladies, hold your purse in front of you and make sure your bags are all zipped up. The metro and buses tend to get packed during rush hour, so be careful.

If you look at a map, Mexico is a large country and when violence is occuring in Mexico, itís directed by Mexicans to other Mexicans.
Americans are not being targeted like in Boston or Oaklahoma, so letís take a look where itís happening good people.
Itís happening in locations where Americanís donít even go to : lodgings in Nuevo Laredo, dives in Ciudad Juarezóand if you actually look at the real numbers of how many people have been killed in the drug violence, it is staggering, thereís no doubt about that.
Of those, how many of them were Americans. I can tell you, less than twenty; and of those twenty, 17 of them were American drug dealers, because look where they were killed. They were killed in places like Nuevo Laredo and Ciudad Juarez.

Not Mexico City nor Cancun.

Distilled from the ruins of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, Distrito Federal offers a unique collection of contemporary city life, and historic preservation. World-class must see museums, fine restaurants and parks combine with the remains of several cultures.
The nightlife, the shopping and the history make it a must-see city. Distillation is a process of purification yielding higher level of vibrations.

The DF Airport has two terminals - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2: As both terminals are 3 km apart a healthy walk - on opposite sides of the Airport (with parallel runways in between), they are connected by the Airtrain, accessible only to passengers with an electronic reservation password, or ticket or boarding pass, and only with on-board hand bag ; the transfer between terminals is quick; 7 minutes (with a maximum waiting time of up to ten minutes).
Access to the platform in Terminal 1 is located in the middle of the 'Puente Pilotos' bridge, up the escalator in Gate D; and access to the Terminal 2 platform is through Gate M on one side of the National Arrivals. All others visitors need to take the fully accessible red bus running daily from 5AM to 1AM at either Terminal 1, boarding area at gate 6 - or Terminal 2, boarding area at gate 4, and buy a ticket from the bus driver. This service is also referred to as inter-terminal transportation

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Hotel Reforma Uno (Krystal Grand) Mexico City not far from Chapultapec Park
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