easy to read map of MexicoUSING A CHEAP PHRASE BOOK
In less than an hour from Mexico City indians may be found in the valleys who even today speak little Spanish. Joel Gondelman bought a cheap English-Toltec phrase book. No one's gonna fool Joel and sell him souvenirs at inflated tourist prices. A foot taller than anyone else in the valley BIG Joel boards the local bus with his new phrase book which was incomprehensible to poor Joel. When Joel would say hi, I'm from Westchester, the locals would hear I am a limp penis and politely turn away before collapsing in giggles. Joel explains: So, using the phrase suggested in the book, I asked a woman about the bus route. She contained her hysteria but I could see the other passengers convulsing as my words were passed down the bus via Toltec whisper. Off the bus everyone waived and smiled. So now the only words I dared use were Hello; thank you which was understood as Hello I am a happy shoe.
Chapultapec Park Mexico CityCHAPULTAPEC PARK
Charming spots abound in Chapultapec Park. Over 2,100 acres of greenery, woods, playgrounds, zoo, botanical gardens, and museums adorn this park that few cities in the world have.
Dominating it all is Chapultapec castle. The Museum of Modern Art is set in a sculptured garden in the park.
The Museum of Natural Hsitory as well as the world-famous Museum of Anthropology are also found within the park.
Once a hunting ground for the Aztecs then home to the Emperor Maximilian, now Chapultapec is the weekend playground for the capital.

elegance of Mexico City's Zona RosaTHE PINK ZONE (Zona Rosa)
Elegance in the Pink Zone (Zona Rosa) echoes of Europe past.
No one knows how this area got its name. Home of swank boutiques, gourmet restaurants in 24 square blocks.
Some of the shops include Appel; Aries; Cartier; Gucci; Bustamente.
Bars include La Mancha; La Cucaracha; Jorongo Bar.
Numerous outdoor cafes for great people watching. Niza is the main street of the Zona Rosa. Turn off Niza into some of the little side-streets and you're in Greenwich Village Mexico City style.

Entrance to Chapultapec Park Ave ReformaMUSUEMS TO SEE IN MEXICO CITY
A Chapultapec Park entrance near Ave Reforma.
In the park be sure to visit the Museum of Modern Art as well as the Museum of Natural History and don't forget the Museum of Anthropology.
And of course Chapultapec Castle. Which is now the National History Museum.

IF you're bringing children to the park visit the Papalote Children's Museum; one of the largeest and most technologicaly sophisticated touch and do museums in the world. Over 250 interactive exhibits relate to art, science, and technology. Computerized games are both fun for children and the young at heart.
The National Art Museum is found at Tacuba 8 about a half-block from Bellas Artes. The Mexico City Museum at Pino Suarez 30 is another downtown must see.
The Diego Rivera Studio and Museum is located on Diego Rivera 2 in San Angel. The Frida Kahlo Museum is at Londres 247 in Coyoacan.

Diana fountainFountains and superb statues dot and enhance the entire city of Mexico.
The Museum of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in Plaza of the Americas. This is one of Mexico's holiest shrines. Drive up Insurgentes Norte then turn right at the Lindavista Cinema. It was here in 1531 Saint Juan Diego saw a vision of the Virgin Mary.
For more information on the Virgin of Guadalupe click here    Top of this page
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See the mountains in the center of the country in 3-D using RED-BLUE glasses
Mexico City metro animation and subway information
Fly over the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in a hot air ballon the higher you are the better the view

We are always asked about cel phones.
There is of course local cellular service. Very few cellular services will allow you to roam in México. Most cell phones will work, but they must be reprogrammed by the local service provider. If you bring your own, it will need to be reprogrammed. Remember to have your phone reprogrammed again before returning to the U.S. As this is a hassle consider this: the various cellular companies rum constant promotions. It might just be easier to buy a promotional package that includes a phone and a fixed amount of service. With this option you will have the phone to use on your next trip to México.

Jorongo Bar Mariachi/Trio Hotel Sheraton María Isabel
Karisma Cantina Games Campos Elíseos 219
La Azotea Musical Shows Plateros 27
La Bodega/El Bataclán Live Variety Amsterdam & Popocatépetl
La Bodeguita del Medio Live Cuban Cozumel 37
La Boom Disco Rodolfo Gaona 3
La Casa de Las Sirenas Cantina Guatemala 32
La Victoria Disco Coahuila 92
Ladies Club Chippendale Show Florencia 43 this is Rosita's favorite spot in Mexico City!

Mexico city is divided into 16 delegaciones (districts) which are then subdivided into colonias (neighborhoods), of which there are 250; however, it is better to think of the city in terms of districts to facilitate the visitor getting around.
Many older towns like Coyoacán, San Angel and Tlalpan got merged into the urban Mexico City, and each of these still manages to preserve some of its original, unique flavor.
Coyoacán is a relatively large area in the southwest of Mexico City has always been a counterculture hang out.
This is where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived, a few blocks away from Leon Trotsky (their houses are now the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Leon Trotsky Museum, respectively), and the tranquil residential area, with parks, squares, and cobblestone streets, is now a favourite spot for the bohemians.

Did you know that downtown Mexico City has been an urban area since the pre-Columbian 12th century?
And the city is filled with historical buildings and landmarks from every epoch since then.
It is also known as the City of Palaces, because of the large number of stately buildings, especially downtown.
Did you know that in addition, Mexico is the city with the largest number of museums in the world even surpassing New York! Or Paris!
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You can enjoy a drink or snack while relaxing on terrace overlooking the most treasured cultural sites in Mexico´s history.

It's hard to believe but some forego the rich culture of Mexico's capital Mexico City to go off into the wildes of South America.

Maybe you think these primitives shown on the left are cute. Think again.

See what Caulimar writes:
My husband was on a business trip in Brazil last year. He was travelling with a business partner. They stopped to take a picture on the Anchieta Highway (from my understanding, a well-travelled toll road) in the middle of the day. They were robbed at gunpoint. My husband was shot and killed. I have read that thieves only want your money and possessions. This has shattered our lives. As a tourist, you think it can never happen to you... think again. Please take these warnings seriously.
The guy on the left is really pissed-off. He lost his expensive IPod he got at Bloomingdales last month. Now he's ready to rob and assault.
His friend to the right tries to calm him down using the psychology she learned at Vassar.

Teotihuacan just 30 miles north of Mexico City (take the bus in the north terminal) when climbing the pyramid those sensitive souls will feel an energy as this is a power place built in pre-Columbian times.

The early history of Teotihuacan is quite mysterious, and the origin of its founders is uncertain. For many years, archaeologists believed it was built by the Toltecs. As it still stands today after so many centuries it is a given it was not built by Infornavit.

The ruins of Teotihuacán are among the most remarkable in Mexico if not e among the most important ruins in the world.
Mystery envelops this former city of 200,000; although it was the epicenter of culture and commerce for ancient Mesoamerica, its inhabitants vanished without a trace.
A legend says this teen dressed in green took them with him, Wendy, and Tinkerbell to a marvelous land beyond.

Teotihuacán means "place where gods were born," reflecting the Aztec belief that the gods created the universe here. Occupation of the area began around 500 B.C., but it wasn't until after 100 B.C. that construction of the enormous Pyramid of the Sun commenced.

great old things to see in Mexico City.

There are so many neat antiques to see in and around Mexico City.

So much history.

The first printing press in North America was used in Mexico City in 1539. Many do not know this.

The National University of Mexico was founded in 1551 by Charles V of Spain and is the oldest university in North America.

The first great civilization in Mexico were the Olmecs (1400-300 B.C.) who established many cities along the eastern coast of Mexico, sculpted the famous Colossal Heads, and worshipped a mysterious, unnamed god that was part human and part jaguar.

The descendants of the Aztecs speak a form of the Aztec language called Nahuatl. Many of its words, particularly for types of food, passed into English...such as tomatoes (tomatl), chocolate (chocolatl), and avocados (ahuacatl).

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