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Guanajuato where Mexico's past and present meet to enchant you

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Guanajuato Calle with localsGuanajuato typical colonial stret El Campanero

castle in Guanajuato. Don't just stay in any hotel but in one from CancunSteve.
Here Cervantes' Don Quioxte keeps guard of one of the casltes.

The castle bar has live music and shows featuring national dishes as well as international fare.
Sancho Panza is inside enjoying some tampiqueña with fresh dinner rolls.
Did you know it's a 10 minute bus ride to get from the center of town to the old gold mine Valenciana.

Great food. History. Culture.
Awesome museums.

Be sure to visit the Diego Rivera museum. Which was also Diego Rivera's house.
Born Diego Maria de la Concepcion Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodriguez.
Is it any wonder he changed his name. Imagine how the kids giggled during roll-call in school.
The museum consists of a collection which displays almost 100 original works of the master Diego Rivera. The collection is one of the most important in the country.
Different creative stages of the artist are displayed such as his formative years and his cubist period.
Portraits, landscapes, nudes, allegories, still life paintings and mural sketches are some of the pieces in the house.

Guanajuato Casa Luz restaurant and bar

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Guanajuato Scenes
Escenas de Guanajuato en español
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Leon, Guanajuato   not only to go shopping for shoes but much more
Animation of art to be found in Guanajuato Don Quijote's magic bean

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Views in Guanajuato are awesome.
Remember the higher you are the better the view.
The whole city of Guanajuato seen from your terrace.

Most rooms here offer superb views.

Click anywhere on the photo then use your arrow keys to move the little butterflies into sky. When these small creatures fly into the skies they almost dissapear into another world.

Guanajuato is considered the most beautiful city in America! Take the cable car up to the monument of the Pipila. The independence hero Juan Jose de los Reyes Martinez who was called Pipila for short. The views here are indescribable.

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Do the mummy museum. A display of 119 mummified bodies which have been conserved in perfect condition as a result of natural processes. The mineral content in the soil here preserved these mummies.
Back in the 18th century those too poor to be burried properly were just thrown into the ground and then they mummified.
The museum may be seen from the window on the left but barely. Open 7 days a week.

Callejpn del Beso famous for its legend of eternal love formed by two balconies just inches apart.
El callejón adquiere su nombre de la tragedia de dos enamorados, la desventura de una joven pareja y el lugar de los hechos, ocurridos probablemente cuando la minería mantenía a la ciudad en todo en su esplendor.
O tal vez antes.
Ana, bella hija única de un hombre soberbio con grandes aspiraciones, tiene un encuentro casual con Carlos, un joven sencillo pobreton que posiblemente se dedicaba a la minería; no hizo falta más que un cruce de miradas para que ambos sintieran inmediatamente atracción, provocando que los días siguientes Carlos desviara su camino para pasar bajo el balcón de la dama quien se asomaba sólo para intercambiar sonrisas.
No pasó mucho tiempo hasta que Carlos por fin se atrevió a saludarla, y a partir de ese día, entre cortejos y pláticas, los jóvenes cayeron enamorados. La felicidad que les provocaban sus encuentros se empañó el día que el padre de Ana desaprobó terminantemente la relación, prohibiéndoles seguir teniendo contacto alguno y amenazando a su hija con recluirla en un convento si desobedecía. Que mala onda.

Ambos jóvenes se negaron a renunciar a sus encuentros, por lo que Carlos, con muchos sacrificios consiguió alquilar, en la casa que estaba frente a la de Ana, la habitación cuyo postigo se encontraba justo a la altura del balcón de su amada. Ana y Carlos mantenían citas a escondidas desde esos balcones e ideaban planes que les permitieran estar juntos a costa de su padre, quien había decidido casarla con un potentado conocido suyo.
El padre sospechaba de los encuentros que mantenía su hija con Carlos, por lo que una noche acudió a la habitación de Ana, sorprendiéndolos en una de sus citas; cegado por la ira tomó su daga y sin que la dama de compañía pudiera detenerlo, la hundió en el pecho de su hija. El cuerpo de Ana se desvaneció inerte mientras Carlos la sujetaba delicadamente de la mano sobre la que plasmó un tierno beso, suceso que dio lugar a que a ese callejón se le conozca como el Callejón del Beso.
El dolor de Carlos por la pérdida de Ana fue insoportable, llevándolo a tomar la decisión de quitarse la vida arrojándose al tiro principal de una mina.
La leyenda advierte a las parejas que pasan por el mencionado de callejón, que deben besarse al subir el tercer escalón y recibirán siete años de buena suerte o mandar soberbios como el padre de Ana muy lejos, de lo contrario caerá sobre ellos la maldición del infortunio de aquellos enamorados durante siete años

The Hidalgo market is a construction from the Porfirio Diaz era. Nice arts and crafts and regional candies.

lovely people to meet in GuanajuatoOne of the older structures to visit is The Alhondiga de Granaditas in Guanajuato which is a historical building, and museum. A monument and regional history and art museum now. This structure built between 1798 and 1809 was once a storage facility. Alhondiga means “grain storehouse”, and the building originally housed a large grain and seed storehouse, or granary.

Back in 1810, the building became a fortress for Spanish troops and loyalist leaders and the site of the first major victory over the Spanish. Under the command of Miguel Hidalgo, a local miner by the name of Jose de los Reyes Martinez, nicknamed El Pipila who knows why, tied a large stone to his back to deflect bullets and breached the Spanish defenses by burning down the fortress doors. There are those who claim the Pipila never did this but what do they know?

It wasn't Spiderman or the wrestler Santo I can tell you.

Hidalgo’s troops were victorious, and a statue and monument to honor El Pipila was erected on a hillside overlooking Guanajuato. Awesome views of the city from up there!

The hilltop monument and Guanajuato attraction can be accessed via a cable car that runs up the hillside from the Jardin de la Union, or central plaza.

Also visit The San Cayetano Church which was built by Antonio de Obregon y Alcocer y who knows what else while on your Guanajuato vacation. The Conde de Valenciana (Count of Valenciana) was the original owner of the La Valenciana silver mine. Construction of the church began in 1765 and was completed in 1788 taking 23 years; as it was always fiesta, siesta, mañana. The San Cayetano Church was financed with profits from the La Valenciana silver mine, once one of the richest and most productive silver mines in the world at the time.

Close to your Guanajuato lodgings booked with us there is sure to be a monument. Downtown find the monument to Zapata near Rio Los Gomez. One of the most important revolutionaries who was later betrayed.

And the monument to Gaona. I have no idea who he was but his monument is in Colonia Lomas. When you find out who he is let me know.

The monument to Benito Juarez (one of the most important Mexicans) is superb and centrally located. Benito Juárez was born in 1806 in a humble small adobe house in a poor village in the state of Oaxaca. His poor parents, were peasants who both died of complications when little Benito was just three years old.
Shortly after, his grandparents died as well, and his uncle raised him.
Young Benito Juarez worked in the cornfields and as a shepherd until the age of 12, when he walked to the city of Oaxaca to go to school.
At the time, he could only speak Zapotec. Imagine. This poor boy went on to become the President of Mexico. Installed important reforms.
Free non-sectarian education. And defeated the French who occupied the country.
Visit the monument.

Other monuments include the Fuente de Hamburgo. When you go there be sure to order a side of fries.

In September the Expo Guanajuato is held. Exhibits from all over the state of Guanajuato.
In January the Feria de Leon is held. Rides. Cultural exhibits. Events. Fireworks. Great arts and crafts. Have some in our home I purchased at the Leon Fair.
The Sapica held in May shows the latest leather designs.

This historic city is a Unesco World Heritage city. Which was founded back in 1559 to mine the region's rich silver and gold deposits.
Opulent colonial buildings you can still see today, stunning tree-filled plazas to hang out in on a green bench, and brightly colored houses are packed onto the steep slopes of winding narrow streets.
Great museums, good theaters and a marketplace abound on the cobblestone streets. The city's 'main' avenues twist around the hillsides and plunge into dark tunnels, where cars and pedestrians go underground.

Don't just stay in any city. Stay in Guanajuato. She is so happy her boyfriend brought her here! It's like a trip back in time to a gentler time and place with these Guanajuato lodgings. As one enters through the main arch shown in the photo the present and all its toils disappears. Move the happy girl into the main arch and watch the present disappear.

Click anywhere on the photo then use your arrow keys to move the happy girl into the main archway on the left. When she enters she dissapears into another world. Another place. Another time.
So happy with her Guanajuato vacation booked with CancunSteve

I want to stay in a Guanajuato.
Not just any town for me.

Hotel near GuanjuatoCerca el centro de la ciudad hay a conocer!
L’Église del Carmen de San Luis Potosi est une splendide construction et l’un des édifices les plus représentatifs du style architectural Baroque; qui s’apprécie amplement dans sa magnifique façade riche en détails.
Sa première pierre fut posée en 1749 et c’est en 1764 qu’elle fut consacrée.
Vous la rencontrerez en plein cœur du Centre Historique de la ville, sur la place Plaza del Carmen et juste à côté du magnifique Musée du Virreinato dont les salles exposent des peintures, sculptures et mobilier de l’époque coloniale de Mexico.

typical Guanajuato lodgingsThe lodgings we feature features comfortable spaces in common areas and rooms. And location and price.
Next to the Jardin de la Union, Callejon de beso, and the known Teatro Juarez. And a few short blocks from the Basilica of our Lady of Guanajuato.

The terraces on the roof are ideal places to relax after a day of exploring or business in Guanajuato.
Do Guanajuato in style.

Shown on the left elegant furnishings in a hotel lobby.
Nice spot to chill out and share brouchures with friends and family while planning the great things to explore today.

Maybe a trip up to La Pipula.
Or out to the Valencia Siver mine.
What a view from the Pipula. Speaking of views, look at this page scroll down.
Don't forget the mummy museum.


Typical Guanajuato lodgings have lobbies like this to hang-out in.

Fountains. Ceramic tile floors. Here get together and talk about the great day you had at the mummy museum.

There due to natural elements in the soil. Bodies were perserved through a natural process of conservation forming mummies.

A local tax was in place requiring a fee to be paid for burial.

Poor folk could not pay the fee.
Some bodies for which the tax was not paid were disinterred, and some—apparently those in the best condition—were stored in a nearby building. The climate of Guanajuato provides an environment which can lead to a type of natural mummification

Come on up and have a good coffee with local pastry.
See the street scene below.

Guanajuato has many different local dishes, from Mexican classics to regional favorites – enchiladas mineras, cecina, stuffed chilies, flautas, tamales, buñuelos, gorditas, tlacoyos, pork trotters, pacholas guanajuatenses (fried mincemeat), empanadas de carnitas, pan de acámbaro.
Try atole (a hot drink hot drinks thickened with corn and flavored with just about anything you can imagine.)

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