Leon, GuanajuatoLeon, Guanajuato
in this major city equidistant from the airport is Leon to the west and the city of Guanajuato to the east you are sure to find excellent leather products at great prices.

Plus you may find some cultural activities in the city as well.
Small cafe-theatres dot the downtown area.

Taco stands are found on almost every corner as this is the preferred food of the locals.

zocolo in Leon,Gto
The zocolo is shown at the left. This is where most of the historic buildings of Leon may be found.

Surrounding the zocolo are numerous shops (some selling books with images adorning the text); shoe stores; music stores; a cafe-terrace la Monarca where you can have a fruit-drink or use the internet cafe.

In this area most of the cities museums may be found.

A few miles from the center of town is La Plaza de piel where you can find fine leather goods at the best prices in all of Mexico.

In this heads-up exhibit at the Museum of the City of Leon sculptures as well as oil paintings may be seen.

Historical Archives downtown Leon, Gto

To the right past mayors of the City of Leon at Leon's Historical Archives. A much-recommended visit for many fascinating historical artifacts and documents.
An example is Emperor Maximiliano's good-bye letter to his priest just before he was killed before the firing squad.

Maps centuries old show the city at the time.

Photos of buildings and churches from the last century bring back another time and place.

Worth a trip before you go shoe shopping.

Some fascinating Leon history. Back in 1850 there was a colera outbreak. In August 1850 The righteous father don Jose Ignacio Aguado together with the municipal authorities took a solemn perpetual vow in the name of the people of Leon to give an annual three day veneration to the Assumption of Maria known as Letanias Lauretanas and the colera outbreak immediately dissapeared!

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