Two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun for great deal on Cancun home rentals.
Rent by the year; semi-anually; or in three month blocks. Will consider shorter periods by exception.

This rental home is ideal for those coming to Cancun to work or dwell long range.

In a three block radius of this home is a Walmart; Starbucks; four different banks; laundromat; 24 hour convenience stores; computer stores; several bus lines and bus stops; printers.

In a five block radius is mercardo 28; with many clothing and arts and crafts; a major super market in addition to the Walmart mentioned above. Pharmacies. Bakeries.

entrance to the two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

With an orange and bannana tree right in front.
Over 800 sq ft of living space with two bedrooms; bath; entrance area (sitting area); dining area; equiped kitchen.
In quiet safe neighborhood of downtown Cancun.
Buses run 24/7. Several bus lines. All on the corner one block away.
And plenty of taxis too.
Parking area 10 feet from the house.

Secure home has protection on all windows. Plus an electronic alarm system with your own code which will be furnished to you.
Plenty of closet space.
Screens on all windows and doors.

Trees outside the two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

Lovely shopping plaza a few steps from the front door.

Plaza has a Starbucks with high speed internet
Several major banks.

Walmart a few blocks away.
Safe quiet neighborhood well conected to all of Cancun. Numerous bus lines right on the corner.

Semi-furnished home has an equiped kitchen with fridge and stove with oven.

Two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

There is an air conditioner in the main bedroom, as well as a queen size bed with linnens. Quality matress.
Ceiling fans in all rooms. Plus several floor fans as well.

Equiped kitchen in the two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

Many decorations adorn the home. Your home in Cancun.

Two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

queen bed shown in the two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

View of second bedroom

Ceiling fans in all rooms.
Air conditioner in main bedroom.
One bathroom with shower

second bedroom in the two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

Two bedroom home right in the center of Cancun

term of rental USD per month
12 month rentals 425
6 month rentals 450
3 month rentals where holiday period forms part of rental period 575
3 month rentals where no holiday periods apply 500
holiday periods include Christmas, New Years, Easter, Holy week. Refundable security deposits will also be required
rental includes water consumption and gas
high speed internet additional 25usd per month
shorter rental periods considered at a slightly higher monthly rate

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Fabulous Cancun beaches just a bus ride away.
This home is semi furnished with fans, air conditioner, queen bed, radio, tables, chairs, fully equiped kitchen with fridge, oven, stove. Plates. Pots and pans.

Small pets welcome.
House comes with linnens for bed; towels; dishes; silverware.
One of Cancun's best neighborhoods.

Grounded outlets and both 110 and 220 volt connections.

And for those who like to read we leave an extensive library in this house for your reading pleasure. Please do not remove the books.

And remember you can always put down that book and walk over to Plaza Hollywood two blocks away and visit the stores like:
♣ Starbucks ♣ Superfitness (gym) ♣ La Europa (fine gourmet foods) ♣ Banamex; HSBC; Santander (banks) ♣ Interjet (airline) ♣ others
And that local Walmart has it all! Sun tan lotions; beer; a bakery; gifts; USDA meats; bathing suits and beachwear.
Before you rent a house in Cancun consider this:
In real estate baby it's location, location, location.
In the wrong area of the city places look like the photo to the left.
Cancun is divided by a boulevard called Lopez Portillo (an ex President of Mexico). On one side of Lopez Portillo are lodgings like the one at the left.
You really don't want to rent in this area be it here in Cancun or in any other city, be it Detroit, New York, or London town.
Areas like that have problems. Even if you are not a crime victim noise when you are trying to sleep will be an issue to say the least. Screams or loud music at 3AM.
Garbage lying around.
So you want a nice safe location like we are offering here!
Plus you want to rent from someone you can trust (me) CancunSteve.
Any questions or issues I am here a phone call away. I manage this property and I live here in Cancun.
A big plus!!!
You want a house that has good neighbors. You will find it here. Some of your neighbors will be ex-patriots. Most are Mexican families of good upbringing.
You also want to rent a house where everything works. Like this one.
Solid construction (this house is cinder block and stucco).
why do people build homes of cinder block (concrete block):
Cinder blocks are sturdier and last much longer.
They block out noise and are inexpensive.
A cinder block house wouldn't burn down in five minutes; it's fireproof.
Hurricanes, flooding, or trees wouldn't knock it over.
Remember the story of the three little pigs and the bad wolf who said I'll huff and I'll puff and blow your house down!
Not a cinder block house he won't.
Plenty of space for two or three people.
All the services and shopping are at your doorstep.

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