Holbox, Quintana Roo Lovely Xaloc Resort in Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Your chance to get away from it all and commune with nature
With the sea at your feet and pink flamingos nearby share the CancunSteve adventure
On the seashore of one Mexico's most beautiful and uncrowded islands, an oasis for travelers who enjoy comfort and the natural beauty of a destination unknown so far by most people.
Holbox, located on the northen tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico's state of Quintana Roo, has only one village, the small town of Holbox, where almost all of its 1500 inhabitants live from fishing and selling trinkets.

Shown are some good people staying at Xaloc Resort who went off to fish.
Let's see what they're saying:
Gruber: I love it here in my lodgings in Holbox at the Xaloc. Shame we gotta go tomorrow.
Kluga: Wha we do whi zis here fish we neva get it on the flight.
Gruber: Can't understand a thing you're saying. Speak clearly.
Kluga: Lemme get this fishing rod outa my mouth. I say how we gonna get this fish on the plane?
Gruber: I know. Get a dress in that shop in town. Put it on the fish and say you're traveling with your mother-in-law.
They got dresses at the Chefos shopping mall in town.

Ecological Xaloc Resort in Holbox Quintana RooThe lucky people who come to this precious island looking for relaxation, can really disconnect themselves from the big city: walk for hours along the beach pick up shells enjoy a siesta in a hammock, enjoy a get-away from it all or just drop on one of the beach-beds and let the sun warm you.
The resort as seen from the ocean.

Ecological Xaloc hotel in Holbox Quintana RooA view of the Xaloc hotel's pool.
For the nature lovers – what better spot is there than Holbox? Here you can observe different species of birds such as herons, pelicans, flamingos, spoon bills. Put windshield washer fluid in the Jeep and come to make a boat trip, in a kayak through the mangroves, or a crocodile tour at night and don’t miss the sensation to swim with the whale sharks or walk along the virgin beach at night to watch the egg laying marine turtle.

See flamingos or just bathe topless in the warm transparent waters of the Caribbean. Holbox vacations are like no others my friend!

Pink plastic flamingos are one of the most famous lawn ornaments. But here in Holbox see the real thing.
Flamingos are large birds that are identifiable by their long necks, sticklike legs and pink or reddish feathers.
Flamingos congregate in lagoons, and shallow waters like that found near the Hotel Xaloc Resort where they can find shallow saltwater prey.
These habitats are also difficult for predators to negotiate.
So they stay safe and sound.

Ecological Xaloc Resort in Holbox Quintana RooA view of the hotel. Your home in Holbox. When you're looking for hotels in Holbox this is it.

Xaloc Resort is a small eco-tourism hotel, located on a white sandy beach on the paradise island of Holbox.

Ecological Xaloc hotel in Holbox Quintana RooView of the bedroom.

The hotel is built by combining the local architecture of the Yucatan based on palapas or palm leaf roofs in a rustic style with a warm and cozy design, excellent installations and fine details.

Ecological Xaloc Resort in Holbox Quintana RooA hotel guest hanging out by the pool.

The hotel consists of 18 rooms, 2 swimming pools, a restaurant, a reading or gaming room, a small arts craft shop, and a beach bar.

Now you too can go fishing just like the locals do.
superior rooms:
Nine rooms that come with magic. They are located in a building that respects the local architecture, in a private and reserved zone behind the bungalows. The upper level counts with seven rooms: three of them dispose of one king size bed, and four dispose of two double beds. In the ground floor are two rooms, with a king size bed in each of them. All of this rooms share a solarium for your pleasure and relaxation, with lovely sea views from this natural paradise.
A complete bathroom
-Hair dryer
-Air conditioning
-Ceiling Fan
-Coffee maker
-A terrace with a sweet itsy-bitsy tiny table and comfortable sun-lounger
-Free Wi-Fi

free high speed internet in rooms

pool bungalows:
Five of these bungalows are located around the pool, and two of them are situated a few steps away. Four bungalows dispose of one king size bed and five bungalows have two double beds, all beds with a mosquito net forming a beautiful canopy. Each one has its own attractive terrace made of wood, with two typical hammocks, perfect for rest and enjoy of the landscape.
-A complete bathroom with two sinks, shower and WC.
-Air conditioning
-Ceiling fan
-Free Wi-Fi

ocean bungalows:
To enjoy special days with a special person, or for those who are looking to admire the beauty of the ocean, these four beautiful bungalows are perfect, located in an exclusive area only for adults (not bookable with children under 12 years). Each bungalow have its own terrace made of wood, where you will find a typical hammock and comfortable sofa; perfect for enjoy silence and calmness. All four bungalows are situated only a few steps from the Caribbean ocean.

All the amenities above plus king beds in all units.

view of pool at ecological Xaloc hotel in Holbox Quintana Roo when you need hotels in HolboxThe pool view from another angle.

The hotel is managed by its owner, Mr. Juan , who is from Mallorca in Spain. Mr Juan created hotel Xaloc to realize his dream.
Mr Juan and his team work will make sure that your experience in Xaloc will be just beautiful.

building the roof at ecological Xaloc Resort in Holbox Quintana RooMr Juan makes the roof.

In each room there is a king-size bed or two double beds, covered by a big mosquito canopy, ceiling ventilator and a spacey bathroom with two sinks, shower.

The hotel restaurant:
In the restaurant Majache the chef will delight your taste with exquisite Mexican and Yucatecan dishes. Holbox is a village that traditionally has dedicated its activities to fishing, that’s why the fish and lobster menus are some of the most exquisite ones, and without any doubt fresh from the sea – you must try them!

If you would like to change a little bit your menu, the chef offers you fine cuts of meat, as well as pasta and vegetarian dishes.

relaxing Xaloc Resort in HolboxThis is what's all about. Collecting shells. Peace. Quiet. Pink Flamingos. Holbox island. Beautiful people. That long walk on the beach under the stars. The moon over the water.pink flamingos around the Hotel Xaloc Resort in Holbox
adorable children come to greet you on the way The thrill of going to Hotel Xaloc Resort begins on the road there where you can interact with the lovely children seen to the left or with the last of the red-hot mammas below or with the young girl preparing tacos to the right. Need a car to get there? No problem, CancunSteve can help if you just click on the car link below:
I need a car
Holbox, Quintana Roo
friendly cute local people on the way to Holbox

In the photo above the man at the left in the back of the truck is hiding because he is afraid of the sheep. Click on him to see.
So you want to know how to get here from Cancun? The girl on the right knows. Click on her and she'll show you.
Holbox, Quintana Roo

In the photo above one of the pools at Xaloc Resort shown near a bungalow where you can be staying.
Holbox, Quintana RooAt sunset CancunSteve took this photo from his balcony. Notice how wide and open the beach is. If you are looking to get away from it all, this is for you. Now if you rather have drunk guests yelling at 3AM down the hall waking you up then a cheap hotel in Cancun's hotel zone is for you. IF you want video games in the lobby and a stereo satellite TV this is not for you.
However if you can dig this: the only sounds you hear are the waves kissing the shore and some crickets then Hotel Xaloc Resort is waiting for you.

Here we see the attractive typical room of this ecotourist Holbox hotel Xaloc Resort Holbox. So you ask, what's there to do in Holbox?
At the front desk they can arrange for a boat to pick you and your party up right on the beach at the hotel to visit nearby islands home to exotic species like pink flamingos.
CancunSteve just hung out on the beach taking long walks soaking in the peace and quiet and read his Jack Kerouac book while at Xaloc Resort Holbox.
The hotel Xaloc Resort has two pools. 18 thatched hut rooms which are palapas with palm leave roofs. Hammocks.
Along the shore are magic shells. To see the magic click here.

Boring bed changes to neat chair. CLICK ON THIS to see why you should rent with CancunSteve Now CancunSteve felt a shot of this pristine beach is where it's at. paradise so here it is. Now if you want glitter and neon lights: Move your mouse over the photo for that kind of thing. Then click on the photo to see why you must rent with CancunSteve. For one thing we have raving testamonials. See here see what they say.

is it a brillant idean to book this Holbox hotel you ask? the answer is provided at the left. As you move your mouse down the ladder of decision or indecision the relation between certitud and brillance is shown. We are CancunSteve.

you will always come back and recommend this hotel Xaloc Resort Holbox to others seeking a Holbox experience.

come on down. it's

Rates based upon double occ in USD including tax and breakfast
meal plans available; ask children under 2 free from 2-12 $24usd each
extra adult $37usd
tarrifs for 2017
Dates Rate superior Rate view pool Rate cabana ocean view
Dec 20 16 - Jan 7 17 $250 $290 $390
Jan 8 - Apr 6 17 $170 $200 $310
Apr 7 - 22 17 $190 $255 $370
Apr 23 - Jun 30 17 $165 $195 $310
Jul 1 - Aug 17 17 $200 $250 $370
Aug 18 - Dec 18 17 $160 $190 $300
Don't pay too much attention to these rates for this Holbox hotel as I can get you prices I can't publish here

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Add $22usd per person for half-pension (dinner four dishes with different options.
april 23 - june 3030%
August 18 - december 1830%
in addition to these dates and all otherssuprise discounts ASK
awesome prices for your Holbox vacations with the LOWEST prices this side of heaven

this is my promise to you. our guarantee for your Holbox vacations

dig the pink flamingos on the beach

go topless be free dare to be you
don't dream it be it

there are no hotels in Holbox like this

From the hotel Xaloc take boats to see lion sharks
or do some fishing
Did you know Holbox means black hole in Maya?
you learn something every day
This small island is on the north coast of Quintana Roo
The snorkeling is incredible with all colors of tropical fish and flora.
rates above for 1 or 2 adults per room. extra adults $37usd each per night
children under 2 FREE from 2 to 12 years of age $24usd per child
up to 4 people per room adults and children
Aug 18 - Dec 18 17 more discounts suprise discounts affordable for one and all
Rates December 1st thru December 18th 2017 lowest on the planet! ASK

Also not far from the hotel is a topless beach for your pleasure.
At the hotel enjoy the restaurant or bar or browse in the shop with arts and crafts. OR relax in the reading or game rooms.
breakfast is great
children only allowed in standard units
ground transportation available: airport- holbox (3 hours duration) cancun-chiquila-ferry to holbox cost $80usd per person one way (min 2 people)
how is this hotel you ask? the answer is provided at the left. the low rates provided by us CancunSteve.

you will always come back and recommend it from personal experience.

come on down. it's
The bungalows are awesone, constructed in a circular shape, with high roofs made of palm leaves.
Every single one has been built up by putting special attention in every detail and getting the local builders out of the cantina and back to work to make them.
They are rustic, comfortable, pleasant and every detail make them simply great with air conditioning of course.
All bungalows have their own wooden terrace where it is possible to enjoy a Siesta or just nod out in traditional Yucatecan hammocks. In their interior has every single one a king size bed or two double beds that are covered by a big mosquito net in form of a four-poster bed, fan and a spacious bath with two sinks, shower and bath.

Each year from May through October the waters of Holbox Island are home to the biggest fish in the world: the whale shark. Bigger than ex-President Taft. Bigger than Aunt Mildred.

The whale shark is the largest fish that exists; they normally grow to up to 50 feet (15m).
The whale shark prefers waters of warm surface temperature with a cold undercurrent - conditions that favor schools of tiny plankton on which these fish love to feed.
These precise conditions are found summer after summer in the Yum Balam ecological reserve just off Holbox Island. This protein-rich habitat is equally ideal for schools of Jacks, manta rays, towel heads, and dolphins.
Secret; the whale shark is a shark, not a whale it is disguised for Halloween.
Its name references its similarities to the whales impressive size and feeding habits. It feeds on or just below the surface of the sea, and are usually seen in groups ideal conditions for a wonderful snorkeling experience.
Whale sharks are viviparous animals and babies are often seen with their mothers while the fathers are in the cantinas.
Whale sharks are unaggressive creatures like lazy Porfillio and pose absolutely no threat to humans. Plankton on the other hand better watch out!
Boats leave the beach early every morning of the season and are back over five hours later. During the whale shark it is probable that our guests will also see dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and an assorted variety of fish and bird species that call Yum Balam home.

Cancun to Chiquila plus the boat to Holbox by land one-way $85USD per person (minimum 2 people)
Cancun to Holbox by plane (not the Concord) $645USD for the flight (up to 5 passengers)

dinning in Holbox:
The neat thing about dinning here is no need to get out the tux or top hat.
Of course there are no Delmonicos. Nor the Russian Tea Room.

But dig the laid-back atmosphere of the eatery shown on the left.

Try the Edelyn Pizza in front of the main square. Delicious food with fish and lobster fresh from the sea. Where else?
You must try the exquisite and excellent Lobster Pizza.

Across from the front plaza is Los Peleones.
Kitchen and Cockteleria. Aromas, flavors, textures, friendship, humor, food, share, eat, love, express, feel, enjoy.

Mexican Sushi fish and fresh produce from the island flavor Specialty Margaritas. Terrace caribea enjoyed in the evening by lighting and atmosphere. The Shushi Holbox is more romantic than the eatery shown on the left.

At the corner of the park is La Isla de Colibrí which is one of the first restaurants on this island.
Home cooking has become part of the culture of Holbox and herein. They claim to have the best coffee and a friendly Mexican atmosphere.

Opposite the park and basketball court is the Restaurant El Limoncito. Serving breakfast in the morning. Mexican cuisine with charm.

At the Restaurant Miriam find seafood, meat pies, seafood soup, ceviche and cocktails with a great variety of steaks and seafood zarzuela.
Located on Tiburon Ballena Avenue.

At the Pollo Mago Restaurant enjoy Mexican dishes, a varied menu, very central. And you can dress like that guy above.
Find it opposite the park.

For ocean front dinning
Do the Larena (Restaurant of Las Nubes) with an Ocean View.
Seafood Restaurant and Grill.
Exquisite dishes with a spectacular view of the Caribbean. Our experienced Chef offers an a la carte menu or the option of special requests. No reasonable requests refused.

Holbox Island is just 26 miles or 42 km long. And not very wide.
Holbox is separated from the mainland coast of Mexico by a shallow lagoon which gives sanctuary to thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and creatures.
Seeing pink flamingos in their natural habitant is so much more cool than seeing them in cages in the zoo.
Most of the people of Holbox Island make their living fishing.
With the exception of Felipe who sells shells to tourists on the beach. He sells sea shells on the seashore.
It is common to see fishermen walking through Holbox Village with their catch of the day or carrying their nets. The streets of Holbox Island are made of white sand, common of Caribbean islands, and there are very few cars. Holbox is considered a virgin tourist destination because very few outsiders visit the island. In spite of Holbox' natural beauty, inaccessibility has left it unspoiled by mass tourism.
A romantic get-away.
Did you know there are buses which are inexpensive from Cancun to Chiquila. Then do the ferry over to the island.
There are six buses each day going and three returning from Chiquila to Cancun.
It would appear to me that this would build up a bus inventory in the little town. Perhaps the Cancun to Chiquila drivers then go somewhere else?
We don't know. We just dig our Holbox lodgings.
Maybe they go to the hammock factory in town and go with their buddies to the beach then drive off for Rio Lagaritos for some doritos.
Not far from Xaloc Resort a simple fisherman found some ancient scrolls in a cave near the shore. They were written in ancient Maya by perhaps a wise Mayan astronomer or old Mayan astrologer, or an unkown dishwasher.
Look at these startling predictions:
An eclipse of the sun will cause Saturn to retrograde (the old Mayans understood that earth was not the center of the universe but that the sun is. And earth like other planets revolved around the sun.)
And they knew this centuries before Galaleo and the Europeans.
As a direct result of this eclipse, crabs will walk around sideways, pillows shall be found at the head of the bed, cereal in cardboard boxes, and the blind won't see anything. Plus the deaf won't hear anything.
And the rich shall be better off than the poor. But best of all are those lucky ones who book their Holbox lodgings at Xaloc with CancunSteve.

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