Merida will surprise and charm you. In the images below to the left are art work found in the vicinity of Hotel Conquistador on Avenida Paseo Montejo. In the images below to the right is the only Mansion in Merida with the original architecture and furnishings from the period of Porfirio Diaz. Free with your reservation with CancunSteve a local phone number will be provided so you may take a guided visit of this mansion.

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Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Paseo de Montejo
Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Paseo de Montejo Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Paseo de Montejo
Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Paseo de Montejo Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Paseo de Montejo

In the two images below we see a glimpse of the inside of the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Merida. Click on the small white plaque in the lower right image to see what it says...

And at night: On Saturday and Sunday evenings, Merida comes alive with sounds and music -- bands set up in the streets - in front of restaurants, and in the plazas. The bands have to play extra loud to compete with the band on the next block. All in all it is great fun, and very Merida.

Merida, Yucatan tourist information what to see what to do Merida will surprise and charm you Paseo de Montejo

Conquistador... donde la calidez, servicio y calidad son los componentes que le garantizan que su estancia será agredable y totalmente placentera. En cada uno del servicios del hotel , Montejo Palace quiere que usted se sienta como en su casa y cada vez que regrese a Mérida usted deseará estar hospedado con Montejo Palace hotel. Rodeado por bellas casonas de estilo europeo y abundante vegetación, coches calesa que invitan a un agradable y divertido paseo.
Chica alberca, caja de Seguridad, cambio de divisas, servicios de comunicaciones: Fax, Correo, Internet,
Centro de Negocios, Tabaquería, servicio de agua purificada y hielo, servicios de niñera (costo adicional), camas extras disponibles, cunas disponibles.

Merida is a city that makes you want to stay a bit longer, to enjoy the warmth of both its people and climate and attractions.
Located on the southeastern end of Mexico, Merida is famous for its hospitality. It is the main city in the Yucatan Peninsula, and boasts a host of attractions that will turn your visit into an unforgettable experience.

discover Merida Yucatan with your cheap hotel rental with us museums in Merida:
Permanent exhibitions of the work of Yucatecan artists, including additional paintings by Fernando Castro Pacheco, the painter of murals in the Governor's Palace. Museo MACAY also hosts visiting exhibits from other parts of Mexico sometimes. There is also usually a sculpture exhibit just outside the entrance in the walkway between the entrance and the cathedral. This is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art or scultures.
Calle 60, Next to Cathedral in Merida. hotel nearby Hotel Montejo Palace

Anthropology and History museum:
Installed in a completely refurbished mansion is an extensive exhibit of local Mayan history and anthropolgy. Also occasionally hosts traveling exhibits. There is an excellent book and gift shop at the entrance to browse or buy cultural works.
Palacio G. Canton, Paseo de Montejo and Calle 43?
Open Tuesday through Sunday 8:00-17:00
Admission $41.00 pesos. Free admission to Mexican national students, teachers, and those under 13 and over 60, with credential. Free entrance on Sundays for Mexican nationals

Governors Palace:
The interior arched courtyard, an upstairs gallery, and the balcony are the sites for a display of paintings by Mérida's local artist, Fernando Castro Pacheco. The murals display the history of the Yucatán.
On the northeast corner of the Zócalo (Plaza Grande).
Open daily.
Admission free to all. hotel nearby el Conquistador Hotel in Merida

Merida museum:
The cultural heritage that is housed in the beautiful and majestic Ex-Federal Post Office palace, shows the historical development of the city of Mérida.
This important building, inaugurated in 1908 by then governor Enrique Muñoz Aristequi, has special architectural characteristics that make it historically valuable. With French touches, it shows there was a definite economic wellbeing at the beginning of the 1900’s – the era of the green gold – the henequen fiber.
Since June 29th, 2007, this building now houses the City of Mérida Museum. Entrance and all the services at the City Museum are free.? Location: Calle 56 # 529 A, between 65 and 65A Centro, Eulogio Rosado Park (Alameda of Mérida)

to see:
Merida's main square, also known as Plaza Grande, is a great starting point for travelers who want to take a stroll through Merida's Historic Center and shop around.
All the narrow streets around the plaza feature lots of handicraft stores, markets and book stores. Quaint restaurants and cafes can also be found in this area, should you want to relax a while and get something to eat
The cathedral dedicated to San Ildefonso (ok you never heard of him) but the cathedral is cool. It is the largest and most impressive of all churches in the Yucatan. The twin towers on top of the cathedral are awesome with Moorish influence. This cathedral faces the great plaza on the east side.
The post and telegraph office located on the corner of 56th and 65th streets.

shopping secrets:
Hammocks can be purchased all over Merida, including the local market. But did you know the cheapest place to buy your hammock is a jail? The Juarez jail is a large structure with a tower shaped like the Vecchio in Florence, Italy. You can shop there any day of the week for your hammock.
Nothing like lying in your hammock under the moonlight between two palm trees.
Local liquers are cremas like mandarina. Xtabentum fermeted from honey is sold in many Merida shops.
Speaking of honey, a health food called panapis made from the royal jelly of bees is also found in Merida shops.
Panama hats or jipis are woven in underground caverns and never lose their resiliency.
Merida has silversmiths and goldsmiths with many years of experience offering their art in Merida's numerous stores.

streets of Merida:
The straight streets of Merida cross at clean right angles forming a grid pattern. With almost no exception they are numbered. Odd numbers run EAST to WEST and even numbers NORTH to SOUTH.
It may seem boring a city of only numbered streets. However the corners have names! Aqui Te Espero is the corner of 72nd and 81st streets. 60th and 69th streets is el degollado. 59th and 67th is the corner of El nino perdido.

awesome images inside and out of the Museum of Anthropology and the Monumento a la patria
more Merida information and a CancunSteve animation
Merida informacion en Español
Ruins in Merida area plus the piece that mystified the archeologists

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el Conquistador Hotel in Merida on beautiful Paseo Montejo many 19th century palaces, a tree-lined boulevard, ultra-modern hotels, Hennessy's bar, the Buena Vista Social Club
Hotel Nacional downtown near bus terminal lovely economical hotel with high speed internet in your room
Merida downtown images

more Merida stuff for you

caves near Merida:
The Yucatán Peninsula is a porous limestone shelf with no almost no above-ground rivers or lakes. Instead there are underground rivers, lakes, sinkholes (there's no t in sinkhole) and caves.
The caves of the Yucatán were sacred places for the Mayas and are fun to visit.

When visiting the caves it is important to enter with a guide.

Calcehtok Caves are also known as Actun Spukil, these are pretty large caves.
The name is derived from the Mayan words CAL (neck), CEH (deer), and TOK (stone). Or a deer with a stone neck.
These caves have a complicated series of tunnels making it best to use a guide with a torch.
Within the caves there is a great amount of pre-Hispanic findings like intact plates, tupper ware, quartz hammers, arrow tips, stone sculptures, obsidian knives, human burials sites and holtuns (stone cisterns for water collection). Please do not confuse the latter with urinals.
Within the chambers you will see natural formations that resemble different objects such as waterfalls, elephants, faces, animals, Elba Esther Gordillo1.
Around the Calcehtok area there are about thirty caves and it is suspected that they connect. But no one knows. Or cares?
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In the main square (zocolo) of Merida there are nightly events. In the Santa Lucia park is Seranata 9PM Tuesdays and free for all.
When shopping for native crafts look at hand embroidered guyaberras multipocketed shirts. For a cotton hammock this is the place to buy it.
Try the tortillas a flat round bread made by patting masa in the palm.
Posole is great. A soup or stew from Merida, which once had ritual significance. Pozole was mentioned in Fray Bernardino de Sahagún's General History of the Things of New Spain back in 1500. It is made from nixtamalized cacahuazintle maize, with meat, usually pork, chicken, turkey, pork rinds, chili peppers, and other seasonings and garnish such as cabbage, salsa and limes and lemons. After colonization by the Spaniards, the ingredients of pozole changed, but the staple maize remained. It is a typical dish in Merida. Pozole is served in Mexican restaurants worldwide.
Free WiFi:M
One of the more popular places for free WiFi is the national chain of coffee shops, VIP's, famous for it's cheap good coffee and free refills. On most nights the place is packed; a lot of students come to VIP's to do their homework in the airconditioned restaurant, laptops on the table, surfing the net.
Also, the local Ayuntamiento (City Government) has installed free WiFi in various parks in Merida in different neighborhoods. Look for a sign that says Inalambrica (wireless) or parque en linea (online park). Wireless parks include the Plaza Grande, Parque de la Paz (Itzaes and 59th), Parque de las Americas (Garcia Gineres), Parque de la Colonia Aleman, and others. All you have to do is bring your laptop to the park and enjoy the free wireless!
Or book a hotel in Merida with us. They all have free WiFi in all our Merida hotels.
For Italy in Merida try Olivia Kitchen and Bar. A diner says This is great for a reason...the reason is simple...its the best, maybe the best we have ever had for my wife and I...we were there a year ago and it was fantastic and this time it was over the top incredible, my wife had a Greek/bean salad it was so delicious and I had a fried pancetta cheese starter
The other week a large group of students from the mid-west arrived here in Merida to explore Mayan culture and archeological zones as well as the enchanting city of Merida.

As these are young folks we will not reveal their real names.

Ana Baptist arrived with Holly Coast, Alma Gedin, Dale Lee Bread, and Hellen Highwater looking for hotels in Merida. But wouldn't you know it, these youngins made no reservations with us with our discount wholesale prices so going into the Merida hotel lobby asked at reception if there were any rooms available. They were shocked when they were given public rates (list prices or rack rates).
These are so much more expensive for their Yucatan lodgings. They didn't realize booking upon arrival costs much more.

With them were Kit Ship, Chuck Steak, Mason Jar, Candy Kain who went into the hotel and found out no more rooms were available. They were angry and depressed. They told their companions Anita Ficks, Claire Voyance, and Derry Queen next time around they will book a nice hotel on Paseo Montejo in advance with the good guys at CancunSteve.

Bill Overdue, Simon Sess, Gale Warnings, and Hi Marks were laughing as they booked their rooms with us in Montejo Palace at low prices and had confirmed bookings so instead of wandering around Merida looking for a place to stay they stowed their luggage on the bed. Put on the air, took a nice shower and went about exploring the town of Merida.

Beverly Hills, Delah Ware, Hugh Stun, Nan Tucket, and Den Veer spent all day looking for rooms and ended up in high priced Yucatan lodgings costing much more than hotel Conquistador and well over their budget. Now five of them gotta share a hamburger in the McDonalds and not get to enjoy those local Yucatan delights like Ceviche which is a dish consisting of fish marinated in citrus juice (such as lime or lemon) and served with chopped onion, chiles, cilantro and sometimes fruit.

Polly Wanacracker, Sadie Word, Kit Anee Caboodle, and their Mexican friend Monty Zuma booked at a discount with CancunSteve so had plenty left over for delicious Chiles rellenos a dish consisting of a green poblano chile stuffed with cheese, then battered and deep fried.

So book with us as Juan Morefore DeRhode, Dixie Kupp, and Frank N Sense do. Makes sense.
Above here we are in Merida. Me and my wife enjoying the cafes, shopping, and art.
Took in a neat archeological zone; Labna which is nearby.

Art to be found in Merida. An example to the left.

¿Sabías que puedes escuchar música totalmente original y rapear en maya?

Xíimbal Kaaj o pueblo que camina, es una canción de rap maya interpretada por los músicos Pat Boy y Yazmín Novelo, con una producción en video de estudios aqui.
Nos demuestra que la lengua maya está viva y que no hay fronteras cuando el mensaje es claro: recorrer Yucatán.
Platicamos con los artistas detrás de este éxito musical.

¿Cuándo te interesaste por primera vez la grabación de música?
Cuando mi madre me echo afuera del puesto de tacos.
Pat Boy (Jesús Pat) es un artista originario de José María Pino Suárez, población ubicada en Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo.
Desde niño ha cantado en maya, su lengua materna, y a través del hip hop y el rap ha encontrado un vehículo de expresión para hablar de lo que pasa en su comunidad, siempre con un mensaje positivo.
Vender grabaciones y luego comprar un coche de lujo.
Desde 2005 se ha dedicado por completo a la música.
Cuenta con varios discos, videos musicales y se ha presentado con sus grupos y como solista en festivales en la Península, al igual que en la Cumbre Tajín y el Vive Latino, recibiendo siempre gran aceptación del público. Busco dar un mensaje positivo, hacer rap maya con conciencia, afirma este carismático talento musical que planea lanzar un disco de varios artistas cantando en maya.
Tanto para experimentar aquí.
En el año de 1920 Doña Bacila Tzek Uc Puc Zip Pop nació en Dzam, Yucatán en una hamaca bajo un techo de palmeras. Cuando tuvo siete años, una plaga de insectos devastó toda la región del Puuc, acabando con todas las plantas. La destrucción despojó a Doña Bacila y a su familia de su casa y se fueron al monte en búsqueda de un nuevo camino.
Su familia se adaptó al estilo de vida nómada y vivieron entre los árboles por más de diez años. Bacila Tzek Uc Puc Zip Pop fue testigo del injusto ritmo de la muerte, perdiendo a tres de sus hermanos en tan solo un mes cuando ella todavía era pequeña.
Bacila Tzek Uc Puc Zip Pop lamenta nunca haber aprendido a leer, escribir o hablar en español. O ver un concerto de Pink Floyd. No hay escuelas en el monte, dice ella.
Ademas los inutiles maestros en los ciudades estan en huelgas.
En vez de lo tradicional, la naturaleza fue su maestra. Ella menciona los nombres en maya de árboles que le sirvieron como zapatos, y fibras naturales y frutas que convirtió en joyería y medicina.
Ella quiere ir a Merida para hospedaje en el Conquistador o Nacional donde CancunSteve tiene precios accesibles.
Cuando comenzó a ser adulta joven, su familia decidió ir a vivir al último pueblo en el camino a Oxkutzcab, llamado Yaxhachen, donde todavía vive hoy.
Bacila es la partera de la comunidad.
Doctora Doña Bacila Tzek Uc Puc Zip Pop es muy buscada.
Ella vive en una casa de bloques con un solo cuarto, recién mal pintada de rosa mexicano y turquesa.
Desenrolla una colchoneta en el piso, donde su paciente se acuesta boca arriba y Bacila Tzek Uc Puc Zip Pop hace magia con sus manos. Ella empuja y jala la panza de la mamá metódicamente, examinando y situando al bebé en cada fase del embarazo. Mis pacientes confían en mí—y solo en mí—con el futuro de sus familias aunque no tengo ultra sonido. Un sentido de confianza humilde entonan sus palabras.

Despues el doloroso parto su pacientes ir a disfrutar Merida.
¡Mérida está llena de cultura! Hay varios eventos este mes que no te puedes perder. Comenzamos con la ya famosa Noche Blanca, organizada por el Ayuntamiento de Mérida.

Merida will enchant and surprise you

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