CancunSteve's downtown Cancun lodgings

Urban Cancun ideal location near best shopping. value priced. see Urban Cancun lodgings high speed internet

Hotel Colonial Cancun central location for Cancun hotel at great rates visit Hotel Colonial by clicking here high speed internet

Hotel Antillano best location Cancun hotel click here and get to know Antillano high speed internet

And in the Urban Cancun above   beginning of hotel zone next to best shopping in Cancun with rooftop pool and beach club too!

Hotel Krystal Urban Cancun just at beginning of hotel zone in town click here best Cancun location next to Plaza Americas

Hotel Imperial Las Perlas in Cancun on beach studios click here   European Plan or all-inclusive where hotel zone begins and downtown ends

Two bedroom home in downtown Cancun good neighborhood click here   monthly rates long range

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Cancun now is a city of more than one million residents and is one of the safest places in the world. With fine dinning, shopping malls galore at Cancun duty free prices, restaurants of every nationality offering Oriental, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and even those fast food joints you know from back home.
Outlet stores too
And in town you have movie theaters with Oscar winning movies in English you can watch in leather reclining seats. With small tables at your side to put the drinks and goodies you can order from waitresses and waiters who serve you.
Remember Cancun is all duty free shopping.
There are casinos as well for those who like to gamble ignoring Biblical advice.
And for all those booking with us we offer casino discounts. And more Cancun savings.

And in those hotels offering all-inclusive lodgings eat til you can't. From the menu. From the buffet.
From the snack bar by the pool. Or the swim-up bar in the pool.
Italian restaurants. Oriental fare. Fresh sea food.
Bon apetit.
Buen provecho.
Hearty apetite.

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