Your oasis in the heart of downtown Cancun:

The Hotel Antillano in Cancun b&b (bread and breakfast hotel) wireless internetHere's the Hotel Antillano seen at night from Tullum Ave.
Bus terminal is just a few meters from the Hotel, which allows transportation to any archeological destination, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and the airport. And the hotel's travel agency reps will be glad to help you arranging tours or making reservations for other special events

See the marvels of the Mayan civilization. Live the mystery. In Chichen Itza do the ball court. Stand at one end. Have your friend or partner go to the other extreme. About 300 feet away. Speak in a normal voice. Your friend will hear everything you say.
Centuries ago the Mayans played ball in this very court. Yes they did. And the winning team would have their heads cut off. So of course no one scored any baskets.
Like the Boston Celtics today.

And how did they understand acoustics way back then to that degree. One of the mysteries to experience there.

The observatory was used to track the path of the planet venus. You can go up in it. The Mayans understood venus was a planet circling the sun, and the sun which was the center of the universe, not the earth, centuries before the Europeans did. They knew the earth was a planet and not the center of the universe.
And so long ago.
Another mystery near the hotel.
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The Hotel Antillano in Cancun b&b (bread and breakfast hotel)
And here's a typical room inside the hotel.
You can relax here after your day at Chichen Itza.
Or after a night in one of Cancun's discos.
The Antillano is a choice business travelers hotel for it's central location.

OR in the beach club provided free by the hotel. The beach is ten minutes away and has facilities on the beach including beach chairs. Bar service.
The Hotel Antillano in Cancun b&b (bread and breakfast hotel)The hotel has baby-sitting service if you need it.
And fast laundry service too.
Everything you need for your Cancun downtown bed and breakfast hotel.

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right at the doorstep of Hotel Antillano are factory outlets, jewelry shops, sporting goods stores, sea food restaurants, bars, banks, internet cafes, money exchange booths, busses round the clock, and a short bus ride away are dolphins you can swim with. See the dolphins with a click of your mouse.
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The lovely hotel pool shown at the right.
you found the best downtown value in this central bed and breakfast hotel
The Hotel Antillano in Cancun b&b (bread and breakfast hotel)

And not far from the hotel Antillano are the bull fights.
Every Wednesday at 3:30 the Plaza de Toros (Bullring) Cancún presents a Mexican folkloric show and bullfight. Enjoy the contest between man and bull.
Bull fights are not for the squemish. Either the matador or the bull has to die at the end of the fight so place your bets.
Or hang out at the Antillano pool and read about the results in the local Cancun newspapers.
The strong suit of downtown is shopping. Downtown Cancun supermarkets have the best prices on beer for your room as opposed to the hotel zone.
Don't forget to try the local markets where the locals shop. And sometimes you can catch a free show in the City Hall on Tulum Avenue.

El Hotel Antillano está situado en la avenida principal de Cancun, la Avenida Tulum justo en el centro de Cancun, muy cerca de todos los bancos, restaurantes, plazas comerciales, mercados de artesanías, bares y centros de diversión.

La terminal de autobuses está a corta distancia del Hotel, permitiendo el transporte a cualquier destino arqueológico como Chichen-Itza, Tulum o Coba y a Xel-ha, Xcaret, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen y el aeropuerto.

No olvides hay club de playa!
A solo 10 min del hotel, regaderas, sanitarios, camastros, juegos y descuentos en alimentos y bebidas.

free high speed wireless internet in your room for your laptop

In Cancun you can find a multitude of handmade products: silver jewelry, embroidered items, hammocks, talavera pottery, etc. You may found all of these items at the typical flea markets or at the commercial plazas. Most near the hotel or may be reached by busses running 24 hours a day around the corner from the hotel. Or inexpensive taxis in front of the hotel.
These people reserved their cheap hotel with who knows who
The shame of it all
a bad experience to be sure

She booked lodgings in the Hotel Antillano with us
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Not far from the Hotel Antillano is the diverse mercardo 28.
Find arts and crafts in onyx, marble, ceramics, clay, wood sculptures, pottery. And hammocks of course. What a nice thing to take back home for your noon-time siesta. Remember Cancun: siesta, fiesta, mañana. Silver jewelery and good prices. Clothing of all sorts. Restaurants abound.

For something more upscale take the bus to La Isla mall in the hotel strip. Here find fountains, little bridges, shops like Adidas, Arami, Bari, Calvine Klein, Dissel, Elite Lockers, Lladro, and all at duty-free prices. I once bought a Lladro in Madrid and it is lovely. The Lladros here are close in price-point when I last checked.

Downtown Cancun is home to Malecon Americas and Plaza las Americas (we go often), modern shopping malls which are very popular with both locals and tourists.
Cancun finally has an outlet mall as well, Las Plazas Outlet (but no great deals). For handicraft souvenirs, sombreros, silver jewelry or tequila, Market 28 mentioned above is Cancun's biggest and most popular open air market along with mercardo 23.
These are pronounced for the benefit of the cabbie mercardo viente-ocho and mercardo viente-tres respectively.
Of course there's always the Walmart (there are several in Cancun; one a few blocks from our home), which has good prices on souvenirs and all of the sunscreen, beach and pool equipment, snacks, beer and liquor, fruit, bakery goodies that you'll need during your vacation.

Is it a good idea to stay downtown in the Antillano? Answer TRUE or FALSE

1) You save lots of money by being downtown near all the shopping and banks and can take safe inexpensive busses to any beach
a) True
b) False

2) However it is nice to be on the beach with an ocean view
a) True
b) False (when you're in the room you're sleeping and the view aspect is lost)

3) Antillano has free breakfast with your stay
a) True
b) False

4) Beaches in Mexico are public so one does not have to pay to be staying on it
a) True
b) False

5) The Hotel Antillano has a pool, lobby bar, and beach club
a) True
b) False

6) There aren't any restaurants near the hotel
a) True
b) False. There are dozens right there. Locando Paolo, an Italian restaurant or Habichuela also downtown.
L'escargot is a small French restaurant hidden on a side street near your downtown lodgings. And Peter's restaurant staffed by the owner Peter, is it any suprise the owner's name is Peter?
Prices here less than the hotel zone to be sure.

And a few short blocks from these downtown lodgings is the zocolo (town square) a fun spot to explore. Locals and visitors mill about sampling tacos, tamales, and even pizza sold by the little kitchens surrounding the plaza.
In the plaza's center is a stage where public free events like concerts are held.
Take in a show.
Numerous boutiques and restaurants abound on the streets in this area.
Small booths offer arts and crafts on the outskirts of the plaza.

Across the street from Antillano is the city hall (palacio municipal). Many events are held here like shows of well known musical groups and tamale tastings.
This is also the place people go to pay property taxes.

Asking question 1 of 10 about this downtown hotel offering quality economical Cancun lodgings with 0 answers correct


  True     False

El Hotel Antillano está situado en la Avenida Tulum, la avenida principal de Cancun, cerca de bancos, restaurantes, plazas comerciales, mercados de artesanías, y centros de diversión (discos y bares).
La terminal de autobuses está a corta distancia del Hotel, permitiendo el transporte a cualquier destino arqueológico como Chichen-Itza, Tulum o Labna y a Xel-ha, Xcaret, Isla Mujeres, aun el aeropuerto.
Su agencia de viajes CancunSteve están a sus órdenes para ayudarle a organizar excursiones o reservaciones para otros eventos especiales.
El lobby bar ofrece servicio de bebidas y algunos platillos ligeros que Ud. puede disfrutar ahi mismo, en el soleado patio de la alberca o en la comodidad de su habitación.

Just a few miles from Cancun’s hotel zone is El Centro, or downtown Cancun.
Unlike the hotel zone, one can experience the real Mexico in downtown Cancun, and see how some of the locals live and play.
Sadly, many tourists only ever venture into downtown Cancun when they make a trip to the Walmart, but they don’t bother to see anything else.
When you visit Cancun, leave the hotel zone for a spell, and do downtown to see what the real Cancun is like.
Or instead of staying in the expensive hotel zone, save money by booking Antillano with CancunSteve.
Fans of live rock ‘n roll and salsa will be in heaven in downtown Cancun. Along Yaxchilan Avenue near Antillano, there are several bars that have live bands perform most nights of the week.
The bands usually start around midnight and play until 4 in the morning or, depending on the bar and the size of the crowd, maybe even until dawn.
Most bands play songs by major Latin acts, like Vincente Fernandez, as well as songs by American amd British bands, like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
No Mothers of Invention nor the Fugs.
Occasionally, you'll hear bands play some of their own original tunes, as well.
Mambo Cafe, Los Arcos, El Chikito, and Ruta 666 are the liveliest spots for live music.
Waldo awoke in his cellar apartment on Avenue A and 11th Sreet in lower Manhattan. He could hear the footsteps outside the small window like a slit on the top of the wall.

Poor ol Waldo dreams of getting a room here in the Antillano and seeing Cancun, but even with the low prices CancunSteve offers, the one dollar and five cents in nickles and dimes he collected in the cup at the poetry reading at the Gaslight won't get him lodgings in Cancun.

And although CancunSteve has FREE financing, ol Waldo don't have any credit cards, nor even a bank account.

So he won't get to hang out in the Hotel Antillano beach club and have pina coladas under the palapa reclining in a beach chair.

Nor will he get to see all the nice bars his friend from the upper East Side told him about near the Antilliano.

Like Pericos bar and restaurant where everyone's happy and the food is good.
Or Mambo Cafe with live bands and great DJ's spinning hip hop, disco, salsa, and all the stuff you wanna hear after going out for the night in Cancun.
Las de Guanatos is a local favorite. There are various locations in downtown Cancun. The most popular is the Plaza Toros (bullring) location and on weekends they feature live music.

But even if ol Waldo does more poetry readings maybe he can save for a few nights in the Hotel Antillano Cancun lodgings.

But what about getting here. He can't swim down.

Downtown scene above near these Cancun lodgings.

The town square always swings. To experience local culture, this is the place for you. In the evenings, especially on the weekends, locals spend time here with their families. Try street food sold in the small booths surrounding the square, like quesadillas, sopes, gorditas and empanadas.
Purchase lovely local handicrafts displayed on charming wooden carts.
Dig the live musical performances, exhibitions, fashion shows and dance productions.
Or rehearsals for same up on the stage. It's all free.
A few short blocks from the Antillano.

Also close by is a Walmart if you need some sun block, you lost your sandals or need a new pair of sunglasses. Open 24 hours.

Malecon Americas or Plaza Las Americas is one good shopping mall.
This is the major shopping mall in downtown Cancun,. Malecon Americas and Plaza las Americas (they are connected) offer a large variety of shops. You can find everything from designer brands to health food stores. The food court features Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, and others. And there are also chain restaurants like Chili’s, Hooters, California Pizza Kitchen.
Around the block from Hotel Antillano are dinner theaters.
Now you all heard about or seen the classic movie The Lady Sings the Blues portraying the legendary blues singer Billy Holliday.
Now this joint around the corner from Hotel Antillano was showing The Lady Sings the Scales.
Portraying the legendary fat overweight singer Kate Smith remembered for her rendition of God Bless America.
When Luciano Big Pavorotti came out on stage with his beard cut-off, in drag, portraying Kate, everyone went wild with laughter.
As the Billy Holiday flick played upon her addiction to herion, the Kate Smith show plays upon Kates well known addiction to food.
Cashing in on Kates suffering. Hiding candy bars in her garter belt, stashing blueberry pies in her dressing room. Getting fatter and fatter.
In the second act a pillow was added beneath Parorotti's costume.
The crowd went crazy when Kate (Pavorotti) gobbles the left-overs on her neighbor's plate.
So much fun around the Hotel Antillano!
Kate throws away her fork and shovels mashed potatoes into her snout with her pudgy fingers.
And after the show the fun zocalo (town center) a short stroll from Hotel Antillano has a stage where ballerinas perform (Kate ain't one of them).
And shows all for free. And a selection of food vendors hawking everything from pizza to tomales and of course tacos.
Watch out Kate don't sit down at your table, as she's likely to snatch your food the moment you turn your head.
Also find seafood eateries, Italian fare and more near your lodgings in Cancun, the Antillano.
And on the main drag, every few minutes safe, cheap busses pass by to bring you out to the beaches which are all public in Mexico.
Do the Hotel Antillano beach club for access to the snack bar, beach waiters, palapas and lounge chairs.

Nearby the Antillano are two local markets. The mercado 28, and mercado 23.
Fast food joints you know back home like Subway and Burger King.
A WalMart for shopping needs.
Find great arts and crafts for gift ideas in the markets (mercados).
In the Bull Ring about a mile away, find bull. Or as Papa Hemingway would declare, bells, balls, and bulls.
In one of the downtown bars Gertrude Stein beat Hemingway in an arm wrestling contest.
Could have been McCarthy's Irish Pub. Don't remember. Too long ago.
Oh yes, when you leave Antillano for a spell in Mercado 28 be sure to check out the silver shops. You'll find original pieces at good prices.
Look for the .925 engraved on the piece.
Signs may say Joyeria or Silver Factory or out to lunch.
Once upon a time, before Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, bars, discos, plazas, and Hotel Antillano, pristine beaches existed in Cancun, the area was a small fishing village.
Inhabited by Mayan fishermen until most of the local sites were abandoned by the15th century.
For centuries, this region was mostly wetlands, mangroves, jungles, and virgin beaches.
The Maya originally called the area Kan Kun which is baby-talk meaning den of snakes, which later evolved into “Can Cun” by the opressive Spanish invaders.
Paco asked Poncho hey man what did you catch today?
Poncho replied nada. rien. nothing.
Paco suggested that Poncho use a hook and bait.

In 1968 the Mexican government sent Raul to explore the area, and he recognized the potential of this strip of land - known as Cancun island - between Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea to grow into a popular tourist destination with the Hotel Antillano in the heart of things.
Development began immediately, establishing a connection between Cancun island and the Cancun mainland.
Then came Buger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and tourist hotels for Cancun lodgings.
Cancun was designed in two sections: Cancun city or El Centro (downtown) where we find the Antillano, and the hotel zone where we find trinket pedlers, time share sleeze, and fine beaches.
Cancun Centro is the part of the city where most residents live and consists of the institutions of daily life, such as banks, schools, churches, hospitals, markets, restaurants, night life, foreign consulates, and homes.
And now and then a crack in the sidewalk.
Cancun was then introduced in 1974, the same year that Quintana Roo became a Mexican state, and welcomed travelers from all over the world.
Known as the Mexico Caribbean, Cancun has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for so many reasons.
The party scene. The superb snorkeling. The Hotel Antillano.
Nonwithstanding the ocasional crack in the pavement.

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