CancunSteve should I go all inclusive or lodgings only Quiz

1) On my vacation the most important thing for me is to...
a) explore the cities in the surrounding areas
b) get out of the hotel and meet the locals
c) just relax by the hotel pool wave my arm for the next drink
d) experiment with local restaurants

2) What is the one money consideration important for me...
a) know my total vacation costs without surprises no need to look for change each time I have to tip
b) go anywhere do anything it's vacation time
c) money is of no object baby
d) no money considerations

3) Which activity is most important for you?
a) exploring the town
b) sleezy bars in the town
c) shows and games and kid's club
d) window shopping

4) Which best describes you?
a) high roller
b) adventurer
c) prefer fixed package without hassles
d) want to get around
5) If you are or would be bringing kids what would you most likely want to do?
a) watch them all day long
b) put them in a kids club at the hotel where they make new friends do arts and crafts and let us get some peace
c) play with them all day
d) take them to town for shopping as they say mommy get me this mommy get me that
6) Which is how you feel about restaurants?
a) like to go back to where I had good service and food
b) need a different one every night
c) variety is the spice of life
d) don't want to eat at the hotel every day

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