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Click Here to visit Akumal Now Snorkeling: Yes, there are many costly tours for snorkeling in and around Cancun. But major expenses are not really necessary. And snorkeling in Cancun's crystal clear waters will be an experience one will never forget. The different coral and fish put you in another world. REMEMBER: All beaches in Mexico are public. This is federal law. So you can snorkel where you want. I recommend the following places:

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The place to go here is Chankanaab Lagoon where the water is crystal clear and mucho fish abound. It's a short distance from the pier.

  • Isla Mujeres has the advantage of being easily accessible from Cancun. The place is Garrafon Park which is now run by the same group who do X-Caret. So be sure the prices to enter won't be what they were several years ago. Just take the ferry from Puerto Juarez or car ferry from Punta Sam to the small island. The snorkeling is superb here but the problem I always had with this place is the need to walk over a bed of coral in shallow water to get to the snorkeling area which can be slippery and as a consequence one can slip and get scratched on the coral. So be careful. And be sure to visit the northern part of the island where the beaches are precious.

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Night Life: The heart of the night life centers around Punta Cancun (the area of the Gran Caribe Real Hotel; Royal Real; Hotel Krystal; Salvia condo/hotel which we rent . Discos here include the new Coco Bongo as well as Dady-O and Dady Rock; Sr. Frogs and countless others. Just walk around and take in the night scene. In the same complex as Coco Bongo you will find Hard Rock Cafe and the special Rain Forest Cafe for one of the best burgers in Cancun with special jungle effects (worth a visit).

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Downtown bars center on Avenida Yaxchilan and a few on Tulum Ave. The bars on Lopez Portillo are not generally frequented by tourists and can be on the sleazy side. (So I've heard; can't say I've gone there myself as my wife is watching me write this).

  • pyramid from Chichen Itza Archeological Sites:
    Chichen Itza is the most famous site in the Yucatan (about 3 hours from Cancun by car). You can rent a car or take a tour
    $$$ or a local bus downtown at the bus terminal. A visit here would not be complete without seeing these marvels from the past. Did you know that in the ball court of Chichen Itza there are two small structures about 300 feet distance. If your friend talks in a normal voice standing in one of the structures and you stand in the other you can hear every word perfectly. How did the Maya understand so much about acoustics so long ago? And during the spring equinox the rising of the moon causes a light-form of a serpent to appear on the steps of the great pyramid there. Chichen Itza was founded in 445 AD .

    Tulum is closer to Cancun, but the site not as impressive as Chichen Itza. Tulum has the ocean as a backdrop which is lovely and is only a two hour drive from Cancun.

    If you have the time, great sites are Uxmal, Labna and surrounding ruins in the Merida area.

    Yes, there are even ruins right in Cancun. For example, across the street from Cancun Plaza about a mile towards the town are the Del Rey ruins. Worth seeing. And, by the way we rent rooms and condos in Cancun Plaza.

    And about one mile from Hacienda del Mar in Punta Sam are the Meco ruins.Yes, you guessed right; we also rent rooms at Hacienda del Mar.The mystical aspect of the Mayan ruins

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    Shopping: Great gifts and products abound in the Hotel Zone malls. Some of the merchandise is really spectacular. These places are highlighted in the tourist books you'll be given when arriving at Cancun International Airport. In these malls you'll find fine jewelry; clothing; European perfumes. Local and imported art of all types. The main malls are Plaza Caracoal; Flamingo Plaza; Plaza Kukulcan (which even has both ice skating and bowling) They took out the ice skating recently to put in some silly boutiques (boo! boo!).
    But there are local malls as well and of course real Mexican markets where one haggles over prices and fresh vegetables and fruit are sold. Some of these areas (which are not in the tourist books given at the airport) include:

    • Mercado 23 (a local market offering fruits, vegetables, some low-end clothing, good sandals, home appliances (mainly for locals). You may want to go here to get a feel for the local Cancun. In the heart of downtown off Tulum Ave across the street from the McDonalds going towards Chichen Itza Ave.
      Would you like to visit the market from the comfort of your PC? Just click here.
    • Cancun 2000 this mall is a hang-out for the locals and has various clothing stores. I usually buy my pants here at one of the boutiques. Many stores abound and it's a chance to feel the local flavor. This mall is at the crucero (intersection of Tulum Ave. with Lopez Portillo)
    • Plaza de las Americas (a new mall past the Volkswagen and across the street from the once Ace Hardware now a casino on Tulum Ave going towards the airport about one mile from the center of town. There is a 10 cinema movie complex; Chedraui (a major Mexican chain store) where you can stock up on supplies for your room or get sun tan lotion. And the mall has high-end gift items. Upper middle class local crowd. Here you can meet the Mexican yuppie.As this mall is very new a few stores are yet to open (April 1999) Check back here before you fly down for updates. Open is a GNC center; furniture stores; many clothing boutiques; unusual children's gifts and a Sanbourn's and even a Liverpool. Yes, even a Radio Shack found it's way here!
    • And Cancun has a Sam's Club and Costco too, so if you need to buy 24 boxes of pasta or a case of 24 bottles of Coca Cola, you have a place. Sam's can be found going up Coba Ave which is Blvd Kukulcan on the other side of Tulum Ave.; go past the Seguro Social and new gas station and turn left. The Sam's Club is next to the Walmart. (Now that's what you'd expect, no?) I guess a Lord and Tailor or Macy's next to Sam's would not be appropriate.
    • Not to miss is La Isla shopping mall in the Hotel Zone; with canals; magical fountains; movie theatres; every imaginable boutique; area to swim with dolphins; and if you rent with CancunSteve we have an up to 40% off at one of the great boutiques here.
    • A new mall near our offices in Cancun called Plaza Hollywood has a Starbuck's Cafe.
    • and a downtown hotel near it all with pool Hotel Antillano

    • Come with CancunSteve to take a look at some Cancun malls

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    One of my favorites is La Destilleria a new addition to the Hotel Zone's offering of fine restaurants. This gem is located at km 13 across the street from Kukulcan Plaza. The decor alone makes it worth the trip aside from the attentive service and good food. The dome ceiling is made with little bricks inlaid into cement in great little patterns and there is a miniature distillery inside with a museum explaining the history of tequila in Mexico. Phone 85-10-86
    Another great place for Northern Italian and seafood is Casa Rolandi in Plaza Caracol. Phone 8-83-18-17.

    The Rain Forrest Cafe is a must in the Forum by the Sea complex across from Daddy O's they closed this restaurant but don't weep; nearby we got Five Star Hotel NYX at up to 50% off either all-inclusive or European Plan.

    For the best Angus cuts and even try ostrich and crocodile along with the most tender Rib Eye and roast beef at Rio Charrascaria. This could be Cancun's finest restaurant.
    For more info see more about the RIO and how with your CancunSteve booking you get a free Brazilian drink plus discount for this fine establishment.

    La Dolce Vita is one of the best. Years ago this classic was downtown. Now you can find La Dolce Vita in the Hotel Zone after Plaza Kukulcan (lagoon side).

    see the girls on the beach

    These restaurants will run less than $40 per couple with drinks.

    An Applebee's just came to town but the waiters are idiots. The food good. They serve your main plate while you're still on the soup or appetizer chronically. Then give some lame excuse like 'well it was ready'.
    And when you ask for the promotion menu you get a lazy reply that it doesn't apply on Saturdays which is a lie. It does. Waiter didn't want to bother going back for it. Too bad inept Cancun management blemishes what could be a nice dinning experience. But the truth must be told.

    For those on a budget there are Kentucky Fried Chicken places downtown and at Plaza Lagunas Shopping Center and McDonalds are everywhere. If you want to call out for pizza and relax in the room, no problem. There's Domino's Pizza at 85-20-20 or 84-75-16 downtown. New in Cancun is the excellent California chain of buffet-style family restaurants. CancunSteve goes there every week. One is downtown near the Commercial Mexicana and another near that section of town known as the expo

    If you want to try great fish fried whole go to Mandinga's palapa style restaurant next to the Puerto Juarez ferry. I think they make the best fried fish in Cancun. Ask for pescado entero frito Buen provecho.

    If you are looking for a cute place in the heart of the Hotel Zone in the $30 per couple range (with drinks) you may consider IGUANA WANA. This fun and friendly place is located in Plaza Caracoal. It has a bar with a good selection of tequilas and a TV tuned to sports (if you like that kind of thing). The menu includes Fish prepared in a banana leaf and features flautas (delicious flour tortillas with chicken or beef combined with sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and beans.
    For fine superb dining in the $60 range per couple consider eitherBogarts or Moro's. The latter is Moro's not to be confused with Moron's which is the name of my former accountant's firm. Let's talk about Moro's first.
    At Moro's there are several varities of STONE CRABS and SOFT SHELL CRABS (the house specialty). In addition, lobster is prepared several tempting ways. And they even have filet mignon served with gravy and mushrooms for land-lubers.
    Is it possible to get away with spending $10 per couple for your dinner at Moro's? Of course!

    • Just order the oysters rockefeller and while you have the oysters covered with spinach, hollandaise sauce and cheese, give the shells to your date and order two diet cokes
    • Order one lobster bisque or one clam chowder with two straws and share them

    Moro's is located in Plaza Caracoal although in the guide books they'll say Costa Blanca Mall. Plaza Caracoal encompesses this mall and several others. You can see Moro's from the street of the Hotel Zone strip (lagoon side); traffic going away from town towards the end of the Hotel Zone.
    Bogart's is perhaps one of the most special restaurants you'll find anywhere. The entire set of Bogart's film classic Casablanca has been reproduced here; Moroccan decor abounds; and I think it's hilarious to see those Mexican waiters wearing Fezes with tassles. Yes, there is the white tuxedoed piano player seated at a baby grand playing 'Play it Again Sam'.
    The food is superb.
    A night to remember.
    The Girasol in Punta Cancun. Use link to left for a virtual tour of Girasol one block from Bogarts

    See photos of Bogart's here See Bogart images

    Bogart's closed but right there is Hotel Krystal

    And in the town there is a Burger King and a McDonald near the Wal-Mart and Club Sam area and near our offices. This is a great place for the little ones to play climbing through plastic tubes and over platforms and forever screaming away while you eat burgers and fries. Several blocks up Coba on it's intersection with Tulum Ave.
    Who say's Cancun lacks cultural activities. That used to be true but no longer;  click here to see the Classical Ballet show in Cancun's Hotel Zone
    Cancun now has an ecological park complete with a playground for the kids; museum showing an areal photo of Punta Cancun cerca 1972. Spider monkeys. Crockodiles. Sea turtles. Walking paths. And it's free. Click here to visit now.

    Cancun has a planetarium (one of the most advanced in the world!) It is called the Ka’Yok Scientific, Technological and Cultural Planetarium Complex of Cancun.
    -“Ka’Yok” means “window to the universe” in Maya
    -The planetarium is one of 10 most advanced in the world in terms of scientific and technological equipment . -It features cutting-edge technological tools, interactive and multimedia, as well as a more advanced projection system to show images of stars on a perforated aluminum screen 12 meters in diameter
    -The observatory is equipped with a 16-inch telescope, educational workshops, a museum on the Mayan science of space. The Mayans knew the earth was a planet and not the center of the universe centuries before the Europeans did.
    -The complex was built without delay with an investment of about 40 million pesos (about $3.2 million USD.)
    -The complex consists of the planetarium, the observatory, a water museum, an eco-technology park, an auditorium and even a botanical gardens.
    Not far from this downtown hotel we offer bed & breakfast plan Antillano. OR this hotel zone offering on the beach Aquamarina Beach Resort which you can book all-inclusive or European Plan.

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