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Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla MujeresWelcome to Hotel Posada del Mar just a few blocks from the ferry docks. 

Across from the beach and right in the town.

The public beach is across the street and Playa Norte just to the left of the photo.

A major known tour guide says:

Simply furnished, quiet, and comfortable, this long-established hotel faces the water 3 blocks north of the ferry pier. This is probably the best choice in Isla for families. For the spaciousness of the rooms (half of which have ocean views) and the location, it's also among the island's best values.

New building rooms have a mini fridge and are larger.


All rooms at Posada del Mar have individual air-conditioning, ceiling fans, telephone, cable TV, and private bath. The hotel's beach club, in front of the hotel, provides free lounge chairs for guests.

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Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla MujeresThe pool area.

The Hotel Posada del Mar is located directly across the street from a beautiful white sandy beach on the turquoise Bay of Isla Mujeres.

Cancun's beautiful skyline can be viewed in the distance of any ocean front room.

Hotel Posada del Mar is only a few blocks from the main pier and downtown

The hotel spa:
Therapeutic Massages, Relaxing Massages, Aroma Therapy Massages, Exfoliation & Spa Treatments, Manicures and Pedicures. These additional services not included in room rates.
Yes folks, cheap hotels in Isla Mujeres can have spas! (and microwaves in the room as well)

And there's even a billards room! Eight-ball side pocket.

Think of the Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres when you want quality looking for cheap hotels Isla Mujeres. Here the wonderful pool also has a children's pool and is adorned with an aqueduct and waterfall. And that isn't all.
There's a shaded area with hammocks to chill out in.

Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla MujeresRoom shown. Notice beach and pool may be seen from the balcony.

The restaurant and swing up bar overlooks the swimming pool accentuated by a colonial style aqueduct, creating a waterfall into the pool in Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres.

And there is a spa too.

Main building rooms:
Ocean view rooms with two double beds, tile floors, individual air-conditioning, ceiling fan, shower and balcony. Cable TV.

New section rooms:
Larger. Mini fridge. Garden view. Balcony. double beds, nice tile floors, individual air-conditioning, ceiling fan, shower . Cable TV.

New building:
As new section plus: choice of king bed or two double beds. Plasma TV.

mini suite new section:
As above plus living room area and microwave, hair dryer, iron.

Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla MujeresView from main building room shown at right.

New building rooms:
Large Garden view rooms with two double beds or one king size bed, tile floors, sitting area, individual air-conditioning, ceiling fan, shower (some rooms with shower/tub) and balcony. Cable TV.

Mini fridge.

traveler from Michigan says:
we just came back for a good trip. We stayed at Posada del Mar, and again had a great time. Our room was clean and the staff was awesome .
The hotel is right across from the beach or the pool is great. Felix does a fantastic job of keeping it clean. Thanks again Posada del Mar. we will be back.

Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla MujeresSuites have a sitting area and sofa area as shown.

Suite rooms:
Ocean view rooms with two double beds or king bed, tile floors, individual air-conditioning, ceiling fan, shower and balcony. Cable TV.
Sitting area and separate dining area with fridge.

Separate dinging area shown below.

WiFi in lobby area in this hotel near North beach

Did you know WiFi is is a contraction of Wireless Fidelity. A play on high fidelity HiFi. Now you know and that Posada del Mar has it.

And Posada del Mar has Room service for beverages, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, is available daily from 8AM to 10PM.
The Posada del Mar receptionist can give you information about transportation around the island as well as your return to Cancun Airport or travel to other destinations in Mexico.
She can assist you with taxis, a golf cart, moped and bicycle rentals, snorkeling and sightseeing tours on and off the island and all other recreational activities.
This Isla Mujeres hotel offering lodgings across from the beach has laundry service which is available 9AM to 5PM daily except Sundays and holidays and those days the slob who works the laundry don't show up.
Parking in the lot in front of the Hotel Posada del Mar is complementary to all guests.
Towels are provided for use in the beach and pool areas.
The hotel has complimentary lounge chairs for those who have lodgings in Posada del Mar at the beach club across the street from the hotel.
Rooms in new building one have in-room safety deposit boxes. For guests in the other sections of the hotel there is a bank of safety deposit boxes in the lobby area with 24 hour access.
Bottled water is provided at the hotel.
All ice at the hotel and on the island is made from purified water and is safe.
Posada del Mar's palapa bar is fully stocked with your favorite beverages and is located next to the pool with a view of the beach and bay.
Of course you may snorkel for FREE on the beach across the road or around the corner at North Beach where transparent waters are home to many tropical fish.
Senile Maria thought she saw a mermaid but she was drinking at the time in the palapa bar.
Or for superb snorkeling consider El Garrafon a short bus or taxi ride to the other end of the little island.
Snorkel through the most wonderful corners of the reef. Just put on a life jacket and snorkel gear to safely float along, looking at the colorful sea life.
French grunts. Tiger fish. Angel fish. No gefilta fish.
Brain coral with more intelligence than some world leaders (not mentioning any names). And more integrity than some presidential candadates. There's an underwater universe waiting for you.
Spend time chilling out in the 35-meter (100 ft), fresh water, infinity swimming pool and take in the beautiful panoramic view of Cancun Bay.
Relax on our handmade, white silk hammocks as you gently sway between two palm trees.
swim with our dolphins. Live the experience of a lifetime.

Dolhpins are in the whale family. So they are not fish but mammals like us. Mother dolphins give milk to their young.

Dolhpins are friendly, fun, and totally irresistible! Unlike Patty and her mother.

Dolphins are social animals, living in groups called pods and taking loving care of their babies. They’re also known to be very friendly to humans.
In Greek stories and old sea stories, there are dozens of claims of dolphins helping drowning sailors, rescuing people from sharks, and making themselves useful as guides through treacherous waters.
The “treacherous waters” guiding can be ascribed to the dolphin’s needing a similar water depth as many boats. dolphins and other cetaceans also help injured members of their family groups and newborn babies to the surface by swimming under them and nudging upward, not an easy task with Agustin Carsteins.

Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres

Hotel Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres near North Beach

Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla MujeresView from suite.

Welcome to Hotel Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres

mealcost USD
full American breakfast$9 adult $7 child
lunch or dinner$20 adult $15 child
taxes and service included in this Isla Mujeres North Beach hotel

Isla Mujeres, in English the Island of Women, is where time passes slowly and your dream vacation becomes real.
Located a few miles across the Bahia de Mujeres (Bay of Women) from Cancun, Isla Mujeres is only 5 miles long and half a mile wide at its widest point. The downtown area (Centro) of Isla is just four by six blocks a stepping stone from the hotel.
The average temperature is 80 degrees and the hottest months are June thru September. Isla's terrain is flat with beaches on all sides great for a bicycle ride. Historically, Isla Mujeres is a fishing village and though it is now thoroughly discovered by tourists it still retains it's charm and tranquil atmosphere. As you stroll the streets in the evening you will see families gathered together in Caribbean styled homes, tucked between stores and restaurants, mending their fishing nets and relaxing.
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Isla Mujeres has a long and wonderful history good people. In Mayan times this island housing this hotel near North Beach, Isla Mujeres, was called Ekab (sounded too much like a medicine or something), so a team from Madison Avenue was called in and they recommended calling it Island of Women as it stands today.
This island was one of the four provinces or Mayan territories that formed what is today the State of Quintana Roo.
The island served as the sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of fertility, reason, medicine, happiness and the moon and many other nice things.
The Temple was located at the South point of the island and was also used as the lighthouse.
The light from torches was shown through holes in the walls, which could be seen by the navigators at sea if they weren't drinking and were awake.
The Mayans also came to the island to harvest salt from the salt lagoons.
And scout for women or Ekabs.
They said hey Pablo look that nice Ekab ober der

In March of the year 1517, Francisco Hernandez Cordova discovered the island. When the Spanish expedition landed, they found many female shaped idols representing the goddess Ixchel, thus Isla Mujeres got its present name. Sure beats Ekab (sounds like a name Stella would give her daughter)
During Lent of 1517 Francisco Hernandez de Cordova sailed from Cuba with three ships to procure slaves for the mines... (others say he sailed to discover new ladies). He landed on the Isla de las Mujeres, to which he gave this name because the idols he found there, of the goddesses of the country, Ixchel and her daughters and daughter-in-law's "Ixchebeliaxjuice", "Ixhuniebunny", "Ixhunietathing"

But poor ol Pancho couldn't find good quality cheap hotels in Isla Mujeres. Mind you he never asked me.
For the next three centuries Isla Mujeres was uninhabited. That was the time to buy real-estate my good man.
The only visitors were fisherman, those who got lost, and pirates of the Caribbean who used Isla as a refuge and left their women on the island "for safekeeping" while they sailed the high seas.
They never asked me to protect the ladies. Shame of it all.
Famous pirates like Henry Morgan, (not JP Morgan), Johnny Dep, and Jean Lafitte walked the shores of Isla and as legend goes, buried their stolen treasure under the white sands.
With luck maybe you can find it. Who knows?

Fermin (not vermin) Anonio Mundaca y Marecheaga (y mozerella) was born in October of the year 1825 in Spain somewhere.
After completing his studies (the 5th grade which he repeated seven times) he set out for the New World to make his fortune.
He arrived on the shores of Isla in 1858 after acquiring his wealth selling captured Mayan slaves to Cuban plantations and some pirating.
This not too bright man cultivated and enjoyed his reputation as a pirate.
Mundaca immediately set out building a large hacienda he named Vista Alegre (Happy View) which eventually covered a large part of the island.
There were areas for livestock, birds, vegetables gardens, fruit orchards, phoenixes, a medusa, harpies, groupies, a manticore who needed a manicure, and exotic plants that were brought from all over the world.
A special garden called The Rose of the Winds was constructed which served as a sundial telling the time of the day by its shadows. Cool.
A young girl was one of five sisters and it is been said that she was a cute woman with green eyes, white skin bronzed by the Caribbean sun and long, straight hair. Called "La Triguena" ( brunette), many men fell in love with her including old Mundaca.
The arches above the gates were dedicated to her, naming them "The Entrance of the Triguena" and "The Pass of the Triguena" in hopes his wealth and power would win the local beauty 37 years younger then himself.
What a fool.
His dedication was in vain, she married a man closer to her own age and as legend tells it, Fermin Mundaca slowly went crazy and died, alone somewhere in Merida. His empty tomb still awaits him in the Isla Mujeres cemetery. Carved by his own hands are the skull and cross bones, in memory of his pirating days and the words meant for his love, As you are, I was. As I am, you will be.
The young girl just laughed as she couldn't read the inscription as she didn't get to the Fifth Grade.

Long before Cancun was on-line, Isla Mujeres opened it's arms to tourists from all around the world.
Some older residents of the island tell stories of tourists signaling from a cheap dock near where Puerto Juarez is today.
Son's of local fisherman would take small wooden craft over to the mainland and pick up visitors for their stay on the island.
This was less stinky than fishing and no need to handle them disgusting worms crawling about.

Eventually, Isla established a regular ferry service still running today, making runs to Puerto Juarez many times a day and in the last few years, every half hour or so.

A short walk going north through the town gets you to the north and eastern side of the island offering views like this one.

And on your walk pass shops selling irrestible arts and crafts.
Ceramics. Hammocks.

Small barefoot urchins smiling up at you from the front of a store selling carvings.

Passing the zocolo (town square) is a Catholic Chuch and the city hall.

Posada del Mar is near it all.

In this view from the shore an areal view of the rugged Atlantic Beach is seen to the left.
From your own little sanctuary on which exclusive Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres resides you may at your liesure cross the street to Northbeach or to the town directly north. But remember people from the town or North Beach cannot cross the threshold to your sanctuary as they are not lucky Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres guests. Who amoung you remembers that great Moody Blues song Nice to be here which went nice to be here, don't you agree, I feel out-of-sight, I can see them they can't see me, much to my delight... During your stay in paridise the sugar white sands of North Beach are yours. All the luxury of Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres is yours. You'll never want to leave on the ferry back to the mainland. These lodgings in Isla Mujeres are more of a refuge in paradise than it is a hotel. Its location affords privacy and exclusivity for you that is not found in any other lodgings in this area. Enjoy each and all the advantages of being surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, beautiful tones and vegetation aromas with the opportunity of visiting the famous coral reefs for snorkeling and digging the submarine flora and fauna of this island. Transparent turquoise waters surround you in every direction. Sugar-white sands reflect the sun, while gentle breezes rustle through palm trees. This is Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres, just over the water from Cancun at the northern tip of Isla Mujeres; located across from the beach and a private pier.
With superb rooms | but most with ocean view it's true situated on the naturally beautiful and super-relaxed Isla Mujeres next to a bridge spanning a shallow channel; adding an indulgent sense of privacy where you'll enjoy stunning views of coral reefs and crystal waters.

♣ Recepción las 24 horas.
♣ Aire acondicionado.
♣ lots of habitaciones.
♣ Acceso gratuito a internet en áreas públicas.
♣ Servicio de concierge.
♣ Cambio de moneda extranjera.
♣ Gimnasio. cerca.
♣ Bar junto a la alberca.
♣ Servicio de botones.
♣ Restaurante y bar.
♣ Caja de seguridad.
♣ Amenidades.
♣ recepcion.
♣ Alberca.
♣ Toallas para la playa ó alberca
♣ Playa privada y palapas.
♣ Piscina natural de arrecifes
♣ Muelle en frente.
♣ Kayaks y bicicletas cerca.
♣ Servicio de masaje. ($)
♣ Coordinador de bodas y eventos. ($)
♣ Marina en el interior del Resort. ($)
♣ Boutique de regalos. ($)
♣ Servicio médico. ($)
♣ Tours: parque garrafón, nado con delfines y tortugario. ($)
♣ Internet inalámbrico en algunas aéreas del hotel sin cargo ($) Estos servicios están disponibles con un cargo extra
PLAN TODO INCLUIDO: All inclusive plan

♣ Cóctel de bienvenida. Welcome cocktail
♣ Desayuno, comida y cena buffet en el Restaurante Sarimar. Food, drinks, lodgings
♣ Cena en el restaurante de especialidades mexicanas gourmet “Las Marías”.
♣ Bebidas nacionales.

View of beach.
I had the privlege of staying at Posada del Mar one past weekend and would like to offer my personal testimonial. Your room has all those extra personal touches you expect in a fine Isla Mujeres hotel. cable TV; telephone; balcony; safe for your valuables; large cable TV screen with over 20 channels in English and Spanish, remote control of course as is the air conditioner; nice size terrace overlooking the ocean.

I did the buffet for both breakfast and lunch and ordered from the menu for supper at Pinguino's in the front of Posada del Mar. The variety of fresh food is Mexican and international fare.  in town at the Casa Rolandi nearby do try the fried calamar (to die for; light; heavenly) and the meat (Arachera platter) is like butter. The service attentive always. 

The beach lounge chairs are of elegant wood with comfortable stylish mattresses. And sometimes a reggae band plays live music right on the beach right in front. They did No Woman No Lie and other Bob Marley greats.

Posada del Mar receptionists can give you information about transportation around the island as well as your return to Cancun Airport or book same direct with us, or travel to other destinations in Mexico. They can assist you with taxis, golf cart, moped and bicycle rentals, snorkeling and sightseeing tours on and off the island and all other recreational activities.

Laundry service is available 9 am to 5 pm daily except Sundays and holidays.

You can exchange US dollars into Mexican pesos at the reception desk each day between 7 am and 11 pm.

Parking in the lot in front of the Hotel is complementary to Posada del Mar guests.

Towels are provided for use in the beach and pool areas.The hotel has complimentary lounge chairs for guests at the beach club across the street from the hotel. Hours of service are 11 am to 5 pm

Rooms in new building 1 have in-room safety deposit boxes. For guests in the other sections of the hotel there is a bank of safety deposit boxes in the lobby area with 24 hour access.

These Isla Mujeres lodgings have 24 hour security.

Bottled water is provided at Posada del Mar.

All ice at the hotel and on the island is made from purified water and is safe.

Partial view of Penguinos restaurant shown on the left.
Bon Apetit. Buen provecho. Hearty appetite.

You know a stone's throw from Posada Del Mar Isla Mujeres is the Mundaca Hacienda.
Who is Mundaca? An old fool. If he would have gone to school he'd taken his date to Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres instead of building Haciendas with poor plumbing. An old decrepit slave trader and pirate (no Johnny Depp folks), Vermín Asshole Mundaca then what 80 years old, maybe 90, fell in love with a local youngster known as La Trigueña.
She said get away from me you old geizer or I'll pull a sexual harrasement case on you making Wienstein out to be a boyscout in comparison.
To win her, Mundaca built a two-story mansion complete with gardens and graceful archways and poor plumbing.
Trigueña was no fool. She prefered Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres for the bar and pool.
While Mundaca was building the house, La Trigueña married an islander her own age (Both were 14).
Brokenhearted, Mundaca died, and the hacienda fell into disrepair.
Like some inner American cities.
Fix them up and screw making a useless wall.
This Hacienda with poor plumbing is about 4km south of Posada Del Mar Isla Mujeres; easily reached by bike or taxi for $3USD.
What will you find on your visit to the hacienda? Some walls with grafiti saying the Warriors were here, and cheap foundations, a large central pond with an empty dorito chips bag, some rusting cannons which are now worthless, and a partially rebuilt house.
At the southern end stands a gateway with an impressive stone arch. The shady grounds make for pleasant strolling but check your shoes before getting in the cab for the return trip to Posada del Mar, there are droppings of spiny-tailed iguanas.
Yes sir. Mundaca's place is no manicured park. No Disney Land. But plenty of Donald Duck and Goofy dropings.

Another adventure on the island. Back in Posada Del Mar Isla Mujeres don your swim wear and head out to the underwater museum of art.
In 2009 a monumental underwater contemporary museum of art called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was formed in the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc.
This project was founded by Roberto Díaz Abraham, whos critics said was all wet.
The museum hired then out of work English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, as he was had cheap.
Today, MUSA consists of over 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures and is one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial art attractions in the world.
There's the whale who swallowed poor Jonah whole.
Moldy Dick.
This Cuban fisherman who hasn't caught a fish in seventeen years.
Maybe if he used some bait?
First you have to leave the comfort of Posada del Mar's pool, swim-up bar, WiFi, and go underwater.
But you need not get wet, pet.
This unique excursion offers a view of the ocean like you’ve never seen before!
Laugh at the suckers swimming around the sculptures while you see them in dry comfort.
A perfect activity for all ages, you’ll be able to view the depths of the ocean without getting wet at all.
Scuba out to the museum. If you're not certified no problem. The courses are easy. Easy as good living in the Posada Del Mar Isla Mujeres.
Or snorkel there gazing at moss covered statues.
Salon Manchones sculptures are neat but they're deep. You'll need to scuba or do the boat.
There's a Volkswagen with a midget clinging to the windshield. Covered with barnacles and aquatic plant life.
People bending over with no heads, also covered with barnacles.
The museum is at the opposite end of the island; the southern tip. Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres as you know is the northern tip by North Beach.
The beach is at your front door. Around the block from Posada del Mar Isla Mujeres are all the shops selling silver, arts and crafts, T-Shirts, gifts. And so many restaurants.
All there next to Posada del Mar your lodgings in Isla Mujeres.

Room Service in Posada del Mar, Room service for beverages, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, is available daily from 8 am to 10 pm.
Laundry Service in these your lodgings in Isla Mujeres, Laundry service is available 9 am to 5 pm daily except Sundays and holidays.
Medical services are available on the island if you can dig a guy with a bone in his nose continuously clapping his palm on his mouth bent over dancing, chanting as he dances around a fire chanting gibberish.
Parking is abundant and free in Posada del Mar.
Towels are provided for use in the beach and pool areas.The hotel Posada del Mar has complimentary lounge chairs for guests at the beach club across the street from the hotel.
Security Boxes in Posada del Mar, Rooms in new building 1 have in-room safety deposit boxes. For guests in the other sections of the hotel there is a bank of safety deposit boxes in the lobby area with 24 hour access.
Posada del Mar has 24 hour security on site in case someone with a bone in their nose tries to get inside.
There is a red-cross near Posda del Mar as well as a community hospital as well in the unlikely event someone should require it.

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