Cancun creatures
Years ago all this was jungle. And surrounding Cancun there is still jungle. And in the outlying areas small lizards may be seen that can climb walls of rocks and hang on to the ceilings of Mayan ruins overhead while upside down. These animated creatures are quite harmless and so cute. They make jungle sounds and can even change colors. To demonstrate move your mouse over the ball; listen to the sounds. Now click on the ball . Watch the creature change colors.
Places where you can get this feeling:
Hotel Xaloc Holbox island
XpuHa Palace Riviera Maya
Xpujil Campeche and Felipe Carrillo

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Cancun history
Cancun's blossoming as a vacatioon paradise is a true Cinderella story. Back in the late 50's and early 60's it was a sleepy fishing village. Tourism was almost unknown; those that came did so to visit the Yucatan Peninsula to see Chichen Itza or the charm of Merida. The coastline was left for two types of visitors. Skin divers and scuba divers who chartered private planes to take them to private coves and secluded rocky shorelines. These were sad times as CancunSteve was not there to help them.
Serious sun worshipers had unspoiled stretches of coco palm shore almost to themselves.
Until 1961 the Yucatan was completely isolated from the rest of Mexico. In that year a highway complete with pot-holes was opened to Chetumal the capital of Quintana Roo the state that hosts Cancun. This opened the peninsula. Then FONATUR a Mexican government agency decided the transparent turquoise waters and sugar-white sand were prime ingredients for the creation of a resort playground. All that was missing was swank hotels; great discos; lovely malls and CancunSteve. Bridges were built connecting both ends of the island to the mainland. Then Cancun home to the ancient Maya and later a refuge for pirates fell into the hands of modern developers.
The results have been awesome! At the beginning of the 70's Cancun didn't even show up on the maps. A building boom began in the 80's and is still going on. The local population mushroomed to over 400,000 full-time residents. The city attracts well over 2 million visitors annually. Cancun is presently Mexico's most popular tourist destination partly due to the flashy nightspots; chic restaurants; elegant hotels; resorts; CancunSteve's website; fishing; golf; diving; upscale boutiques.
Cancun is a getaway for honeymooners and spring breakers who party all night in the hotel zone.
The city is also a convenient base to explore the coast or Mayan ruins.
Come on down as soon as you can. Cancun is waiting for you. Inter-active page to select your ideal vacation spot in either Cancun; the Mayan Riviera; Cozumel; Isla Mujeres; Merida; Isla Blance; Holbox.