Hotel El Conquistador Merida Yucatan Located on  elegant Avenida Paseo Montejo, a short distance from the main plaza. It is on the gracious, three-lined Avenida Paseo de Montejo in the heart of Merida within walking distance to most tourist attractions and the American Counselate.

The El Conquistador Hotel in Merida provides a great location; ideal for you to visit the archaeological sites and discover the Mayan world and culture nearby.

if your looking for cheap lodgings in Merida but want quality then the Consquitador is THE place

Hotel El Conquistador Merida YucatanThis five star establishment offers everything you could ask, featuring large and luxurious facilities, with spacious and luminous rooms and suites appointed with pale wooden furnishings and accented with dark red fabrics. It offers a balcony with a street view, for enjoying Paseo Montejo Boulevard's sights.

It provides a big swimming pool with great panoramic views and a bar, a restaurant which is famous in the city for the delicious breakfast and the regional specialties it serves.

Yucatecan cuisine, is a unique mix of influences from Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean.
The influence of the ancient Maya, whose legacy can be felt in many aspects of life in the Yucatan, is especially prevalent in the food of Merida, be sure to sample these dishes in the hotel restaurant.
Some of the dishes are unique to the Yucatan and difficult to find outside of the peninsula. Or the hotel Conquistador.

Ceviche is a dish consisting of fish (sometimes raw) marinated in citrus juice (such as lime or lemon) and served with chopped onion, chiles, cilantro.
Chilaquiles is a breakfast item consisting of fried tortilla strips simmered in a red or green salsa and often toped with beans, eggs, cheese or meat.
Pibil is a dish consisting of marinated meat wrapped in spices and banana leaves, then cooked in a barbecue pit. Cochinita Pibil, meanwhile, is made from a whole suckling pig. Do not confuse with Conchita Pibil who resides in region 222.
Poc chuc is slices of pork marinated in a sour orange and achiote sauce.
Remember not all lodgings in Merida have restaurants with these offerings.

Hotel El Conquistador Merida YucatanThere is also a cafeteria and a bar with comfortable lounge for a break with your drink.

With a total of six meeting rooms for 25 up to 250 persons, the hotel will ensure the success of your social event or business meeting. Additionally it comprises a business centre equipped with up to date facilities at your disposal.

The Conquistador hotel's restaurant offers a great executive menu beginning with lima bean soup, then on to Tikin Zic fresh fish, with a tres leches cake finale. Or select a tender steak main dish as you wish. Even bar b q ribs. Or pork dishes of course for your main course.
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The way to the traveler's heart is through the Conquistador.

in the neighborhood of the Hotel El Conquistador Merida Yucatan♣ the neighborhood around the hotel buildings like the one shown to the left abound
♣ at the hotel Health & Fitness Massage
♣ Children Care
♣ Baby Sitting
♣ General info:
Restaurant, Medical Service (meaning if needed the receptionist calls a doctor), Lobby, Terrace, Pool, Bar, Lounge
Private Parking, Cafeteria, Business Centre with photocopying service, Personal Computer, Fax
♣ Rooms have air conditioning, mini bars, safes, and wireless internet.

Ubicado en el corazón del Paseo de Montejo de Mérida, se encuentra el hotel El Conquistador. Cuenta con agradables instalaciones, un servicio de primera y una lujosa atmósfera. Para el viajero de negocios, el hotel ofrece un bien equipado centro de negocios y salas de juntas, ideales para grupos y convenciones. Todas las habitaciones y áreas públicas de este hotel son espacios no fumar.
guest says:
Nuestra estancia fué muy corta, pero ojalá hubiéramos tenido más tiempo.
La habitación con balcones y vista a la calle fué espléndida.
El personal siempre atento y el check in fué muy rápido. Reservamos por medio de este pagina y la estancia fué realmente barata. Por su ubicación, todos los sitios que deseas visitar quedan muy cerca.

Rates per night in PESOS plus 19% taxes lodgings (EP)2019
December 16 2018 - December 15 2019
Single or double room 1080 pesos
Triple room 1200 pesos
up to 2 children under 12 free in room with parents

Rates per night in PESOS plus 19% taxes lodgings (EP)
from December 16 2017 to December 15 2018
Single or double room 1060 pesos
Triple room 1200 pesos
up to 2 children under 12 free in room with parents

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sample restaurant costs PESOS not including tax or tips:
American breakfast $160
Buffet breakfast $190
lunch or dinner $210
hotel Conquistador has:
a Coffee Shop the one and only Virreyes plus:
a Business Center - Swimming - Room Service when you want drinks or snacks in your comfortable room. And a Massage Service too.
To get baby out of the way this hotel has Babysitting when you look for service in hotels in Merida. And:
at extra cost Medical Service if need be.
- Travel Agency - Gym heave ho - Gift Shop with postcards - Laundry - Parking - Valet Parking

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Yes you can vacation on nothing a day. But do you want to of course not. for a few pesos more stay right here for your lodgings in Merida

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past guest says:
Have stayed at El Conquistador numerous times over the past few years. It is not the luxury of the Hyatt or Villa Mercedes (Presidente) where I have stayed in the past. However, its refreshing to stay some place that lets you feel like you're in Merida without serious deficiencies I've experienced at some hotels

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When thinking about Merida, Yucatan your home is none other than the Hotel Conquistador. Yes it is good but also a cheap hotel, with wireless internet too.

Hotel El Conquistador best lodgings in Merida. When looking for hotels in Merida this is the one.

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Lots of folks just don't know about Izamal about 40 miles from Merida. It has few inhabitants. No Costco or Club Sam here. But it does have 37 churches and 76 cantinas. No book stores however there is a wooden crate with a broken umbrella in the middle on the street corner where Filipe sells the small books with caricatures (cartoons) and text below the images of these wonderful stories of romance, adventure, and football players.
A few magazines adorn this newsstand; no Time or Newsweek but enjoy those like Las novelas de esta semana y vida de los artistas
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Plus Hotel El Conquistador has an exercise room. Gym. Latest equipment. A great outdoor pool and deck.

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Hotel Conquistador  Merida YucatanLocated in Merida's best area on Paseo Montejo one block from the Museum of Anthropology. Three blocks from the American embasy. Several blocks from the Monumento a la patria.

The hotel Conquistador is surrounded by beautiful homes and mansions.
Typical elegance shown to the left.
In the street find horse drawn carriages.

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This hotel has a garden, coffee shop, restaurant, and pool area.

Room service. Safety boxes. Free valet parking.
Cable TV. And all rooms have either a terrace or balcony.

And the best archeological zones are at your doorstep.
Mexico is always making news for its growing list of archaeological discoveries, which most recently include what may be the oldest known footprints in all of the Americas, as well as a treasure trove of new ancient Mayan artifacts and human remains.
These footprints were found running through the remote Coahuila valley of Cuatro Cienegas way north of Merida.
Made by hunter-gatherers who lived in the area several thousand years ago, they may predate the Americas’ current oldest known footprints by at least two thousand years.

Closer to Merida and by far more interesting than a footprint is Labna.
Located in the Puuc Hills1 region of the Yucatán Peninsula. Situated to the south of the large Maya site of Uxmal, in the southwest of the Yucatán, Mexico not far from economical Conquistador hotel in Merida. It was incorporated with Uxmal as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
The site is small but impressive nevertheless. Among its notable structures is a large two-storey palace (El Palacio), which is one of the longest contiguous structures in the Puuc region .
1So named as an early Mayan oficial got drunk there and then lost all his booze in them hills.

The entrance to Hotel Conquistador on Paseo Montejo (the place to be in Merida). Walk to the Museum of Anthropology. Or the Monumento a la patria (also known as the Monumento a la bandera) to see carved in stone the history of Mexico with pools of water.

A short drive downtown by bus; cab; or horse driven carriage brings you downtown to see the cathedral; Macay housing contemporary art; or the Museum of the city of Merida.

Paseo de Montejo, llamado así en remembranza a Francisco de Montejo, conquistador de Yucatán y fundador de la ciudad de Mérida, México. Es la avenida más importante de la ciudad de Mérida. Se extiende desde el barrio de Santa Ana, en el centro de la ciudad, hasta la salida hacia el puerto de Progreso (Yucatán), si se incluyen las prolongaciones realizadas en distintas épocas. En su recorrido están ubicadas numerosas edificios públicas y privadas y es parte principal del corredor turístico de Mérida.

El trazado y diseño están inspirados en el de los avenidas franceses. Flanqueado por grandes árboles, cuenta con un camellón y numerosas glorietas. A ambos lados de esta avenida se construyeron hermosos palacetes y mansiones de acaudalados personajes del Yucatán del siglo XIX.

Hotel Conquistador in Merida YucatanTypical view from a window in Merida.

OF course this affordable hotel has a fine restaurant. Dinned there myself.

And conference rooms of all sizes for your event.

images of the hotel and discounted price charts
availability and reservation requests

You know there were big farms near Merida foks. Mayans grow many of the fresh fruits and vegetables served here in the hotel restaurant and those found in the town.
Play plantation owner by clicking here I'm the BIG owner of the plantation game.
Go Shop for different vegetables for your farm. Click the SHOP button. Each has a buying price (cost) and revenue (selling price). And the cultivation time.
Then return to the farm land. Click on a spot once then click again to plant your crops(s) in the hole created.
Watch your crops grow and rippen.
Click on the grown plants to sell them and make a profit.
Notice you begin with $300 dollars.

Enjoy the game.

There's a parallel in this and holidays. You begin a holiday with a certain amount of good feeling. You then arrive at the hotel and in the case of this value-priced family hotel when your maid asks will you be needing anything? your good feelings go higher and higher.

And then when you drive out to the Mayan ruins nearby you'll know the reason why your happiness grows.
Wait until you try the museums in town. Lots of culture to experience. Or the quant shops that abound.

Come for the Mayan ruins. Or come for our low prices. Or come on down to get to know Merida.

Shown to the left typical home next to the hotel Montejo Palace Merida

Try the game and take advantage of our low prices and BOOK NOW.

markets in Merida:
It is chaos. A trip!
Mérida had taken Shopping, hacked up the pieces with scissors, stuffed them into a piñata, and then hit it with a launcher.
Imagine a place as confusing, haphazard, nonsensical, noisy, and absolutely devoid of order. Now you're in the market! Enjoy.
Even calling the place a market is wrong. It’s markets! Four or five markets all loosely clumped together. Maybe there were six. Who knows? I was drinking.
It’s impossible to say where one ends and the other begins, and anyway, they’re all spilling out into the streets. Want to buy a shoelace? Right there, next to the chicken parts. Next to the hammocks and local honey.
And not so far from Hotel Conquistador.
Down this lane, you can find (in order): yucca-candy, tailor, avocado-lady, voodoo shop, tortillas. Signs indicating selling and buying of gold and silver (oro y plata). How long must it take, before you can make sense of this madness?
Remember the narrator in Rocky Horror. I am loosing my grip I gotta hang on.
See tortillas being made. A woman sleeping behind the counter where the chicken parts are sold.
All near your Merida lodgings.
And there's Pancho the shoe repair man.

Merida is famous for the friendly greetings for visitors.
The young barefoot girl with a flower in her hair and wide smile on her face.
The bomba Yucateca is a dance of pure happiness.
Hope you see one while visiting Merida!
See how you are greeted when arriving here in the Conquistador
El hotel Conquistador se encuentra ubicado en el hermosa y majestuoso Paseo de Montejo, una de las avenidas más hermosas de la Blanca Ciudad de Mérida, rodeada por bellas casonas de estilo europeo y abundante vegetación, coches calesa que invitan a un agradable y pausado paseo, el cual hará que su estancia sea tranquila, placentera y que la disfrute al máximo.
Sea de negocios o placer, pongase en nuestras manos para atenderlo como se merece
Una vez más cerca al Conquistador, el Feria Tunich en Dzityá, llena de tradición, cultura y entretenimiento, abre sus puertas para brindar a visitantes locales y extranjeros, una variedad de riquezas artesanales, gastronómicas y culturales del fascinante Mérida.
Dzityá, que en maya significa árbol de zapote o arbol de dzitya, es una pequeña población ubicada al norte de Mérida que durante generaciones se ha caracterizado por trabajar la piedra y la madera y chuparse.
Siendo desde hace 16 años, la sede de la Feria Artesanal Municipal Tunich, brindando un espacio turístico, cultural y artesanal en el que confluyen las diferentes expresiones de nuestro arte popular.
Podrás adquirir artículos tradicionales que van desde juguetes hasta joyería, hechos por artesanos de la región, en madera, piedra, textiles, metales y piedras preciosas.
Además, Tunich ofrece eventos culturales, infantiles y de comedia para toda la familia, que incluyen entre otras cosas, al espectacular Ballet Folklórico de Mérida. Todo esto acompañado de antojitos típicos de la región.
Despite how many times you've been to the Yucatan, there are still regions that yet to visit.
Yes, you've enjoyed lodgings in the beach resorts. Cool.
But the biggest oversight is definitely Merida – namely the zocalo, shopping, and archeological zones. There are such great things about all these aspects to desire Merida lodgings: great architecture, great food, great people, lots of history.
And yet your travels had just never taken you to this Yucatan gem.
But then with a week of time in between a few weeks in Cancun and Tulum. It is Merida of course!
Do a walking tour walking tour of the pedestrian-friendly Merider center. Palacio de goberno:
Fue construido como casa para los gobernadores y jefes del estado de Yucatán, en su interior podrá encontrar la historia de Yucatán a trabes de 27 pinturas del yucateco Fernando Castro Pacheco, igualmente se encuentran en el interior las oficinas de información turística.

Es considerada la joya del arte plateresco más valiosa que poseemos en arquitectura civil, fue la casa del fundador de la ciudad y tiene una placa con una inscripción de 1549. En plata.
Posterior a la fundación de la ciudad de Mérida en 1542, comienza Francisco de Montejo a repartir los terrenos donde los pobladores establecerían sus hogares, como El lindo Conquistador su hospedaje en Merica (your Merida lodgings) habiendo reservado con anterioridad, toda la parte sur de la plaza grande para él.
Antes de morir, en 1543, ordena a su hijo construir en ese espacio la casa donde vivirían los conquistadores; la casa se concluye en 1549 siendo Francisco de Montejo el único habitante.

La fachada de la entrada principal es la única característica de la casa que se mantiene de forma original, en la que se puede observar, en la parte superior de la entrada, el escudo de armas de los Montejo y dos guerreros españoles, en actitud vigilante, que descansan sobre las cabezas de indios vencidos.

Catedral de San Idelfonso. Hermosisima.
Con una arquitectura de estilo renacentista y torres que exceden los 40 metros, es la catedral mas antigua del centro América, tiene cúpula adornada con arcos y aun conserva un viejo reloj que sirvió para dar la hora a los meridanos y tan cerca del Hotel Conquistador.
Le recomendamos continuar su visita sobre la calle 60 donde encontrara restaurantes, tiendas de artesanías y ropa típica, bares, y otros edificios con un gran valor arquitectónico.

El Pasaje Picheta se encuentra en el centro histórico de la ciudad de Mérida, en los bajos del Palacio de gobierno y a un costado de la plaza principal. Los horarios de la galería de arte son de 11 de la mañana a 8 de la noche y cerca de Conquistador hotel.
En el patio donde antiguamente se daba gala de zarzuelas y teatro regional, ahora permite dar muestra de trovadores por las tardes, mientras los espectadores disfrutan de una taza de café o un exquisito platillo.

Visit the Central Market for amusing confusion and surprises.

Downtown Merida is full of impressive and photogenic old buildings, the city is also famous for its art nouveau architecture near the Hotel Conquistador.

See many colonial buildings, museums, galleries, theaters, outdoor cafes, bars, traditional clothing, parks, hotels, restaurants with national and international food standards minutes away from El Conquistador hotel.

Some of the arts and crafts joints downtown:
ARTESANARIA Calle 60 No. 480 x 55 Tel 2 52 37 36
ARTESANAS Calle 56 No. 557 x65 y 67 Tel 9 28 24 82
ARTESANÍA SAC BE Calle 62 No. 483 x 63 y 61
ARTESANÍAS HUINIC Calle 61 No. 497 x 58 y 60 Tel 9 28 08 66
ARTESANÍAS JARDÍN Calle 62 No. 483-C x 57 y 59
ARTESANÍAS KIHUIC Calle 63 No. 503-C x 64 y 62
ARTESANÍAS LOL-BÉ Calle 59 No. 511 x 60 y 62 (999) 9 28 92 39

The hotel Conquistador in Merida is your base to discover the mysteries of the Mayans. Best Mayan archeological sites nearby.
The Mayans are known as a civilization to have developed writing in pre-Colombian times.
What did the Apaches ever write? No Apache James Grishams to be sure. What did the Iroquois ever write?
The last of the Mohicans?
Their art, architecture, and math and astronomy at the time surpassed Europe by centuries.
They knew the sun was the center of the solar system, and that Venus was a planet.
And for the best Merida lodgings option select the Hotel Conquistador Merida.

El Castillo, or the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Mayan, has nine levels, with a staircase down the middle creating 18 separate terraces that represent those months.
The Mayans incorporated their calendar into the architecture.
Sexy Mayan calendars with half-clothed Mayan ladies often adorned auto body part shops.
Bits across the top platform make up the 19th month of five days.
Or was that the 18th month of the six days?
There are 91 steps on each of the four sides which, again with the five bits across the top, add up to the 365 days of the year.
And if someone with a mini-skirt is climbing the steps to the top, it's your lucky day unless she looks like Hilary Clinton.
If you're lodging at the Conquistador in Merida it's your lucky stay.
Each facade has 52 panels, representing the 52-year Mayan calendar cycle.
Even all those years ago, the ancient Mayans knew there was a slight error in their calculations - which we adjust with an extra day in February every four years.
Mayans would use an eclipse every 52 years to add 13 days to the calendar to correct this.
They are the most advanced culture to exist and yet, one way or another, their calendar basically matches what we have now even though their observatory was somewhat less sophisticated than what we have today.
Their knowledge awesome!
In case you're not buying your plane tickets yet, dig this about the serpent.
At the equinox in spring and autumn, the sun aligns perfectly with one of the staircases to create triangles with light and shadows that lead down to serpent's heads.
It gives the illusion of a serpent slithering down the side.
Mayan Guy years ago where Hotel Conquistador now stands: Hey wanna beer Pepe? Other Mayan Guy: I'm working on this calendar, but I guess if I don't finish it won't be the end of the world.