Attractive Isla Mujeres North Beach  The Na Balam Na Balam with Jacuzzis North Beach Isla Mujeres

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Hotel Na Balam is located on the most beautiful beach of Isla Mujeres. North Beach or Playa Norte. The entrance is shown to the left. Playa Norte is where it's all hapening. All the bars and next to the town.

Wide tropical gardens adorn the tropical Na Balam. And authentic Mayan cooking is served at the Zazil Ha Restaurant set in a romantic Mayan Palapa. Vegetarian and Mayan cuisine featured at the special Na Balam in Isla Mujeres.

The stretch of beach that runs along the northern end of the island is Playa Norte which is where this Isla Mujeres hotel is. North Beach has shallow waters and sugar white sand the waters great for snorkeling.
The beach is adorned with fun restaurants and bars as well as this hotel.
This is where the majority of travelers will spend their beach time so it can get crowded during high season

Here is the beach you are on. North Beach or Playa Norte. Transparent turquoise waters set against white sugar-sand which is always cool to walk on barefoot at the doorstep of these Playa Norte lodgings.

Click the arrow to see the only place to be on the island. Then the return arrow.

And adjacent to North Beach is the town. Great pieces of art to be had in the numerous shops. Hammocks too.

But be careful with jewlery shopping.
A traveler had this story to tell:
DO NOT BUY FROM THE SILVER MINE JEWELERS in Isla Mujeres, directly across from the main ferry dock.
We dealt with Martin, the owner who lied outright; we bought a "sapphire" ring for $350 US. Then found out back home the stone was fake. My big mistake. I was a fool for God's sake.
Another tells a similiar story about the same store:
My husband and I were vacationing in Mexico and decided to take a boat ride. The boat captain suggested we go to Silver Mine when we got to the island. I found a pretty silver and turquoise bracelet that we negotiated for 800 pesos (approx $60). We asked the owner to write us a receipt which we saw him doing. We didn't realize until we left the island that there was no receipt in the bag. As soon as we got back to the states, we checked our credit card and they had charged us 8000 pesos (approx $600)!!!! I believe the tour operator was working with Silver Mine to bring in unsuspecting tourists to rob them. When you use your credit card double check the voucher you are signing please!
If it's not the amount agreed upon, rip the thing up and walk right out.
Don't do business with a lout.
This is common here good people. Taxi drivers, tour operators, boatmen recommend this or that store. Let the buyer beware. Often the sleeze who recommends these merchants are on a kick-back scheme with them.
Use your better judgement or if you book with me ask me. We help all our customers who book lodgings with us.

There are plenty of honest merchants here. But there are also sleeze balls like that Silver Mine man.Caveat Emptor as they say in Latin.

what they say about us

Palapa roofed room in Isla Mujeres North Beach paradise The Na Balam The rooms of these Playa Norte lodgings are small cottages in the midst of lush gardens; all 31 rooms have one king sized or two queen sized beds, air conditioning and ceiling fans; terrace or balcony depending if it is first floor or ground level, in-room safety deposit boxes, 24 hours security protection. The hotel has a swimming pool, recreation palapa, yoga and massage; breakfast at the patio, snack bar at the beach, two bars with “happy hour”, two restaurants featuring Mayan, Vegetarian & Fusion Cuisine, including Zazil Ha Restaurant, considered the best one on the island.
Now what is Fusion cusine you ask.
Fusion food is a general term for the combination of various forms of cookery and comes in different forms. Regional fusion combines different cuisines of a region or sub-region into a single eating experience. Asian fusion for example combine the various cuisines of different Asian and other countries, have become popular in many parts of the world. Fried rice from China and shushi from Japan with a Mexican enchilada on the side.
Often featured are East Asian, South-East Asian, and South Asian and north-eastern dishes alongside one another and offering dishes that are inspired combinations of such cuisines.
California cuisine is considered a fusion culture, taking inspiration particularly from Italy, France, Mexico, so experience Escargot pizzas, Fillet Mignon tacos, and cabrito lasagna.

pool area at Isla Mujeres North Beach  The Na BalamThe pool is set admist a jungle setting. Some rooms overlook the pool.

This ecoligical paradise also offers massages. Yoga and meditation. Weddings. Group conventions. Internet service. 24 hour security.

Fishing, diving, snorkeling tours may be arranged at the front desk.

The snack bar is located near the beach so you may enjoy seafood or Mexican snacks while digging the sunset.

Among the big hotels and resorts across the water in Cancun, Na Balam North Beach hotel distinguishes itself for being a boutique hotel set in a wide and spacious privilege beachfront location in Isla Mujeres.
The resort features 35 expansive rooms and suites in a very clean and minimalistic decor; a beachfront restaurant called Zazil Ha1 with excellent Mexican food, seafood and delicious snacks; a small and relaxing pool with hot jacuzzi for eight, an on-site Yoga Studio and School; a great variety of indoor and outdoor locations perfect for weddings and social celebrations; on site full-service marina for scuba and snorkel lovers; plus a private marina slip nearby in case you’d like to come in your own boat.
1 meaning the laughing Zazil; ergo the ha ha ha. Who knows what a Zazil is.
The restaurant here (Zazil Ha) some claim means crystalline water in the Maya language. Under a palapa, by the seaside, they offer three different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With an amazing view you will experience a feast on superb Mexican cuisine cooked with fresh natural ingredients. Breakfast from 7 to 11 AM. The granola, yogurt and bread are home made daily.

Isla Mujeres North Beach Hotel The Na Balam sales executive
To the left lovely Lupita the sales manager for Na Balam your home on the island of Isla Mujeres' North Beach.

prices USD a night plus 19% tax
all prices include breakfast in the Zazil restaurant
Std pool
large room balcony
Std beach
ocean view faces ocean balcony
deluxe suite1 master suite 2
asmini bar
private terrace
dec 24 16 - jan 1 2017 $200 $240 $340 $470
jan 2 - Apr 12 17 $145 $180 $250 $350
apr 13 - jun 30 17
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bon apetit
bon prevecho
$120 $150 $230 $280
jul 1 to aug 16 17 $125 $155 $235 $290
aug 17 to dec 23 17 $110 $130 190 260
jan 2 to apr 12 18 $145 $230 $255 $350
apr 13 to jun 30 18 $120 $180 $210 $280
jul 1 to aug 16 18 $125 $195 $220 $290
aug 17 to dec 23 18 $110 $175 $190 $255
dec 24 18 - jan 1 2019 $200 $310 $350 $470
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no other of the Isla Mujeres hotels is on North Beach and offers private pools, Na Balam does, if looking for North Beach hotels this is the one, Playa Norte Nabalam has Jacuzzi rooms as well

all 2018 10% off no matter what room when you book 30 days in advance!

book now and SAVE for the holiday you crave in Na Balam Isla Mujeres

♫ deluxe pool side room
over 600 sq ft within lush gardens; outdoor pool view; king or two queen beds; private terrace; air conditioning; premium amenities
♫ocean view room
as above with ocean views
junior suite
faces ocean; 42 inch flat screen TV; as above but partial ocean view
♫ocean view with pool
private pool on your terrace; king bed; overlooks ocean; all of above as well; oversized bath
♫ one bedroom suite
ocean view; Jacuzzi; king bed; private terrace to sunbath nude; living room; mini bar
and remember kids under 12 free

Book 30 days in advance then 10% off in 2017

book 30 or more days prior to arrival then 10% off all 2018

rates above in USD per night double occupancy plus 19% tax  extra pax $55 per night .   no charge for children under 12 sharing room with adults
1 the deluxe suite has a Jacuzzi and plunge pool; all rooms come with either one king or two queen beds; safes; bathrobes
2master suites with their own swimming pools one bedroom suite
extra pax in room $50usd per person per night
from dec 24 to jan 6th minimum 7 nights
from mar 19th to mar 23rd 5 night minimum

All master rooms have Jacuzzis in the tropical Isla Mujeres Na Balam in Isla Mujeres.

The hotel Na Balam in Isla Mujeres is located in the extreme north of the island of Isla Mujeres on North Beach with tropical gardens and hammocks.
In addition to the vegetarian Mayan1 restaurant Zazil Ha there is a snack bar on the beach serving natural juices and exotic drinks. If you have a special diet let us know and we can accomodate you.

Not only is NaBalam beautiful in the daytime but at night too.

Took this photo from the room we stayed in.

And the breakfast is superb. They bake their own bread.

Click on the photo to see the beautiful staff at NaBalam.

Yoga at Nabalam:
At Na Balam there is a holistic approach to wellbeing, thus they strive to maintain a tranquil and relaxing environment.
NaBalam hotel is an oasis of calm on an island of sunshine.
For your yoga practice Hotel Na Balam has the props and two yoga studios, one is located right next the Caribbean beach and the other is surrounded by the lush gardens.
Enjoy the sea breeze while grounding your asana on a tropical wooden floor. The Na Balam kitchen can provide vegetarian meals for your event and special catering needs can be requested in advance.

Yoga is a commonly known term for physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India; now found in the tropical paradise of the hotel NaBalam in Isla Mujeres.

Hindu monks1, beginning with Swami2 Vivekananda, brought yoga to the West in the late 19th century
1that's monk not monkies
2that's swami not salami

this past guest says:
We had a wonderful stay at Na Balam.
Very nice rooms in this the best of North Beach hotels, good service, delicious food and a worldclass beach.
A bit out of season in mid October so it was very quiet, but with sunny weather and crystal clear water. We enjoied the traquility.

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right at the doorstep of Hotel Na Balam is North Beach, Playa Norte; and the town with sporting goods stores, sea food restaurants,arts and craft shops, bars, internet cafes, and a short bus ride away are dolphins you can swim with. See the dolphins with a click of your mouse.
they're singing about us

the North Beach hotel Na Balam has its own beach, pier, pool, and courtyard restaurant.

Each unit is decorated with works of Mexican art.

In the wooden Aztec calendar shown on the wall of this one bedroom suite to the right many have pondered on the meaning of the mysterious symbols found on the wooden sculpture. We recently learned this was an ancient magic dart-board disguised to look like an Aztec calendar.

Try it. Click on the silver ball. Then try to drag the ball away with your mouse. Release the button see what happens.
Click on each arrow to see why you must stay at the Hotel Cristalmar on Isla Mujeres.
Then return using the return arrows provided. Then try the next arrow.
Enjoy the animation. Enjoy Isla Mujeres. Enjoy Hotel Na Balam the best of the North Beach hotels with Jzcuzzis and private pool in some units.

Na Balam means The house of the Jaguar in Mayan. Na is for house and Balam for Jaguar. The jaguar was a deity in Mexican cultures.
Mexican people have a strong cultural tradition for hospitality embodied in the saying mi casa es su casamy home is your home. So as a guest of Na Balam, the House of the Jaguar is your house in Isla Mujeres.

The Na Balam Hotel is located on the most magnificent beach in the Mexican Caribbean with tropical gardens and hammocks under beautiful palm trees on North Beach Isla Mujeres.
The North Beach of Isla Mujeres is indeed Playa Norte, to which most beach-lovers flock.
The water here is a beautiful transparent aqua color; further out it becomes a deep blue. The waters are very calm and warm. You can wade out hundreds of feet and still be only waist-deep in the water which is great for snorkeling.

There are ancient rumors of a little people called the Alux who inhabited Isla Mujeres ages ago. But it is unlikely you'll see any on your trip to Isla Mujeres (and in the event you do see some be sure to tell me what you were smoking or drinking).
In some places (but not here at Na Balam) you may find time share people. These salesmen are relatives of ours situated somewhere on the evolutionary chain that goes from rats to warthogs then to Pakis.
As their intellectual developement does not exceed that of a young goldfish1 they took to this line of work selling time share.
For some reason these time share people dropped out of sight in the area surrounding Na Balam which was greeted with the same regret as the sudden death of a rabid terrorist.
So you won't find Alux nor time share people.
What you will find is a helpful friendly staff just waiting to pamper you on this your Isla Mujeres holiday.
1Speaking of fish did you know all the wonderful tropical fish that may be seen in the transparent waters of North Beach snorkeling. In case you didn't bring one pick up snorkeling gear sold all over the town near Playa Norte where you have your deep CancunSteve discount.
Then you can marvel at kingfish (not Tim Moore who played Andy's friend) but these blue and white vaulting fish. They abound in the Carribbean. And the wahoo (not Yahoo; the latter is a search engine) it goes so fast. White and dark blue. Grunts alone are worth the snorkeling experience! Orange and blue stripped very common in the waters here in the Gulf of Mexico. And if you take some stale bread in your hand they will all come around to eat it. What a thrill.
The French grunt white and gold stripped is so named as it feeds on invertebrates.
Multicolered wrasse are common sights. A fun greeting to the time share man is holding up a fish like this and yelling out hey kiss my wrasse.
I tell you it's another world down there under the sea. Don't miss it!
There are polka dot batfish who are sluggish easily caught by hand. Weired looking beasties. The fish not Lady Gaga.
With some luck you could sight a seahorse. They are friendly.
There are some flatfish like the eyed flounder. If you see what appears to be a flying carpet with fins disappearing in the sand at the bottom then yes you've found the flounder. They begin life with an eye at each side of the head then with time both eyes migrate close together on the upper body. These fish can change color to that of the sand at the bottom.

back to our little friends the Alux:
Alux is a name given to a type of spirit of some Mayans from the Yucatán Peninsula and Isla Mujeres, also called Chanekeh or pests by the Nahuatl people. Alux are conceived of as being small, only about knee-high, and in appearance resembling miniature traditionally dressed Mayans.
Tradition holds that Alux are generally invisible but are able to assume physical form for purposes of communicating with and frightening humans as well as to congregate.
Some Maya believe that the Alux are called into being when a farmer builds a little house on his property, most often in a maize field (milpa). For seven years, the alux will help the corn grow, summon rain and patrol the fields at night, whistling to scare off predators or crop thieves. At the end of seven years, the farmer must close the windows and doors of the little house, sealing the alux inside. If this is not done, the alux will run wild and start playing tricks on people
Others say the Alux manifests when a traveler books into a room without the help of the good CancunSteve. At the end of seven days the poor traveler realizes he paid more and got less than if he would have booked with Steve.
Did you know you may arrange a barefoot wedding here at Na Balam and invite a few Alux as witnesses. Or if you prefer some of the nice staff at Na Balam.

Many travelers never encountered any Aluxes but only Gnomes, Elves, Gary Coleman, and Gremlins. And that after a few Frozen daquari too many at the bar.
Once it was reported a guest saw a rabbit with a cheap watch being chased by a crazy young girl.
But for sure you'll see great service. Turquoise ocean waters with tropical fish. And mind and health improving Yoga in this mystical setting.
The weather is great down here. Come on down! And in the restaurant the food is quite good; freshly prepared, made to order and attractively presented. They will accomodate your tastes and add to the menu what you like!
Did you know that the waters around Isla Mujeres are home to one of the most densely populated whale shark feeding areas on the planet - well, in the summer at any rate. Despite the 'shark' part of their name, these gentle giants are plankton feeders not little human babies.
While they are unlikely to do you any harm, whale sharks are massive. It's impossible to describe just how big they are without getting in the water with them.
And here you can get into the water with them.

Are you looking for Isla Mujeres hotels? On North Beach. Then know this one on Playa Norte has Jacuzzis and a private pool in your unit.

The best breakfasts on the island with homebaked breads served on-site. I know. I ate there.

When the magic ball changes color with the passing of your mouse over it click it for more information on the beach: North Beach. Playa Norte.
So what do they say? Do you think you should know? Use the little box to the left and see.
They speak of Na Balam but no one mentions the Jacuzzi. But we tell you the Jacuzzi is nice.

And the staff are angels.

The sea at your feet and the town right next to this hotel.

The Mayan goddess shown on the right is alleged to have magical powers to move the seas.

They say rubbing her stomach brings good-luck.
See this statue and rub whatever part takes your fancy. Take a close look at the Nabalam waiter or waitress while you're waiting for desert and coffee (see the smile). They're friendly.
See the redish-brown circle on the stomach.

Don't wait. Try now. Click on the stomach-circle.

Rates on this page no to be beaten.

Some known Mayan wisdom:
He who no book hotel Na Balam in Isla Mujeres with CancunSteve is fool. Not cool.

Nya b’a’n tu’n toc amle ti’ja, ku’n b’e’x cy-elil× miley.
It is not good that you wear a skirt if you are a male unless you want to menstruate.
Yes, that's for real. Mind you weren't many Mayan transvestites back then.

And today there aren't many Isla Mujeres hotels and lodgings like here.
island history:
Isla’s history dates back over 1500 years ago when it was part of the Maya province, Ekab.
The island served as the sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel, the Maya goddess of the moon, fertility, medicine, love, and happiness (and other stuff too).
The Temple was located at the South point of the island and was also used as the lighthouse (not outhouse) and entrance was free for the elderly on Sundays.
The light from torches was shown through holes in the walls when the torches didn't burn out, which could be seen by the navigators at sea if they were looking.
The Maya also came to the island to harvest salt from the salt lagoons.
Back then there weren't supermarkets selling salt like there are now near the Hotel NaBalam your lodgings in Isla Mujeres.
Recently the National Institute of History and Anthropology, announced the discovery of Mayan ruins and pieces of various materials in Mundaca Hacienda. And some junk.
There is evidence of five Mayan buildings, one of which could be the true temple of the goddess Ixchel or a decoy, and the south point ruin simply a lighthouse not outhouse.
The INAH also found and is holding over 100 pieces of obsidian, jade, and human skeletons and skulls.
Your guess is as good as mine what they'll do with it.
So if one night you're wandering out of the NaBalam and see pieces of junk or skeletons in a small shop nearby now you know the source.
Isla remained a sanctuary until it was discovered by Francisco Fernández de Córdoba in 1517.
Then he messed things up.
Legend has it that the only inhabitants of the island were the priestess of Ixchel and her court of sexy women.
Scattered around were numerous gold, silver and clay statues of Ixchel, and so the island got its name: Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women.
During Lent or perhaps Haloween of 1517 Francisco Hernandez de Cordova sailed from Cuba with three leaking ships to procure slaves for the mines. (others say he sailed to discover new lands or that he was bored). He landed on the Isla de las Mujeres, to which he gave this name because the idols he found there, of the goddesses of the country, Ixchel and her daughters and daughter-in-law's "Ixchebeliax", "Ixhunie", "Ixhunieta", "Gertrude", "Saphire", only vestured from the girdled down, and having the breast uncovered after the manner of the Indians. Cool.
The building was of stone, such as to astonished them, and they found certain objects of gold which they took.

North Beach as seen from the hotel Na Balam.

This beachfront Isla Mujeres lodgings is where you want to be.

Best breakfast on the island every day awaits you.

Everything is right here. The sea. The shopping. The bars.

And the peace of Yoga too.

There is a magic green egg in the Isla Mujeres lodgings photo to the left. How so? Move it anywhere you want with your mouse. To the glass door handles. To the etched glass Mayan figure. As soon as you release your mouse the magic egg will go back to the Avalon Resorts etching level on the glass doors. Past the doors is North Beach. Like the guests in NaBalam the egg always returns to where she wants to be. Soon the magic egg will hatch. Have a look.
And some awesome snorkeling awaits you outside the doors. Click the BEYOND button to see.

This is the snorkeling that awaits you after a good NaBalam breakfast.

view towards western part of  Isla Mujeres private dock
Looking towards North Beach itself we see the Isla Mujeres ferry dock. North Beach not only has it's own boat to get from the dock at at the beach but in the hotel zone to Isla Mujeres but also nearby there are golf carts you may rent to drive around the town and island.
On North Beach all kinds of fun areas abound. A section has topless bathers and others have funky bars. You'll probably want to stay on your own beach but feel free to move around at your whim. If you've rented a studio with kitchen facilities supermarkets are in the town over the foot bridge.
These supermarkets have a pathetic selection of merchandise but it's fun nevertheless to go shopping in them looking for basics like beer or soda.
Also in the town you may shop for casual wear; sandals; arts and crafts; hammocks; jewelry; gifts for the baby sitter; a little something for yourself.
Also in the town you will find transportation to other parts of the island. What can you see there? Use this link About Isla Mujeres
♣most rooms ocean view some private plunge pool
♣ king beds or two double beds |
♣Yoga on the NaBalam beach | Coffe maker | Minibar | Air conditioning |Ceiling fans |Radio / Alarm clock | Safe deposit box |
Hair Dryer | ♣

Just one of the many fine restaurants within blocks of the NaBalam Isla Mujeres.

And there's award winning Casa Rolandi.

Although it looks like a shack from the street Polo's Mango Cafe is fine within. They say that the mango jalapeno margaritas are absolutely incredible. The fresh watermelon juice is fabulous as well. The restaurant is very clean and has a great ambiance. Not connected to Polo Polo.

At Bally Hoo enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking the sea in this palapa style eatery. A place where you can enjoy the catch of the day, as well as our selection of steaks, famous margaritas Bally-Hoo and an extensive menu, from where you can find some specialty dishes.

Dopi's is a small family joint with farmed meats so they're good. The owner's not too bright hence the name Dopi.
Our friend says:
A small resto with family farmed meats which leads to dishes that are cooked with a passion. The lamb quesadilla we had was the best meal we had during our two week vacation in Mexico. Tender, succulent meat with excellent flavour. We were blown away by the total when we received the bill — excellent value; totally over-delivers.

And all the shopping too.

There's no other place to be on the island. Come on over to North Beach!

one of the fine restaurants North Beach Isla Mujeres

On North Beach all kinds of fun areas abound. This is North Beach's glory.

Both menu and buffet restaurants are yours to enjoy in North Beach (Playa Norte) Isla Mujeres. One of the buffet restaurants shown here.
The NaBalam has a spa; pool; pier; dock; gift shop; daily tours; phones in every room; a spiritual flair; air conditioning in every room; ocean views units and units with private plunge pools; double and king beds; wedding area. Some units have Jacuzzis on the terrace for those looking for something special.

The North Beach area as seen from the sea.

Could very well be your own ferry boat bringing you over.

With some luck catch some dolphins playing in the waters nearby.

Dolphins are not fish, but mamals as they give milk to their young and the tiny baby dolphins are born live.

These creatures are most intelligent.

They all know NaBalam is THE place to be on the island. Since the year 900 when the ancient Itzas settled what is today Quintana Roo, these dolphins swam around waiting for CancunSteve and NaBalam.

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Na Balam Isla Mujeres is not just a great North Beach hotel near everything in town, but a yoga resort as well.
Yoga and meditation provide an ideal practice combination to bring us back to clear mind – a sense of relaxation, effortlessness, and unconditional cheerfulness. At Na Balam alternate between meditation practices and yoga sequences to work towards total relaxation and harmony.

Sometimes unplugging is just what you need to truly connect.
During this beachfront vacation retreat you’ll put your smartphone and computer aside and tune in to the beautiful beaches, people, and abundant underwater wildlife at Na Balam Isla Mujeres.

Discover why suffering, anxiety, insecurity, guilt, depression, and illness are cries from your body, soul and subconscious mind asking you to love and book Na Balam with CancunSteve right now.

    Less expensive isn't always best. Na Balam is.
    Click on the arrow to the left and see how this fool saved by not booking on a scheduled flight.
        The key is to      
  •     have peace and harmony and a great breakfast at a good price. And Na Balam is.
  •     get the quality you so deserve
  •     get a hearty breakfast (the best on the island here in Na Balam)
  •     plunge pool and yoga massage be in heaven now in Na Balam
  •     With CancunSteve book a great stay in Na Balam for your Isla Mujeres lodgings and pay less
  •     Located on the beach overlooking the North Beach in the best Isla Mujeres location at an accesible in cost.
  •     spectacular view of the ocean, awesome sunsets, remarkably low price

if you believed in Santa Claus for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 minutes. book Na Balam right now
1 Some not know it, but many of our favorite foods from guacamole to tamales to chocolate were discovered, and refined long ago in the Maya world. Not the Taco Bell as some believe.
Here are a few.
Cacao is native to these lands of the Maya, who were the first to take the seeds of the fruit and roast them to make hot chocolate probably right where the Na Balam stands today.
The ancient Maya didn’t make candy bars, they were too dumb to make Kisses or Milky Ways or Rises pieces, nor did they add sugar and milk to the cacao.
Instead they took their chocolate as a ceremonial elixir and a savory mood enhancer.
Healthier mind you, if you overlook the taste.
For the Maya, cacao was a sacred gift of the gods, and cacao beans were used as currency.
At least it was tangible not like the Bitcoin today.
Juan Pool Mol handed over thirty beans to Paco, and Paco gave him back three pearls from an oyster as change.
Ek Chuah, the Maya god of merchants and trade, was also the patron of the cacao crop
The avocado, originating in this area where the Na Balam Isla Mujeres is, is loved for its rich taste and creamy texture and was a favorite crop of the Maya.
Combined with chilis, garlic, cilantro, onions, and lime or lemon, avocados become delicious guacamole, try some in the Na Balam restaurant.
Poc Chuc as served here in Na Balam is a Yucatecan dish dating to the days before Betty White.
Slow-cooked pork is combined with sour orange juice to temper the saltiness of the meat.
The orange juice refreshes the salted pork and gives it a tangy flavor.
Handmade tortillas are served here. In outdoor markets not far from your Isla Mujeres lodgings, you can hear a rhythmic clapping as women pat them into shape, then send some messages on their cel, then cook them on a comal, a big wood-fired iron or clay pan that looks like a Caribbean steel drum.
These tortillas are only three or four inches across.
The Maya creation myth says people were made of masa (corn dough), but don't believe it, we're flesh and bone and love hotels like Na Balam. These tortillas are the basic Mayan diet. Hot off the comal, tortillas are immensely satisfying, an ideal accompaniment to Guatemalan black beans, a perfect base for a layer of guacamole.
The typical Maya desayuno (breakfast) includes scrambled or fried eggs, a side of black beans, fried plantains (akin to bananas but larger, with a different flavor), a bit of queso blanco (white cheese), and a cup of rich coffee made from local beans. It’s all accompanied by a cloth-lined basket of warm yellow corn tortillas.
Bon provecho!
No culinary exploration of the Maya would be complete without tamales. Made from masa harina (corn flour) and filled with chicken, pork, vegetables, and/or cheese, tamales are wrapped in corn husks—or a banana or plantain leaf—and steamed for hours.
Then they’re unwrapped and topped with salsa (sauce).
Some tamales are made with fruit or other sweet fillings.
In much of the Maya world, indigenous women walk door to door selling baskets of fragrant tamales or other things.
Enjoyed long before the Spanish invasion, tamales are a staple of Maya holiday celebrations and festivals. Tamales are even depicted in ancient Maya glyphs and excavated artifacts.
That funny looking Mayan God doesn't have a cigar in his mouth but a local tamale.

Na Balam is a beachfront boutique hotel set in a wide and spacious privileged beachfront location in Playa Norte, best location on Isla Mujeres.
The resort features few rooms & suites all spacious; Oceanus Beach Club & Restaurant; Spa; outdoor pool & hot jacuzzi; Yoga School; plus great locations for weddings and social celebrations.
Or just getting laid-back.

The Na Balam beachfront restaurant is surrounded by awesome ocean views and features fabulous Breakfast with a View; great cocktails; redefines beach lazing with mouth-watering botanas and ice-cold beer; and dinner time with delicious seafood & grill specialties; all served by Na Balam's friendly service team.

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