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On Line 12 find metro (subway) stops with dates like 20 of November (20 de noviembre); Chapultapec which is a must vist is on Line 1; Cuauhtémoc is also on Line 1 (when the Spaniards wanted his treasures they burned his feet in boiling oil to make Cuauhtémoc tell them where the gold is hidden. Bravely Cuauhtémoc died not revealing the secret. He is known for his words to his complaining cousin do you think I'm on a bed of roses?; Isabel la Católica is also on Line 1; Los Reyes is Line A; Los Gueyes is counting votes (joke); Tacubaya is an important transfer point for Lines 1, 7, and 9 ( It is located in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City, west of the city centre.
The station logo represents a water bowl while the name, taken from the surrounding neighbourhood, means "where water joins" in Nahuatl. An Aztec settlement was built on the area, which back then was at the edge of Lake Texcoco. Metro Tacubaya is one of the network's busiest stations. Line 9 currently has its terminus here, but there are plans for further expansion of the line. The station was built on many levels, in order to accommodate the connecting lines. It has a maze of long, wide corridors between the lines' platforms, which are equipped with escalators ); Zócalo on Line 2 is the heart of Mexico City or zocalo (Constitution Square).

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