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Come See a Sample of our work creating frames (three pages working together as one)
Or another sample of our work
Incredible 3D text! Try it! just send us your text and we'll do the magic!
  Come enjoy this underwater illusion
  Come enjoy this Shockwave Flash presentation
  This page makes use of a flat text database using Perl

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All web sites must address navigation. How do your visitors get around your site? This is a basic web site design question. Traditional techniques include LINKS that are underlined text and/or images too can be used that when the cursor is placed upon them converts to a small hand and upon clicking the mouse's left button the visitor is transported to that link. There are some other options I'd like to mention:
A java aplet can contain the link. This you can see in our blinking eye aplet: click here and look for the eye at the bottom of the page
Maybe you already have a page and would like to add an effect. I know whenever I see a piano I want to touch the keys. Try; move your mouse over to the keyboard to the left, then move the mouse away. See what happens. Do it again. As often as you like. And the neat thing is this animation loads in the blink of an eye. So don't believe Shockwave Flash takes too long to load. And an animation like this added to your website can cost as little as $29. Talk to us. You can have music load as soon as your page loads or sounds or music begin with a mouse action like the piano to the left.
Another way is a choice box where when you select your choice you are transported to that link: click here and look for this feature at the bottom of the page.

For as low as $150 we can produce your WEB PAGES(s) and offer assistance with hosting and domain name registration. There are many products out there to help you create a web page. Office2000 or Front Page from Microsoft offers Web Publishing Tools to name two options. All pages on the Internet are programmed in the HTML language and some script files are used for special effects.

To create inter-active pages and animation popular used scripts are Java and Perl. Further down this page we offer a link to show this to you.
Perl is short for Practical Extraction and Report Language and NOT Patholigically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.  see how Perl works on our site  make your site  inter-active
Maybe you already have a page and just want an enhancement. Let me know. We're easy to work with. Some enhancements can run as little as $10 which you can pay for with your personal check.

We need to know the following:

Working with us is easy!
Once we have your exact requirements we will send you a quote (perhaps less than you would think)!
Then if you accept our services, you render partial payment. We will do one page of your site and send it to you. If you like our work and want us to continue, you issue the next payment, and so on. So your risks are always small. You can stop at any time or go as far as you want.
Your first sale from your site will more than pay our small fees in most cases!
We must perform or you will go somewhere else!
With this plan how can you loose?
So don't wait, do it now!

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We can also help you host your page if you wish on the same fast server we are on.

What can be easier or more personal?

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Come See a Sample of Our Work
Come See a Sample of our work with fun Shockwave Flash effects
Or another sample of our work
At the bottom of this page is an incredible eye that blinks Try it!
Incredible 3D text! Try it! just send us your text and we'll do the magic!
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