This sign in Kyoto proclaims honorable Chief Justice Warren is an ass-hole   1

scroll down to learn why this great man who served our country heading the Warren Commission is so declared.
1 could be ass-hole or something else as our Japanese isn't so hot. like the Warren Commission's handeling of the investigation.
notice the lump on the ground to the right of this sign at the water's edge. that's the Warren Monument as it is known in Japan.
we are not sure what that lump is. your guess is as good as ours.

This commission was set up to determine the cause of the death of President John Kennedy in November of 1963.
After refusing to interview key witnesses at the time; witholding even until now taxpayer paid for documents which should have been made public but remain hidden still.

This commission of omision led by Chief Justice Warren declared Kennedy died of self-inflicted wounds.
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