CancunSteve in Baja California

The background showing coral and a strange fish while snorkeling which is SOOOO Cancun does not correspond with the arid Baja California photo of CancunSteve relating with the Baja cactus . True but as soon as you move your mouse over CancunSteve's photo the image magically changes to the beautiful Cancun beach you know. Sugar white sand that is always a pleasure to walk on as it's always cool and it's crystal clear turquoise waters. Click on the photo to see all our properties in Cancun you can rent by the day; week; month. Now in Baja California CancunSteve could not walk on the sand without burning his feet.
The landscape of Baja California is fantastic almost lunar in the Cabo San Lucas area where CancunSteve was, but I was happy to take my flight back home to Cancun where I could walk on the sand for hours and go into the warm transparent Cancun waters without the need of a wetsuit like the icy cold waters of Baja.

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But to give Baja it's due the landscape there is something else! Cactus grow everywhere. These cactus sport hairy spines to protect themselves from thirsty animals in the dessert who would want to take a bite out of them to get at the water which is a scarcity in these parts. Many of these magnificent plants grow taller than a man.
Land's End Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
This is the end of land. From this point on it's only ocean going south until Antarctica. Here the sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean in one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Mexico. CancunSteve would spend hours climbing around the rocks here meditating on the views and looking out for the occasional whale which at times gets close enough to the shore to see. I think I saw one whale as there was a spray of water into the air then a big form or perhaps it was my state of mind playing tricks. Then I would darn my wetsuit for a little snorkeling in the cold Cabo San Lucas waters. Too bad there weren't any warm Cancun currents. But then the whales would never come as they seek cool waters. Click on the photo to stay in Cabo San Lucas.

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CancunSteve took the photo that appears as the background to this page snorkeling in Cozumel
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