CancunSteve Cape Cod Quiz

1) What is the town below not located in Cape Cod?
a) Sandwich.
b) Brewster.
c) Hicksville.
d) Provincetown.

2) What is the most important industry in Cape Cod?
a) fishing
b) automotive
c) shipbuilding
d) textiles

3) Which activity is not generally practiced in Cape Cod?
a) bicycling
b) swimming
c) polo
d) horseback riding

4) What is the most popular lodging plan in Cape Cod?
a) all-inclusive
b) European Plan
c) bed and breakfast
d) trailer-park

5) Which bridge gets you into Cape Cod?
a) George Washington
b) Golden Gate
c) Bourne Bridge
d) London Bridge

6) Which is the smallest island off Cape Cod?
a) Martha's Vineyard
b) Long Island
c) Nantucket
d) Fire Island

7) A famous 19th century sea captain in Brewster, Cape Cod was:
a) Captain Kangaroo
b) Captain William Freeman
c) Captain Kirk
d) Captain Kidd

8) Which Cape Cod town is at the extremity of this vacation paradise?
a) Falmouth
b) Provincetown
c) Brewster
d) Hicksville

9) What's the best place to stay in Nantucket?
a) Joe's trailer park
b) Waldorf-Astoria
c) Wauwinet
d) Hotel California

10) Which section of the US houses Cape Cod?
a) Southwest
b) New England
c) Blue Ridge mountains

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