CancunSteve How Safe is Mexico Quiz

1) What is the town below victim of a summer 2012 shootout leaving two dead and twenty-one wounded?
a) Acapulco.
b) Merida.
c) Toronto, Ontario Canada.
d) Cancun.

2) What is the place where a crazy went on a shooting spree in a public movie theater July 2012?
a) Colorado
b) Isla Mujeres
c) Cancun
d) Cozumel

3) Which place has a 40% increase in violent crimes in 2012?
a) Mascota Jalisco
b) Holbox
c) Washington DC
d) Tulum

4) Where did the Oaklahoma bomber do his evil deed?
a) Playa del Carmen
b) Mexico City
c) Oaklahoma
d) Holbox

5) Where were there more than 14,000 violent crimes in 2008?
a) Tulum
b) Guanajuato
c) Iceland
d) Taxco

6) Which place had 274 violent crimes in 2009?
a) Teaneck New Jersey
b) Cancun
c) Hawaii
d) Puerto Vallarta

7) In the photo below people are shocked by a gun battle where the shooters shot wild killing innocent victims (where?):
a) Cancun
b) Toronto Ontario
c) Palenque
d) Salt Lake City Utah

8) Which town had a 19% unemployment rate and 58 murders in 2011?
a) Merida
b) Stocktown California
c) Cabo San Lucas
d) Mexico City

9) What's the name of the city which is number one for forceable rape last year?
a) Cancun
b) Ixtapa
c) Birmingham Alabama
d) Mascota Jalisco

10) Which is the most dangerous city in the world in 2011 and is a huge tourist attraction full of things to do, it also has extremely high crime rates and walking down the wrong street at the wrong time can put you in harms way?
a) Taxco
b) Cape Town South Africa
c) Cancun
d) Mascota Jalisco
Bonus question (we'll supply the answer)
11) Which city are we talking about?
Her son, L.C. Robinson III, was shot and killed just after midnight Aug. 15 while he was standing on a corner chatting with a friend. He was 39, a carpenter, the father of four. No one has been charged with his murder. Driven by gangs, drugs and guns, the bloodshed in President Obama's adopted hometown has resulted in a body count that exceeds the 312 murders this year in New York and 212 in Los Angeles, cities with populations dwarfing that of the Windy City. The toll here is up 25% from 2011: 391 through Sept. 23. Last week, two men who had been beaten to death were found in the trunk of a car. The same day, a 17-year-old boy and a 33-year-old man were found shot to death. Those and others to be added to the official tally push the number of homicides in Chicago through September to the 400 mark for the first time since 2003. That year, 601 murders were documented here; annual totals have been in the 400s since 2009
a) Tulum Mexico
b) Chicago USA
c) Puerto Vallarta Mexico
d) Acapulco Mexico
if you picked 'b)' above score a point! congradulations!

12) Another bonus question. Think of what kind of kids love pizza.
Read the article below and then guess the nationality of these kids and where this happened.
Two 13-year-old children in Wisconsin have been charged with first-degree murder for the brutal murder of one of the boy's great-grandmother, who was allegedly beaten with a hammer and an ax before stealing her spare change to go out and buy pizza.
The two boys, Antonio D. Barbeau and Nathan J. Paape, were charged Friday as adults for the killing of 78-year-old
a) they are Mexicans living in Taxco
b) they are Belgians living in Belgium
c) they are Japanese living in Tokyo
d) they are Americans living in the USA
if you picked 'd)' above score a point! congratulations!

Bonus question (we'll supply the answer)
13) From the December 14th Washington Post A shooting at an elementary school in (you guess). on Friday morning killed 27 people, including 20 children
a) Mexico City
b) Newton, Conneticut
c) Morelia
d) Isla Mujeres
if you picked 'b)' above score a point! congratulations!

14) Where was a poor innocent commuter pushed off the subway platform to his death by an insane lady?
a) Merida
b) New York City
c) Cancun
d) Mascota Jalisco

The good guys at CancunSteve will supply the answer:
15) The number of violent crimes reported in THIS CITY rose from 4,155 in 2011 to 4,630 in 2012. Due to the increase in the number of robberies, from 1,323 in 2011 to 1,556 last year, and the increase in the number of aggravated assaults, from 2,684 in 2011 to 2,913 in 2012. As a result of this increase in crime, THIS CITY had some of the highest incidences of murder, robbery and aggravated assault in this NATION
Where is THIS CITY and NATION?
a) Merida & Mexico
b) Quebec City Quebec & Canada
c) Stockton California & USA
d) Mascota Jalisco & Mexico

if you selcted 'c)' above you're a winner!

16) A 16-year-old has confessed to murdering his parents with a knife, a crowbar, and a baseball bat because of punishments that including taking his iPod away.
The shame of it all. Taking away his IPod.
Vincent Parker killed his mother first, then lay in wait for his father, who was able to call 911 after being stabbed multiple times and beaten with a crowbar; he died in the hospital.
Parker told police: All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.
Now where did this happen?
a) Merida Yucatan
b) Virginia in the USA
c) Cancun
d) San Luis Potosi
if you selected 'b)' above congradulations. (BTW: this happened in May of 2014)

17) In February of 2015 a nine year old girl was shot while selling Girl Scout cookies. Where did this happen?

a) Acapulco
b) Indianapolis in the US of A
c) Cancun
d) Isla Mujeres
if you selected 'b)' above congradulations. That's the correct answer. The poor little girl has been asking her family what did I do wrong?

18) In September of 2015 fiber optic cables cut. Vandelism? Terrorism?
The high-capacity lines, which aren't much thicker than a pencil, carry vast amounts of data. Everything from phone calls to computer transactions, emails, and even the security cameras feeds watching the cables themselves travel down the plastic or glass fibers as pulses of light. The cables are the interstate highways of the information superhighway.
Where did this happen?
a) Cabo San Lucas
b) Puerto Vallarta
c) San Francisco California USA
d) Isla Mujeres
if you selected 'c)' above congradulations. Correct. All the other answers are within Mexico. Don't even know if Mexico has fiber optic cables. Tangled rusty chicken wire yes.
But at least the guy down the street isn't cutting up his aunt and stuffing it in the abandoned refrigerator.

19) High School girl who did not believe in fighting, was a quiet girl, did her homework, killed in a fight in the school bathroom April, 2016.
b) Acapulco
c) Cabo San Lucas
d) Cozumel
if you selected 'a)' above that's the right answer. All the other spots are in Mexico. Mexico has high schools but no one kills kids in the toilets.

20) Police take thousands of dollars from man in car designated for a church and orphange.
Eh Wah had been on the road for hours when he saw the flashing lights in his rear-view mirror.
The 40-year-old Texas man, a refugee from Burma who became a U.S. citizen more than a decade ago, was heading home to check on his family. He was on a break from touring the country for months as a volunteer manager for the Klo & Kweh Music Team, a Christian rock ensemble from Burma, also known as Myanmar. The group was touring to raise funds for a Christian college in Burma and an orphanage in Thailand.
Eh Wah managed the band's finances, holding on to the cash proceeds it raised from ticket and merchandise sales at concerts. By the time he was stopped, the band had held concerts raising money via tickets.

The sheriff's deputies pulled Eh Wah over for a broken tail light on Feb. 27th.
The deputies started asking questions — a lot of them. And at some point, they brought out a scruffy drug-sniffing dog when they found the cash, according to the deputy's affidavit.
There was the roughly $33,000 from ticket sales and donations, much of it earmarked for the religious college back in Burma, according to Eh Wah and the band members.
There were cash donations to the orphanage in Thailand, small bills bundled in two or three dozen sealed envelopes with the orphanage's name written on them.
All told, the deputies found $53,000 in cash in Eh Wah's car that night.
They took Eh Wah to the police station for more questioning. They let him drive his own car there, with deputies' vehicles in front of and behind him the whole way. They interrogated him for several hours.
a) Oaklahoma USA
b) Playa del Carmen
c) Merida
d) Guanajuato
if you selected 'a)' above that's the right answer. All the other areas are in Mexico. Mexico has dumb cops but they don't take monies destined for charities.

Tell me where the above photo was taken.
a) Isla Mujeres
b) Detroit, Michigan, USA
c) Cancun
d) Cozumel
if you selected 'b)' above that's right on. All them other places is in Mexico.

So give me a break and don't talk about how dangerous Mexico is

About safety where are the US travel warnings? Why doesn't the US of A appear on the top of the list of travel warnings? Tell us that Hillary Clinton!

The shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., on Monday marks the 20th time since Barack Obama took office that there has been a mass killing incident.

According to Mother Jones Magazine data, 174 people have lost their lives since January 2009 in such incidents. The incidents must meet several criteria: four or more killed, it must have been a solitary shooter, the killings must have happened in a public place or series of places.

I've come to the realization that nothing will be done to stop the madness. The mass killings by crazed gunmen with weapons that serve no purpose other than to kill will continue unabated.
After all, we've already witnessed the unthinkable:
A congresswoman meeting with constituents outside of a grocery shot in the head. She was lucky enough to survive, but six people who went there to meet her were not. TWENTY 6 and 7 year-old children slaughtered in their classroom, along with 6 adults who did everything possible to protect the children in their charge.
On Monday, the crazy man with the guns killed twelve people. But they were just your everyday, run of the mill, normal folk who raged in age from 46 to 73. No, they weren't babies. And no, they weren't high ranking elected officials.
If our representatives in Washington weren't moved by 20 babies' bullet-ridden bodies, or by one of their own being ambushed, they certainly won't be motivated by the loss of another dozen or so mere citizens whose job it is to protect.
Be smart be safe come here Krystal in Cancun

There's a city now where teens are shooting each other. And parents find them dead on the front porch.

Now where may that be?

Where did that teen kill the other?

a) Merida
b) Willimgton Delaware
c) Chichen Itza
d) Puerto Vallarta

If you selected 'b)' above congradulations.
Sha’mir Sudler, 15, convicted as a member of the OMB gang, shoots at Zaahir Smith, 18, charged as a Shoot To Kill gang member.
Frequent shootings are often the product of a back-and-forth war between Wilmington’s gangs.

In what city did this old geizer freak-out and shoot 58 innocent people in a concert in October, 2017?

a ) Tulum
b) Cancun
c) Las Vegas
d) Cabo San Lucas
If you selected 'c)' above well done. A mentally sick 64-year-old retired accountant with a taste for high-stakes poker went berserk in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Vegas and for no reason opened fire.
58 dead and more wounded.
A woman claims her husband saved her life. When the bullets starting flying the bastard up and ran. But the fool ran behind me and took the bullet meant for me. He fell and you could hear me yell Lord above be praised

Where would some crazy bugger lunge into a high school and murder 17 innocent students with an assault rifle for no reason?

a) Cancun
b) Isla Mujeres
c) Playa del Carmen
d) any of the lower 48 states in the USA
If you selected 'd)' above you're a winner. In almost every state shmucks run amuck with armed weapons killing innocents.

A high school where did students give nazi salute in class picture?

a) Isla Mueres
b) Texas
c) Playa del Carmen
d) Chichen Itza
If you selected 'b)' above that's correct. (source USA Today)


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and food:
In 2010, a large shipment of export beef from American cattle ranches was rejected by Mexican health authorities and returned to the US.
The reason was that copper found in the beef exceeded safe levels for human consumption.
The rejected beef was then sold to consumers back home in the states. Legally.
Maybe you ate some?
The shame of it all!
Turns out that the US has not gotten around to define safety levels for certain harmful substances potentially found in beef, mostly residue chemicals like high levels of copper and arsenic.
How did a nation of burger loving, steak chomping meat lovers reach this point?
I'll tell ya.
Through corruption evidence is hidden in return for favors.
Come on down to Mexico and enjoy a tamale my friend.
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