CancunSteve brings you prices of quality American hotels in the USA

This US hotel in Washington The Watergate has single rooms costing up to $1,710 USD per night EP. This is a lovely hotel but as my mama used to say the sweeter you want your coffee the more sugar you gotta put in.

We scanned this ad for the hotel at the left from a 1998 guide book and left in their phone number in case you'd rather reserve this. No hard feelings.

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This lovely resort hotel in Palm Beach Florida called the Breakers has suites running up to $2,100USD or single rooms up to $565USD EP.

Their number is to the right as we are not afraid of some competition. We even left their website url for you. What more can we do? Quality places in the states aren't given away as you can see. We scanned this photo out of a 1998 guide book so figure the prices of this resort are higher today.

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Here's a lovely Hawaian resort for you.The Kahala Mandarin Oriental. It's 10 minutes from Waikiki in Honolulu.

Suites are up to $5,000USD per night. EP  Plus tax. This is a ad scanned from a 1998 guide book.

Understand CancunSteve does not rent any of the options found on this page. We are only demonstrating with facts hotels of quality in the USA are not cheap. As my moma used to say you get what you pay for

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