Economical Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato Mexico right in the center of the city with telephones and TVEconomical Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato Mexico right in the center of the city with telephones and TV

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Hotel San Diego is a truly Mexican style Hotel with a peacful atmosphere. Located in the heart of Guanajuato.
Hotel San Diego Guanajuato
right in the center of town. Between Plaza de la Paz; Templo San Diego; Basilica Guanajuato.

Walk to the funicular to ascend to the monument El Pipula for an awesome view of the city.

Within blocks of the hotel all the sites of Guanajuato you want to see.

All the bars; restaurants; shops; internet cafes at your doorstep.

See the Diego Riviera Museum a few blocks from Hotel San Diego Guanajuato.

See the Quijote Museum near Hotel San Diego Guanajuato.

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And also almost at the doorstep of this Guanajuato economical hotel is Plaza de la Paz. Nice to hang out on the benches and make new friends.
The impressive Basilica is right there.
Take in a show at the Theater Juarez.

Economical Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato Mexico right in the center of the city with telephones and TV
This Guanajuato economical hotel hotel has a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe and San Judas Tadeo.

This 43 room hotel has elevators and economical public parking a short distance away.

All rooms have telephones and TV's.

Hotel San Diego has a restaurant and bar with live music.

A banquet hall can host your event.

Be sure to see nearby:
Garden of the Union: It is a triangular park surrounded by animated and well attended restaurants and cafés.
There are student music groups that usually perform in the plaza and the neighbouring streets, in order to perform the best of their art and to cheer bystanders and visitors with their voices.

facade of the Hotel San Diego in downtown Guanajuato

The charming streets of Guanajuato are narrow and winding and many have fascinating histories1.
Most are alleys that cars cannot pass through, and some are long sets of stairs up the mountainsides. Many of the city’s thoroughfares are partially or fully underground via tunnels.
The historic center has numerous small plazas with cafes and strolling musicians and colonial-era mansions. Fine churches and civil constructions built using pink or green sandstone adorn the bouvelvards.

The origin and growth of Guanajuato resulted from the discovery of silver in the mountains surrounding this economical hotel.
The silver mines were so rich that the city was one of the most influential during the colonial period.
One of the mines, La Valenciana, accounted for two-thirds of the world’s silver production at the height of its production.
Guanjajuato is home to the Mummy Museum, which contains naturally mummified bodies that were found in the municipal cemetery between the mid 19th and 20th centuries.
Those who did not have the means for a proper burrial left the bodies in shallow ground where minerals in the soil created a natural mumifying process.
Guanajuato is also home to the Festival Internacional Cervantino, which invites artists and performers from all over the world as well as Mexico.
Guanajuato was the site of the first battle of the Mexican War of Independence between insurgent and royalist troops at the Alhóndiga de Granaditas led by the hero Miguel Hidalgo.

1 like the Callejon de beso. A must visit. The story goes that Doña Carmen was the only daughter of an old and mean man, unlucky as it might be. Doña Carmen was courted by her beau, Don Luis, in a church near the maiden's home, where first he offered her holy water with his hand. Splash. Splash.
On being discovered, she was subsequently locked up, threatened with being sent to a remote convent, and, worst of all, with being married in Spain to a rich, disgusting. old noble, a marriage which would help to restore her selfish's father's dwindling fortune.
The lovely, obedient creature and her companion, Doña Brígida, wept and prayed together. Then, before the young girl submitted to her sacrifice, they decided that Doña Brígida should take a message to Don Luis with the bad news. A window in Doña Carmen's home gave onto an alley so narrow that it was possible, leaning out the window to touch the wall on the other side with a hand. If he could get into the house on the other side of the alley, he would be able to talk with his beloved and, between the two of them, find a solution to their problem.
He asked who the owner of the house was and bought it in spite of its' high price. Imagine Doña Carmen's surprise when stepping out onto her balcony (a balcony similar to that of yours in Hotel San Diego Guanajuato), she found the man of her dreams so close.
When a few moments had passed since that indescribable lovers' conversation began, and the lovers were deep in thought, violent words were heard from the back of the room. It was Doña Carmen's grumpy old father shouting at Brígida, who risked her life trying to prevent her master from entering her lady's chambers. The father pushed Doña Carmen's protector aside, and with dagger in his hand, the assasin plunged it into his daughter's breast.
With some luck find a dart-board with the image of Carmen's father you can throw darts at in one of the many arts and crafts shops in town.

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Typical Guanajuato image. Come here and be sure to bring your camera.
In the rooms and views from rooms and animation

past guest says:
Great location just off the central park and beside the cathedral and beautiful Teatro Juarez, friendly staff, nice enough rooms for an older hotel, clean etc and very pure bottled drinking water provided in each room every day
And see

Hotel San Diego GuanajuatoView of the town as seen from the terrace.

The Boutique Hotel San Diego terrace has one of the most beautiful views of Guanajuato, highlighting the colors and architecture of the city. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset or a starry night with a glass of wine in the terrace bar.

The higher you are the better the view.

The structure in yellow is the Basilica of our Lady of Guanajuato.

And the white one behind it is the University of Guanajuato.

To demonstrate Guanajuato lodgings are next to any important spot in the town, try this demonstration:
You can move this image with your mouse (if your browser supports this) by putting your mouse over the image and holding the left button down and sliding the mouse (dragging the image) so it's next to the hotel images above.
Just like the scene is right next-door.
let the fun begin.
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Hotel San Diego GuanajuatoView of the outside of your Guanajuato lodgings and this historic town at night.
Nearby are students singing romantic serenades.

And other strolling musicians.

Bistros abound.

Shops stay open late and maybe there's a show to your liking in the Teatro Juarez next door.

There's free WiFi in the lobby if you'd like to bring down the PC and surf the net.

La mina Valenciana es una de las minas de Guanajuato más famosas y con mayor riqueza en plata, descubierta en 1548 para el señor fulano de cual en las colinas frente a la ciudad.
Su importancia radica en que durante 250 años, mas o menos, el 30% de la plata en el mundo provenía de aquí.
Imagina, el bracelete de plata en venta en Chicago tiene su origin de aqui.
Una visita aquí es a la vez divertido y educativo.
Al final del siglo XVIII y principios del XIX, esta mina producía dos terceras partes de toda la plata de Guanajuato que se exportaba a España y Asia. La plata de la mina de la Valenciana ayudó a mantener el imperio español y sus colonias. Esta mina llegó a tener 450 metros de profundidad y más de 10 mil mineros.
Se mantiene en operación y Ud puede visitarlo y entre a dentro el mina. Cuenta con un área abierta al público donde es posible observar las diferentes formas de explotación minera, además de poder adquirir minerales y cuarzos extraídos desde las profundidades.

To demonstrate the hotel San Diego Guanajuato is almost next to Valenciana mine, try this demonstration:
You can move this image with your mouse (if your browser supports this) by putting your mouse over the image and holding the left button down and sliding the mouse (dragging the image) so it's next to the hotel images above.
Just like the scene is right next-door.
let the fun begin.
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Sí se puede poner en un casco y bajar a la mina. Ver las venas de plata en las rocas.

La historia de la mina explicado por carteles y guías.

Revivir la sensación de que el minero conocio.

Hace siglos esposas prepararon un almuerzo para sus maridos que se fue a trabajar en esta mina.

Aunque la veta madre de Guanajuato fue descubierta en 1548, la mina de la Valenciana alcanzó sus niveles de mayor producción de 1768 a 1804. En 1760 el joven Antonio de Obregón y Alcocer y algo mas, obtuvo un préstamo del mercader de la mina de Rayas, Pedro Luciano Otero.

Durante varios años ambos siguieron invirtiendo en la mina hasta que en 1768 su producción se incrementó de manera considerable.

Durante varios lustros la mina de La Valenciana produjo más plata que todas las minas del Perú, siendo socios de Obregón, los señores Otero y Diego Rul.
El 20 de marzo de 1780 el rey Carlos III de España —por petición del virrey Antonio María de Bucareli y Ursúa y fulano — le otorgó a Obregón los títulos de vizconde de la Mina y conde de La Valenciana.

Y rey de Marvin Gardens. (The King of Marvin Gardens era un pelicula estadonedense hecho en 1972 con Jack Nicholson.)

A short bus ride or taxi from these economical central Guanajuato lodgings brings you right to the mines.

So much to discover here in this historic town good people.

Centuries of history await you on these cobblestone winding streets.

cerca del hotel:
El Jardín Unión se encuentra justo enfrente del Teatro Juárez y es un bello lugar de descanso, con sus grandes árboles que brindan una fresca sombra, rodeado de gentes, locales de artesanias, y músicos que alegran el ambiente.
Los fines de semana hay música de banda a partir de las 7PM; pero todos los días por la noche se reunen los grupos de estudiantinas locales que comparten la alegría de su trova con la gente y posteriormente los invitan a dar el tradicional recorrido por el centro de la ciudad el cuál se denomina callejoneada. Cerca del Hotel San Diego a visitar es Alhondiga.
El Museo Regional de la Alhóndiga de Granaditas se ubica en un forte histórico, cuya construcción se inició en 1797 y concluyó en 1809.
Se trata de una imponente obra de arquitectura neoclásica, con un diseño sencillo, pero de técnica impecable.
Por su monumentalidad, refleja la bonanza guanajuatense de finales del siglo XVIII.
Los Mexicanos roperan la puerta del forte y acabaran con los Españols escondidos a dentro.
La Alhóndiga de Granaditas es un símbolo revolucionario por la batalla que se libró allí el 28 de septiembre de 1810 y encarna, con la figura de Hidalgo y otros héroes, la soberanía y libertad de la nación mexicana.
Los insurgentes comandados por Miguel Hidalgo e Ignacio Allende gango los gapuchines.
Juan Antonio Riaño, pidiera a la población acuartelarse en la Alhóndiga de Granaditas, granero construido en 1800, y en cuya construcción había participado Miguel Hidalgo como asesor de su viejo amigo Riaño.
Tras varias horas de combate, Riaño fue asesinado y los españoles que ahí se habían refugiado deseaban rendirse.
Gritando piedad a los gapuchines!

piedad por los que no reservado este hospedaje con CancunSteve

What's neat is the high speed internet free in all the hotel so if the kids get musuemed-out (oh they like the mummy museum sure enough) they can play their favorite video games on-line.

The little philostines1 are so cute. They may prefer shoot-up games to seeing the actual house where Diego Riviera lived with his and Frida Kahlo's works are on display.

Diego's full name was Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos.
Do you think the kid will put down his Smartphone video game to take any interest in this?

Take them to the park with huge statues of frogs along with other things of interest for kids.
Kids love reptiles, amphibians, animals more than they do culture.

As you may know Guanajuato is The place of Frogs

And the lake at The Presa has paddle boats for rent. If they won't behave throw em overboard.

That should get them to turn off the video game.

If they put on yet another game consider this:

The teleferico (cable car) up to the El Pipila, or Juan José de los Reyes, who was the local hero during the Mexican War of Independance from Spain in 1810.
Thanks to him the insurgents conquered this warehouse (the Alhondiga de Granaditas) where the Spanish were hidden, and killed everybody inside, without pity, including old people, pregnant women and children, nobody was kept alive.

The little philostines will love to hear this. (With the exception of the children part)

And the view from up there of the city is awesome for young and old.

A true marvel to enrich your stay in Guanajuato.

And the ride up to the Pipila in the finicula (teleferico or cable car) is an experience of a lifetime. Get those cameras ready.

High above the city but almost at the doorstep of your Guanaujato lodgings this visual adventure waits.

1Orson Wells once said:
There's a philistine and an aesthete in all of us
The area around Hotel San Diego Guanauato, your Guanajuato lodgings is always beautiful. The underground streets. Admired by both visitors and residents alike.
The Museum of the independence and the museum regional of arts and crafts both a few steps from centrally located Hotel San Diego Guanauato.
And do the municipal market housed in a colonial building so close to your lodgings in Guanajuato. Here find delicious local candies made from local ingredients. And arts and crafts.
The Alhondiga de Granaditas nearby the Hotel San Diego is an authentic fort that didn't help the Spanish soldiers stop the heroic advance of the insurgente forces.
The Mexicans knew they had to get inside that fort to capture it and do-in the royalist forces.
The thing was who's gonna bust the front door down.
It was made of thick wood.
When Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla's insurgent troops threatened to take over this city during the Mexican War of Independence, Riaño the Spanish governor secured himself in the Fort on 28 September 1810, along with many other Spaniards and some rich criollos.
There were about 300 loyalists who took refuge from 20,000 rebels led by Hidalgo.
Riaño believed that the strength of the building, its ample supplies and its positioning would make it easy to repel the insurgents' attacks.
But he figured wrong.
In addition to the corn the building already held, other provisions and twenty-four women were brought in to make tortillas. And who knows what else.
At first the building held, but soon the insurgents surrounded the building and began throwing rocks. Riaño died in this attack when a rock busted his head.
His death caused division and discord among the defenders of the Fort.
The insurgents decided to burn down the eastern door to be able to enter and attack those that were inside.
But who would be stupid enough to charge the big door with all those spanish firing away from within.
The man chosen to perform this task was Juan José Martínez "El Pípila", an extraordinarily strong local miner with not too much smarts.
He is said to have tied a large flat stone to his back to protect himself from the bullet and rock storm expected once he began.
He poured petroleum on the door and lit it using a torch. When the door burnt down, the attackers stormed into the fort, led by Martínez.
Everyone inside the fort was killed without mercy and the building sacked.
Reportedly, blood stains from the attack could still be seen on the pillars of the b uilding and the main staircase as late as 1906.
At the end of the day, hundreds of bodies were buried so the city wouldn't stink, and the whole city of Guanajuato pillaged. But not the Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato as it wasn't built yet.
This event would encourage Hidalgo not to attack Mexico City, afraid his followers would repeat the massacres and looting of Guanajuato.
So while staying in your Guanajuato lodgings take the time to visit the Alhondiga and relive the history. Inside find a portrait of Miguel Allende who's an Elvis Presley look-alike.

See the history of this city founded back in 1548.
The narrow winding streets or alleys have almost no sidewalks and a person in a balcony on one side of the street can almost touch another in a balcony on the opposite side.
Right around the block from Hotel San Diego Guanajuato.
See picturess bridges made of stone with old arches.
Do the Plaza del Baratillo where there are benches to hang out and dig the scene.
A few miles from your Guanajuato lodgings is the Valenciana mine. Worth a visit. I went down into the mine and relived the miners old experience there when silver was dug up and sent off to Spain.
Outise the mine small stalls sell silver artifacts.
The Hidalgo market a few blocks from Hotel San Diego has every day products and arts and crafts. As this building was originally designed as a train station makes it worth a visit.
A few minute walk from your Guanajuato lodgings.
The mummy museum is a bus ride away from the Hotel San Diego.
Consider at least a week in this historic colonial place.

Hotel San Diego Guanajuato for your Guanajuato lodgings

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