Here the view from the terrace and the kitchen of one of the lodgings folks...
ocean view from terrace  at condo Hacienda del Mar in Blue Bay Club on the north shore of Cancun
♣ notice the sail boats out on the horizion
♣ the transparent waters of the Mexican Carribbean invite you to snorkel
♣ powder white sand
♣ Isla Mujeres visible to upper left
♣ go out on the terrace when the moon is out over the water
♣ when you use the link below to see inside the unit notice the Mexican slate floors. nice.

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A view inside the unit
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Here's a view inside the unit folks...
ocean front condo rental in Cancun at Hacienda del Mar in  Blue Bay Club
♣ this sofa couch opens to a double bed here in unit 118 beachfront Hacienda del Mar condo
♣ notice to the nice curtains and after the dividing wall a large king bed
♣ of course all linnens towels provided. and a laundrymat is close by to wash clothes or towels if needed
♣ beach towels provided when required in the pool area. these towels must be returned by 7PM same day

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Of course this ocean front is air conditioned plus...
ocean front condo rental in Cancun at Hacienda del Mar in  All Ritmo Resort Cancun

♣ of course this ocean front studio is air conditioned
a brand new powerful silent mini-split air conditioner so you're super cool in 118.
maybe you can find some place to stay for a few dollars less but if the 17 year old air conditioner there can't cool your room down is the savings worth it?
we pay for our bargains.
and if you call the guy who rented you that unit up in Timbucktoo and he don't answer his phone or e-mails what do you do it an uncomfortable unit you already paid for?
net time you'll stay with us!
♣ and cable TV for all your favorite programs
♣ and a bath tub in the tiled bath
♣ a small library so you have books to take to the beach or read in the room.

To the left one view from the kitchen dining room. Notice the hammock on the terrace.

Games and activities day and night for the family.

Shows in the theater.

Volleyball on the beach.

Bingo besides the pool.

Win prizes.

It's cool.

The unit 118 beachfront with king bed.

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Hacienda del Mar condo in Mexico - beachfront - part of All Ritmo Cancun - family vacation

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