Ambiance Villas Kin Ha in the center of the Cancun hotel zone studios and two and three bedroom villas all-inclusive or bed and breakfast or lodgings only
According to Discovery Channel Ambiance Villas is on the best beach in Cancun.

Located next to all the night life and shopping one block from Punta Cancun in the center of the hotel zone right on the beach.

Choose your suite either European Plan or B&B or all-inclusive. No matter how you book know when you book with the good-guys at CancunSteve you're getting the best deal in the business.
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Ambiance Villas at Villas Kin Ha features fine suites in Cancun including tastefully and comfortably furnished studios with kitchenette and one, two; three bedroom suites.

With complete kitchens.

Incorporated into all the comfort of a spacious apartment combined with full service resort.

You will want to spend all your vacations at Ambiance Villas as you may wish to spend a few more moments here to see an awesome image of Ambiance Villas on the white sugar sand beach appear as seen from the transparent turquoise waters of the Cancun Caribbean. One more minute of eye-candy and there we go...

Right across from Beachscape is the golf course. And right up the road is Punta Cancun with all the night-life, discos, and bars you've heard about. Let's not forget the shopping. And remember all of Cancun is duty free.
With your rental with us we provide information on how to get money spent on shopping back at the airport.

Ambiance Villas Kin Ha in the center of the Cancun hotel zone studios and two and three bedroom villas all-inclusive or bed and breakfast or lodgings only Located a block away from shopping, dining and exciting nightlife, which may be seen with this link night life of Cancun nearby Ambiance Villas and 3-minute drive from the renowned Pok-ta-Pok 18 hole championship golf course.

Inside of one of the units shown at right.

Ambiance Villas Cancun offers 150 beautiful and spacious air-conditioned units consisting of rooms, studios with kitchenettes, one, two and three bedroom suites with fully- equipped kitchens, dining and living areas; all with terrace or patio, direct dial telephone, safety deposit boxes, cable TV. With all-inclusive lodgings optional.

Free WI FI internet! internet inalambrico not all hotels in Cancun have it

24 hour room service servicio a cuartos 24 horas

fully equipped kitchen cocinas totalmente equipadas

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4th night free on one bedroom suite plus romantic supper on your terrace!!!!

you choose all-inclusive lodgings or bed and breakfast or lodgings only in Beachscape

see price charts next page for details

now everyone can afford to be on Cancun's best beach!

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Three bedroom: One King size bed, four double beds, a Queen size sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen
Area - 1,895 square feet (176 square meters)
Air conditioning of course
One comfortable quality King bed, four nice double beds and a Queen sofa bed
Dining area with table for six people
Full kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, blender, toaster, coffee pot, silverware and dishes fully equiped
Equipped with telephone, safe, cable TV, hair dryer, iron, ironing board
Terrace or balcony
Two Bedroom: One King size bed, two double beds, a Queen size sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen
One Bedroom: One King size bed and a Queen size sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen
Studio: Two double beds, kitchenette
Room:Two double beds (King size on request)

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some of the amenities at Beachscape
Playa the Dart Game win discounts and even FREE SILVER with your hotel booking and shoot darts at Chavez
Free Wedding on the Beach how many hotels in Cancun offer that!
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guest says:
We stayed at The Beachscape for 17 days in February and enjoyed everyday we we there! We booked an oceanfront suite and enjoyed eating lunch on our terrace every afternoon. The suites are very spacious and kept very clean; our room was cleaned promptly
As one of the best-known scuba diving destinations in the entire world, Mexico’s Cancun offers easy access to a large number of excellent dive sites that will bring you up close and personal with the area’s many colorful schools of fish and other sea life that calls these stunning waters home.
Situated close to some of the world’s most beautiful reefs and close to the Beachscape shore nature offers an underwater adventure for divers of all skill levels to enjoy.

Also of note, a nearby wall reaches 90 feet below the ocean surface and is home to countless caves and tunnels.
Here, sea turtles, eagle rays and barracuda join other large examples of marine life, which can be found swimming around the enormous coral pillars that make this site so impressive.

Snorkeling right off this Cancun hotel's beach see flamefish. A beautiful flame-red little fish often seen in shallow waters near Beachscape. The males carry eggs in their mouths. See butterfly fishes with that black spot on their rear; their narrow bodies fit easily into holes in the coral.

The sex life of some of these fish is more suprising than some famous rock stars!
Some are hermaphrodites.
Basses which are both male and female at the same time.
Neat! They can pee either sitting down or standing up! Most groupers mature first as females producing eggs. Then they reverse sex and fertilize the eggs.
Then the flamefish carries them in its' mouth. (just kidding; the flamefish carries its' own eggs.)
The groupers are tame and love contact with divers.
As these fish are hermaphrodites they like both male and female divers.
Below information for a FREE WEDDING at Beachscape.
Yes it is true. Your dream wedding on the beach. ♥ Five hours of a DJ with music and lights. ♥ The beach ceramony set-up. ♥ Snacks and drinks on the beach. ♥ A three course meal you select. ♥ Open bar.
♫ All you need to do is:
book 25 rooms for 50 wedding guests for 2 nights all-inclusive at just $126.50USD per person all-inclusive. All taxes and fees included.

free beach wedding

To the left typical bedroom with king bed shown. The beds in BeachScape Kin Ha are new and comfortable. For a good nights' rest.


  • 24-hour front desk for all your needs
  • Daily housekeeping to fix up your Cancun home
  • Swimming pool (with shallow kids’ section may have warm spots)
  • Massages relax baby
  • Gym to work-out and remember this: Strength training builds lean muscle mass, which both increases your metabolism and decreases fat, says celebrity CancunSteve, yes, the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn on a day-to-day basis.
  • Travel Agency for that tour to the archeological zones nearby. We can also help with that side-trip to Chichen Itza.
  • Special rate wiith Pok Ta Pok golf course so tee off (don't get teed off book with us)
  • Convenience store to stock up on goodies for your kitchen
  • Beauty Salon
  • Kids area with playground
  • Free parking lot if you rent a vehicle
  • Lobby Bar to have a nice tequila
  • Free wireless Internet surf the net
  • Gardens very ecoturism
  • Babysitter ($) yes they charge something for attending to the little ones. Not included in the package.
  • Laundry ($)
  • Tours agency
  • Car rentals
  • Executive meeting room
  • Events coordinator

Advantages of the all-inclusive package at BeachScape:
♥ a club just for the children - a place to amuse your children while you play and they make new friends and play interactive games here in BeachScape
♥ The one problem people wish most to avoid on holidays. Looking for the wallet to pay a bill. To go from one place to another, where to stay and what to see. All-inclusives eliminates this. For you like most vacations, BeachScape is a godsend.
♥ All-inclusives eliminate guesswork and the need to calculate complex money things. No need to reach for the wallet or think about it. One flat price for lodgings, food, drinks, shows, taxes, tips even spa treatments, and extras like attending to the kids, is a great deal for a family on a budget, a couple on a honeymoon, a gang of college students or, indeed, anyone who desires to holiday the easy way.
♥ The all-inclusive is just that. All-inclusive, a one-stop-shop, a purpose-built resort sanctum where you need not worry about where and what to eat, what to do and, most importantly, what not to do. Sure, you may have to pay up extra for that gift in the boutique but the beauty is that the gift shop is steps away and the beach is within eyeshot of your room
♥ if you plan to haul the wee ones with you, this all-inclusive resort caters to parents and children alike. Daycares, kid-specific pools with warm spots, activity zones, monitors, performers and more make it fun and stress-free for the entire family (and especially mum and dad).
♥The awkward tip moment (whether to tip or not, how much to tip) is a drag. But some prefer to forgo the experience altogether, which is where the all-inclusive comes in.

♥ you will meet people from everywhere (and probably your area as well). The all-inclusive culture facilitates a kind of breezy, informal hobnob that you can choose to adopt or abandon at your leisure
♥ When you stay in one place for the entire holiday, you can put your luggage in the closet and forget about them.
♥ Life moves fast. The 9 to 5 routine can exact a heavy tool. As such, a holiday with no surprises and a placid predictability can be a wonderful change. Enter the all-inclusive BeachScape.
♥ Unless you go crazy with side trips and menu extras, the all-inclusives plan makes it easy to adhere to the holiday financial plan.
♥ Sit back, Just take it easy while kids play in the on-site playground

free Wi Fi

A gym that is equipped with everything you want to train and stay in shape even if you are here on vacation in Cancun.
BeachScape resort in Cancún offers two good restaurants.
La Albufera with a large, varied buffet where you can try international dishes and a snack bar with an outstanding selection. La Palapa with seafood specialties and Mexican food and a snack bar with a view of the beach and the Caribbean Sea as well.
Throughout the hotel there is a free wifi service. This way you can share the best moments of your holiday at BeachScape in Cancún with loved ones.

Just because one gets older it doesn’t mean they lose a sense of adventure.
Be it a good canasta game or scrabble.
Most people have a dream of what their ultimate adventure would be, whether spotting big game on the plains of Africa or hanging out at the pool bar in BeachScape Villas Cancun.
And the reality is, many people only get the opportunity to make these dreams come true later in life.
Don't wait. Don't dream it. BE IT as Frankie said.
Come on down to beachfront BeachScape Kin Ha Villas & Suites Cancun now my friend.
Try the dinning in the Palapa restaurant.
Or a margarita at the bar.
The stigma surrounding age is that your body is no longer as durable as it once was, and rather than jetting off seeking adventure, you should be reading the Reader's Digest on the front porch rocker.
Enjoy the food, culture, and hospitality at BeachScape Kin Ha Villas & Suites Cancun.
Get a suite with an equipped kitchen or go for the meal plan. Why should you bother with cooking on your Cancun vacation.
But for many people entering retirement, sitting in a rocker reading a magazine just isn’t them.
Unless it's National Lampoon which isn't published anymore.
Or Paul Krasner's Realist also gone by the wayside.
Freed from the responsibilities of work and family life, with their time their own at last, excitement and adventure is what they crave.
Snorkeling off the beach at BeachScape Kin Ha Villas & Suites Cancun a few feet from the shore opens a whole world of tropical fish and coral to one's eyes (if not suffering from cataract).
So why should age be a barrier to an adventure holiday? As long as the mind is willing, there is no reason.
Yes, adventure holidays may carry a certain element of additional risk to sitting on a rocker for a fortnight, and certainly require greater exertion. But with a positive attitude and good planning, anything is possible.
Even a night at the casinos here in Cancun where your friend CancunSteve provides perks, gaming tips, and casino discounts too along with your reservation.
This you download from our website.
Be honest with yourself about what you are capable of and you are more likely to have the time of your life.
Speak with your GP before you head off on an a holiday. They will be able to give you honest advice about the suitability of certain activities for any conditions you have, and how to manage them while abroad.
Once I came down with pneumonia and thought about cancelling my own Cancun holiday in those days before I moved here.
Was living in the north then.
My doctor said, don't cancel. Get on that flight. The sun is the best thing for you.
God bless that man!
After two days in the Cancun sunshine my pneumonia was gone.
I Was a new man.
Do research when it comes to buying travel insurance. We offer travel insurance for the unexpected

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The BeachScape Kin Ha is so easy to reach. A few hour flight for most. From most departure points.
Hundreds of flights arrive in Cancun every day. From everywhere.
Now compare that to getting to Pitcairn in the Pacific.
First a flight to Tahiti. Takes a full day. Then a flight from Tahiti to Mangareva. But the planes only depart once a week.
Then a small boat to Pitcairn which takes 6 hours however these boats depart only once every three months and take three days to get there.
Now wouldn't you rather come down here to holiday at the BeachScape Kin Ha Villas & Suites Cancun with WiFi and all those amenities you so deserve. Like poolside waiters and butlers at your beck and call. Daily flights.
Lobster thermidor for dinner with a glass of vintage wine served in silver buckets.

Upscale entertainment and shopping at your doorstep.
Did you consider if you are traveling with small children here in Beachscape Kin Ha Cancun and wish to have a night or evening off as a couple, please ask for the Beachscape babysitting service.
Quality time together is what a Cancun holiday is all about.

Beachscape Kin Ha Cancun has an equipped gym so you can exercise while enjoying your vacation in Cancun.

Beachscape Kin Ha in Cancún offers two restaurants. La Albufera with a large, varied buffet where you can try international dishes and a snack bar with an outstanding atmosphere. La Palapa with seafood specialties and Mexican food and a snack bar with a view of the beach and the Caribbean Sea.

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