In Spirit Holbox arise to the sound of the sea, the breeze of the caribbean sea and a white sand that only in very few places of the world you can find.

Each room is equipped with a small complimentary safe box, completely suitable for storing small items such as passports, jewelry, small tablets,

Although Spirit Holbox has air conditioning, in each room. The hotel was consciously designed using the venturi effect to use the wonderful breeze that comes directly from the Caribbean Sea!

Spirit Holbox has six lightweight aluminum bikes for free use on theproperty. These Holbox lodgings use a system based on availability (first come first served). If you want to borrow a bike, just ask!

If you would like to book a massage please let Spirit Holbix's front desk know and they will reserve a qualified massage therapist for you. This service is done inside your room.

Enjoy sunsets like this from your terrace in these ecological Holbox lodgings.

Although there are many good restaurants nearby, good to know there's a great one right here in Spirit Holbox where your breakfast is included each and every morning.

Set in the top floor terrace, the Spirit Holbox restaurant offers the best of Mayan-Contemporary fusion in a warm, relaxing ambiance with stunning views.
Combining regional ingredients with International cuisine techniques, creating exquisite original dishes that will indulge your palate.

Like shrimps on a skewer.

Mayan cusine is focused on four domesticated crops : maize, squash, beans (typically Phaseolus vulgaris; sounds kinda sexy) and chili peppers. The first three cultivars are commonly referred to in North America as the Three Sisters and, when incorporated in a diet, complement one another in providing necessary nutrients.
Guacamole Was invented By the Aztecs and Maya of the ancient world. The name in their languages literally just meaning avocado sauce.
Aside from the health benefits people love trumpeting about Avocados, Guacamole is delicious.
Discover our unique culinary touch and fall in love with it here in Spirit Holbox!

Tortillas are both a perfect vehicle and accompaniment to many foods. At some point, someone decided to start frying tortillas which gave rise to tortilla chips – that thing you scoop your guacamole with – or entire fried tortillas topped with any number of things and dubbed tostadas.

My favorite is the tamale.
A tamale is like a corn hot pocket, it’s made of -again- ground corn that’s kneaded into masa, cooked and then molded around the maker’s choice of meat, then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed until firm. There are variations of tamales all over Holbox, and the Yucatan.
Traditionally, the Maya filled them with cooked game meat or whatever they hunted.
These days the possibilities are mostly limited by your adventurous palette, though chicken and pork remain the default favorites for these tasty corn patties. In reality, it’s hard to say what a tamal is in classification – patty, hot pocket? etc- so we shall tat this opportunity to make it its own classification of awesome!

Poc Chuc a particular style of grilled meat gets its distinct flavor from the salt and the sour orange juice it is marinaded in.

Imagine the wedding of your dreams on a paradise island in Spirit Holbox, the Caribbean Sea witnessing your love. Surprise your guests with a panoramic view to the whole island from the terrace with 250 square meters, restaurant and pool, set with audio system, the perfect place for an event, party or dream wedding.
Leave the planning in the hands of the experts, the organization of that special moment in your life, we offer accommodation for your guests in comfortable and sophisticated rooms, restaurant inside the facilities, transfer service for your guests, special catering service for wedding day, ceremony, decoration and party.
Spirit Holbox's concierge will be able to recommend the best tours in the area and make reservations for you making your destination wedding a unforgettable experience. Ask for our special packages and don´t worry about anything, just enjoy the most wonderful day of your lives.

All abord Holbox monkeys express is the more convenient and fastest ferry crossing by sea from the Port chiquila to Hotel Spirit Holbox.
Ship ahoy.
This modern catamaran takes you to Holbox in just 15 minutes, with comfortable seating, restrooms and entertainment video screens.
Soon we'll all be in Spirit Holbox digging the scene.

Explore the mangroves! Look up the steps.

In order to take advantage of the current and the wind, start either: from the side of the sea (to finish on the side of the lagoon) or from the side of the lagoon (to finish on the sea side), on board double or single kayaks, We will paddle through low and calm waters, being able to appreciate the flora and fauna that has the most virgin part of the island to offer.

Being considered the 3rd best spot for bird watching in Mexico (bring your umbrella), it is worth taking camera, you will have the opportunity to see from pelicans to flamingos and ospreys, you will stop at crocodile island where apart from resting and going to the bathroom, we will be able to see and photograph crocodiles closely as boa constructor in the area that are in captivity and in process of relocation for its conservation.
Don't forget to pray.
If you like adventure and nature this is the best option for you.

Guess what this bird is saying?

Shmak Shmuck Smock? Best load up on windshield washer fluid? Guess. Click me to see!

Departing from whale shark's wharf next to Spirit Holbox, you will depart heading for Catoche where you can see on the way turtles in its natural habitat, on board there will be drinks. We will fish our own lunch, then swim between turtles and manta rays!, all this, to reach the sandbar at the end of the tranquil Santa Paula River, surrounded by mangrove swamps and birds, then we will enjoy, on land, our lunch.

There will be a free time to relax in the beautiful waters and delight with the unique view that has to offer this corner away from Holbox. If time allows we will pass by the famous mosquito point. OK not as famous as the Eifel Tower. Where if we are lucky you will be able to see and photograph the flamingos! Estimated total time 6 hrs.

Includes: - Boat with Captain and Bilingual Guide (Spanish-English) - Water and soft drinks - Equipment for fishing and bait - Snorkeling equipment (optional lifejacket) - Ceviche as lunch (vegetarian option with prior request) - Return to whale shark dock.


Whether you may simply want to relax in Spirit Holbox's pools or on the beach with a good book or look around, these are the Holbox lodgings for you.

Ride a bicycle down town for dinner, shopping or wanting to venture out and visit the islands that surround Spirit Holbox, visit archaeological sites or lagoons, there will always be something to do. Attentive staff will be happy to help you choose the right activity for you, making sure you have a unique experience.

The whale shark experience is a tour from the Spirit Holbox in the summer. The whale shark is a type of whale. Not a shark.
It's a great tour, swimming and snorkeling a few meters of these huge mamals, admire the incredible nature that has captivated thousands of visitors from around the world.
The boat will leave the dock that is located inf front of the hotel, from this point the boat departs to the area of ??the whale sharks.
You will swim around two hours in couples with the guide along.
You can take pictures and admire these huge creatures and with good luck on the way along with whales see sometimes dolphins, turtles and mantas.
Once you finish to swim with the whales we go to the area of Cabo Catoche to snorkel in reefs with colorful fishes with a delicious ceviche. A fish cocktail.

The open sea.

So close to Spirit Holbox see in these waters the whale shark.
See turtles to dolphins in their natural habitat, when returning aboard the ship there will be drinks.
Chin chin.

Kayak around. Snorkel. Swim. Dig the views.

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

A Holbox vacation is a dream.

Check out the swan on the post posing for a photo.

the rooms:
deluxe room:
ground floor units in the gardens close to the sea.
Direct access to the ground floor pool.
Premium linens.
Air conditioning. Safes.
Queen size bed. Coffeemaker. Fridge. Private bath.

more room descriptions follow below:

Ocean view suite:
Spacious second floor or sometimes the third.
Private terrace. Nice views of the sea.
King bed or two queens. (bed sizes, not royalty or gays)
Premium linens.
Air conditioning. Safes.
Queen size bed. Coffeemaker. Fridge. Private bath.
Smart TV.

Ocean view master suite:
Oversized suite on third floor. The higher you are the better the view.
Faces the ocean.
King bed, large private terrace.
Living area. Premium linens.
Air conditioning. Safes.
Queen size bed. Coffeemaker. Fridge. Private bath.
Smart TV.


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USD per room per night plus 19% taxes double occupancy. Children up to 11 years old FREE | Extra person $60 each 2018
Dates lodgings price lodgings price lodgings price
Jan 5 to April 11 deluxe room 120 ocean view suite 150 ocean view master suite 175
Apr 12 to Jun 30 105 130 145
Jul 1 to Aug 16 112 140 155
Aug 17 to Dec 23 100 120 140
Dec 24 to Jan 4 2019 240 300 350

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- Coffee maker
- Garden
- Restaurant
- Beach
- Tours bookings
- Wifi
- Bicycles
- Minibar
- Whole island panoramic view
- Roof Terrace pool
- Bar
- Guest service
- Room service
- Concierge
- Airport transfers
- Multilingual staff
- Laundry service
- outdoor pool
- Catering and weddings
- Aquatic sports.

Yes these rooms are lovely.

Modern and rustic meet.

The area around Spirit Holbox is a sanctuary to thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and creatures.
Gnomes, Hydras, minotours, harpies, and some spring breakers around March.

The pelicans you find near Spirit Holbix are a type of large water bird that makes up the family bird.
They are characterised by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scooped up contents before swallowing their food.
They have predominantly pale plumage, but sometimes with colors.
The bills, pouches and bare facial skin of all species become brightly coloured before the breeding season. Pelicans like this time best.
The eight living pelican species have a patchy global distribution, ranging latitudinally from the tropics to the temperate zone, and found in abundance here in Holbox.

Dig the rooftop pool.

Freddy of the Freak Brothers said the higher you are the better the view.

With some good fortune spot a flamingo down in the water. Or a pelican.
Or someone bathing topless.

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