Get ready to roll the dice to win a free airport transfer. In addition to shows and theme nights sometimes there are casino nights too.

First try to guess what number you think will come up on the dice. Enter that in the box provided.
Then click the arrow to roll.
See if you're a winner.
If you won, you'll be advised.
Use the return arrow to try again.

If you've won you'll be provided a SECRET WORD to use in the comment box of the reservation form for your courtesy airport transfer.

Hacienda del Mar condo rental Cancun
Ambiance Villas Cancun
Imperial Las Perlas Cancun
Maya Caribe Cancun
Cancun Imperial Laguna Cancun
Dos Playas Cancun
Hotel Krystal Cancun
Club Baccara Cancun
Avalon Grand
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Your free airport transfer (shuttle service) is valid at either of the hotel links shown (Moon Palace Cancun or Ambiance Villas Cancun or Hacienda del Mar economic condo rental in Cancun* or Maya Caribe Cancun or Dos Playas Cancun or Hotel Krystal Cancun or Club Baccara or Avalon Grand or Imperial Perlas Cancun or Imperial Laguna hotel Cancun) on any reservation for any dates with a minimum stay of 4 nights. (*in this beachfront minimum stays are one week)
In addition to hundreds of dollars of Cancun discount coupons all free!

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