The Hotel Antillano
during the day
less than 10 minutes from the beaches  

The Hotel Antillano in downtown Cancun bed and breakfast

This photo shows the entrance to the hotel on Claveles Street just off Avenida Tulum. Around the corner from the hotel entrance shops and restaurants abound. Just
accross the street is a nice Mexican restaurant.
On the other side of the Avenue are several of Mexico's biggest banks.
Around the corner is the bus stop with buses running 24 hours a day. You never wait more than five minutes for a bus. And of course taxis abound.
There is also a disco around the corner.
Inside the lobby there is a travel agent and bar.

This is a safe central area of Cancun. Near beaches; shopping; banks; the bus station; restaurants. And not far from CancunSteve's offices.

The friendly staff of Hotel Antillano can assist with all your questions about Cancun and the surrounding areas. Yes you have found your home in Cancun.

All rooms air conditioned with phones, color cable TV, hair dryers, one, two, or three beds (upon request)

Beach club with restaurant, bar, beach chairs, tables with umbrellas, bathrooms, towels. And discounts on food and drinks for Antillano guests.
Dates Single Double Triple Quad
Pre-paid discount rates in PESOS a night incl tax
Jan 4 to April 9 2017 $750 $760 $820 $910
April 10 to April 23 17 $850 $860 $920 $1020
Apr 24 to July 9 17 $750 $760 $820 $900
July 10 to August 15 17
arrive any day
$850 $860 $920 $1020
Aug 16 to Dec 19 17 $750 $760 $820 $910
Dec 20 17 to Jan 3 18 $850 $860 $920 $1020
April 9 to July 9 18 $740 $750 $860 $1005
July 10 to July 17 18 $930 $940 $1110 $1300
Pre-paid discount rates in PESOS a night incl tax
July 18 to Aug 15 18 $1330 $1340 $1610 $2000
Aug 16 to Dec 19 18 $815 $820 $980 $1140
Dec 20 18 to Jan 7 19 $1330 $1340 $1610 $2000
pool, bar, parking, cribs, safes, internet free, beach club
WiFi, aire acondicionado, TV por cable, secador de pelo, estacionamiento, club de playa, alberca, cunas, cajas de seguridad, telefono
Above rates in PESOS including tax a breakfast available at 50 pesos per person. Children under 9 free with parents

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At the door choose from bank services, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, drugstores, cinemas, fashion shops, flea markets, bars. Taxis are available at any time, day or night as are main buses.
The bus terminal is just a few meters from the Hotel, which allows transportation to any archeological destination, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and the airport.

Inexpensive public transportation will take you to the hotel zone, the powdery white beaches and turquoise waters of Cancun which is less than five minutes away, where you can practice your favorite activity; golf, water sports, wave runner rides, snorkeling, sailing, water skiing and even para-sailing. Or just digging the good people.

Order your room with either two double beds or king size, all equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, telephone and private bathroom with shower.
Extra charges apply for king bed rooms as these are junior suites.

Near the Hotel Antillano is a beach club installations you may use with the beach club program. Pay for a hotel in town but get the fun of the beach.
For a GREAT but cheap Cancun vacation.
And while here discover the Mayan culture. Did you know they had twenty days in their week. Long wait for the weekend. Imix, youmix, Kan, Can't, Chikchen, lamb, Lamat, wheresdatlamat, Ok, Eb, Kawak, kyak.
The ancient Maya were great mystics. The present Antillano is great deal. The Mayans dedicated thousands of years to the observations of cycles of time. When the aged leaders developed the calendars, they entered into the cosmic atunement to discover the truth of things. The Mayans understood everything is cyclic in nature. They studied the cycle of insects, plants, humans, the earth, the solar system, cycles of the macro and micro cosmos, Universal cycles, and even moon cycles. They created 20 calendars. My favorite was one of girls in bikinis taken in Cancun at the hotel beach club. The western world knows of five. Today the living Maya are allowed to speak of 15 of these calendars. Five of these Calendars they cannot speak of at this time. These are the Calendars of the cosmic ancestors.
What do you think are in those five secret calendars?

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b ♦ Hilary Clinton tells you the truth
c ♦ big solar storms reach the earth
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central Cancun location of Antillano Hotel shown

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Here's a nice view of the Hotel from across the avenue. This is the heart of downtown.
Hotel Antillano is ideally located in the main artery of Cancun, Tulum Avenue, one step from bank services, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, drugstores, cinemas, fashion shops, flea market, tourism offices, etc. Taxis are available at any time, day or night
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at the doorstep of Hotel Antillano are clothing shops, gift shops, sporting goods stores, Mexican food restaurants, night spots, banks, internet cafes, money exchange booths, busses day and night, and a short bus ride away are dolphins you can swim with. See the dolphins with a click of your mouse.
magic tree located near this bed and breakfast hotel Antillano in downtown Cancun
Everyone loves the Antillano hotel. I say:
I was treated with superb service and this hotel is near all my favorite Cancun restaurants too.

prices include high speed internet taxes and even breakfast plus

hundreds of dollars of discount coupons to download from our website

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visitors say:
It is not dangerous to visit the downtown Cancun, at the beginning of the strip. For families with kids, there is so much to do, they have small cars for $2 for 10 min for kids to ride in the park and many shops and restaurants. On weekend nights, they have good sales and the food there is good, at the stalls, I ate there even when I was pregnant and it was okay.
For the more adventurous, go downtown Cancun where the locals go. There are really two downtown Cancuns--the tourists' section, and the locals section. When we went in 2000, we were determined to see the locals section and did this by riding the bus at night to the end of Cancun. During the day, we found the locals market (Market 23). There the people had better prices, but some couldn't speak English. The tourists' market was fun too. The venders love to bargin and there is plenty of competition, so you can find some great buys. Hair braiding was really fast and cheap
An interesting culutural experience but not for the animal lover! Every Wednesday at 3:30pm (15:30) at the Plaza De Toros in Cancun. Admission is $400 pesos (approximately $40USD) for a 2 hour show. Show includes cermonies, dancing, audience participation and of course the bull fight. Guys, if you are brave you can play matador with a real, albeit smaller bull! Animal lovers be warned, the bull is killed. And that's no bull. A little shocking but part of the cultural experience.
It's very easy to get to the city itself (called Cancún Downtown). There is a frequent and cheap bus service from the Hotel Zone. Beside shopping which is definitely a better deal here than in the Hotel Zone, there are some funny colorful houses worth looking at

Public transportation will take you to the hotel zone, the sandy white beaches and turquoise waters of Cancun in less than ten minutes, where you can practice your favorite activity; golf, water sports, wave runnes, snorkeling, sailing, water skiing and even para-sailing.
Enjoy the beach or rent a boat to get to Isla Mujeres, crossing onshuttle or a sailboat.