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Hotel Krystal Cancun in the hotel zone Cancun on the beach near all nightlife
Hotel NYX Cancun all-inclusive or EP on the beach near all the bars
Gran Caribe Resort Cancun where in your family suite with one king plus 3 more beds all your children stay together with you so with what you save on lodings pay for Cancun activities be it ballet or discos. And we have 65% off on early booking
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Classical Ballet in Cancun. No longer can it be said Cancun lacks cultural activites. This great presentation which CancunSteve enjoyed emensely one Sunday afternoon was held in Theatre Cancun at Playa Linda in Cancun's Hotel Zone. A Hotel within blocks of this Theatre is Kin Ha formerly Ambiance. Voted to be on Cancun's best beach by Discovery Channel. Units with kitchen facilities. Ambiance The classical ballet troupe from Cuba was met by Cancun's own ballerinas to do an alternating mix of both classical ballet and jazz ballet.

Now some of the spectators have thoughts during the performance (with later version browsers just by moving the cursor onto the head of the spectators on the left you can see what they are thinking; then click and follow their thoughts. But for those that do not yet have IE ver. 5, no problem; you may read their thoughts in the table below and click on their heads to follow their thoughts. When I was young I could do that but now want my comfort WOW! Look at that one! Glad my hotel is close by! Tomorrow I need action
Spectator Their thoughts
1 When I was young I could do that but now I want my comfort
2 WOW,  look at that one
3 Am I happy I selected a hotel nearby
4 This show is great but tomorrow I need some action!
there are Cancun activities for all!