Now not everyone rents with CancunSteve. The shame of it all. We'd like to demonstrate the dire consequences of those unbelievers with the Shockwave animation below. And for those than can remember, you'll find Amos And Andy within this animation and Saffire too.
Notice the Brand X photo; now click on the Brand X button and see what happens. Then when you return to this screen click on the good-guys button CancunSteve. After you read the testimonial, click on the arrow to go back here.

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Now Fat Mildred was bent upon finding a better deal than thru the good-guys at CancunSteve. Here's her story. With her wristwatch on her thumb she treked from Punta Nizuc to Playa del Carmen stopping in her relentless quest only for food, drink, sleep, and a few hands of pinochle. She'd make a long march of up to 200 yards then collapse in apathy. Mildred was promised a hotel by Brand-X with a magic bird-bath in which the future would be revealed. Upon check-in Mildred noticed a pair of birds floating upside down in the dirty water. Mildred asked the waters to reveal her destiny upon which she saw herself as a famous balarina with the Grand Ballet Canadian. Then she saw the triumphant entry of Napoleon into Moscow and Enron shares splitting three-for-one.

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