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Question: Hey CancunSteve is there any downside to buying a package from Banana Tours including everything?1
CancunSteve answers: Now imagine you arrive at Cancun International Airport and no one else from Banana Tours happens to be going to your hotel. But ground transportation is included in your package, so you wait and wait. Everyone on your flight is gone; enjoying the sun and Cancun while you wait and wait until the Banana bus comes to get you. CancunSteve's guest left the airport long ago with their pre-arranged ground transportation from CancunSteve.
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Question: What is included in all-inclusive?
CancunSteve answers: Your lodgings as described in our e-mail to you and our website plus all you can eat and drink. Non-motorized water sports; activities all day; games; as mentioned shows where applicable. Drinks are National which means made in Mexico; ergo Mexican Tequila, Rum, Beer, soft drinks. So Pina Colada, Margaritas, Coca Cola are fine.
What is NOT included:

Click here  for differences between all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. Use the combined features section on that page. That link will bring you right there. Then select all-inclusive differences in the select box. Review the differences shown. Then scroll up to find links to each all-inclusive place for on-line brochures.
Better yet, if you have Shockwave Flash use this link to see all you ever wanted to know  about All-Inclusives in Cancun.

Question: I lost my airplane ticket. What can I do?
Answer: Everything depends on your ticket:
- As a precaution take a photocopy of your airplane ticket before your departure. If your ticket is stolen, you should file a report with the police and you will be reimbursed with your proof of purchase. - If you have a ticket for a regular flight, at the full fare, you must immediately advise your ticket agent. Often, and this is wise, you must send a written declaration within 6 months from the date of the theft. When the airline company or the travel agent are sure that your ticket was never used, you will be reimbursed. You may be charged handling fees. In general, you will be reimbursed after the validity date of the ticket In order for you to be able to take the flight you booked, you will be issued with a replacement ticket. - If you have a charter ticket or a reduced fare ticket, check the purchase contract which probably states that there is no reimbursement in the event of loss of the ticket. However, you will be reimbursed if at the time of purchase you bought insurance against the theft or loss of the ticket. In the event you did not buy insurance and have lost your charter ticket you may be out of luck.
Be sure to ask your local agent about this and know: anything you are lucky enough to buy from CancunSteve is safe from loss or theft as we always keep electronic copies of everything for your security and peace of mind.

Question: Can I reserve without a deposit? Can I reserve without making any commitment whatsoever?
CancunSteve's answer: Yes you can if there's a solar-eclipse at Grand Central Station at 12 noon July 11th and it's snowing.

Question: Is there a way to insure I don't lose my keys?
CancunSteve answer: Click here to see a clever Jorge Gonzalez invention to insure you never lose your key.
Question: Can I bring my pet to the hotel?
CancunSteve answer: Click here for the answer and how you can bring Killer with you.
pet friendly Isla Mujeres hotel
another pet friendly Isla Mujeres hotel

1How often are we asked this? No one ever actually asked us this, but based upon numerous comments and conversations on the beach we got this message and felt putting it here makes our competition look bad.

2To begin with the cost of basic phone calls out of Mexico are multiples of a comparible service in the USA. Add to that the typical hotel mark-up which any hotel anywhere in the world adds-on so figure long distance calls home made from your room via the hotel switchboard will cost big bucks or muchos pesos. Consider either using a calling card from back home and paying only the hotel service charge to connect you thus saving the mark-up on the entire call or just not bothering to call home, after-all you're on vacation. Or buy a TelMex calling card to use from a public phone which is the cheapest way if you must call.

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