CancunSteve presents the coast of Quintana Roo showing our properties to the north and south of the island of Cancun

CancunSteve brings you the Yucatan coast (do you really care how many bytes?)The distance from Quintas del Mar 3.5 miles from downtown.
Going south, the the Akumal condo is one and one half to two hours from Cancun depending on traffic. The Copa Cobana is less than one hour from Cancun.
Playa del Carmen is 60 km from Cancun. Or about 45 minutes.

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Playa del Carmen (25 hotels)
Vista del Mar Cozumel
Gran Caribe Real
Adult all-inclusive Riviera Maya
Xaloc in Holbox
Playa del Carmen testamonials
Akumal bdrm beach villas
Akumal all-inclusive
All our Cozumel hotels
El Faro Playa del Carmen
Xpuha Palace Akumal
Interactive Playa del Carmen
All-inclusive Gran Porto Real Playa del Carmen
Isla Mujeres & Cozumel
ocean front beach condos in Playa del Carmen

There are several ways to get to Cozumel. The frequent passenger ferries which run from Playa del Carmen are the most popular. Less popular are flights from Cancun international airport or swimming across. In the past some ferries took cars and some took passengers only. Now the ferries from Playa del Carmen take only passengers. If you want to get your car across you'll have to do this from Puerto Morelos. Hope your patient as this takes hours!
Your best off to check when the two or three ferries per day leave Puerto Morelos. If you're an early riser take the 5AM ferry which is sure to get you to Cozumel in time for supper. Another option is to wait until they build a bridge across (maybe this will happen before Puerto Cancun?). Any bets anyone?
Small attractive towns dot the coastline. To rent a car to see them  click here.

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