Kan Xuk resort Tulum in the Sian Ka'an BiosphereNestled on the Sian Ka’an biosphere coastline, a UNESCO World Heritage site on the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, KanXuk is tucked away from trodden touristic attractions. Approximately 35 km from the beach town of Tulum, its remoteness is central to its charm. The property is located on latitude 19.861523 and longitude -87.439767

Privacy and exclusivity with a tropical backdrop. Does anyone out there relate to 19.861523 and -87.439767? Or the log of the sin of a 47 degree angle? Didn't think so. Not to worry. Not important good people. What is important is that this all-inclusive resort just south of Tulum in the Riviera Maya has luxury rooms (so you have pristine settings with modern comforts) and all food, beverage and house premium liquor included.
For added privacy, KanXuk can also be reserved exclusively for you and your party. Your own private holiday.

Amenities & Services:
• Air Conditioning
• Complimentary WiFi With State-of-the-Art Microwave Technology
• Large Flat Screen Smart TV in Every Room
• Luxury Bath Products, Robes & Amenities
• Complimentary VIP Transportation (Private Car and Boat) to and from Cancun International Airport
• Helicopter Service Available Upon Request

Kan Xuk resort Tulum in the Sian Ka'an BiosphereComplimentary Concierge Services • On-site Private Spa Services • Gourmet Dining Facility • Personalized Excursions • 24-Hour Security

In the language of the Mayan peoples who inhabit this region, Sian Ka'an may mean Origin of the Sky or don't take my corn.
Capatalize one letter and the word changes meaning. Confusing.
Located on the east coast of the Yucatán peninsula, this biosphere reserve contains tropical forests, mangroves and marshes, as well as a large marine section intersected by a barrier reef.
Provides a habitat for a remarkably rich flora and a fauna comprising more than 300 species of birds (so if driving down be sure to carry enough windshield washer fluid), as well as a large number of the region's characteristic terrestrial vertebrates, which cohabit in the diverse environment formed by its complex hydrological system.

The diversity of life in Sian Ka'an is awesome.
The tropical forests are home to charismatic mammals such as Jaguar, monkey, Puma, Ocelot and Central American Tapir (A tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile snout. Kind of a pig with a trunk) They are herb eaters so won't bother you.
The property also provides habitat for a large number of resident and migratory bird species.
There is a great diversity of marine life, including the West Indian Manatee, four species of nesting marine turtles and hundreds of fish species.
About a third of the property is comprised of highly diverse and productive mangrove communities, of vital importance to fisheries in the broader region.
Hundreds of forested islands, locally known as Petenes, emerge from the flooded marshes, some reaching over a kilometre in diameter.

in the Sian Ka'an BiosphereThe Riviera Maya resort offers both luxury rooms and larger beach bungalows.

The grounds at KanXuk all-inclusive resort have a unique identity and eco-influence.
With more than 200 meters of beachfront, the vast property awakes the senses, allowing guests to completely surrender to the beauty of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve around them.
Incredibly remote but accessible by car, boat, starship, and helicopter, the property offers five luxury rooms in the Main Villa, three ocean bungalows and one premium bungalow with a private garden. Each offers elegant amenities in balance with the breathtaking landscapes and shared spaces outside which help to inspire KanXuk’s restorative spirit of sustainability. Whether guests want to relax with others or seek out solitude, it’s easy to find the perfect spot to settle into and enjoy.

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lighter side of the plants (fauna) growing in the Biosphere around Kan Xuk
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lodgings in TulumThe chef provides you with a variety of options for an all-inclusive fine dining experience.
All meals can be customized to suit guests’ preferences.
So for those who would prefer a burger and fries thing to the fare shown on the left no problem.
Local and international favorites are highlighted with locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients.
Wine-pairing is supplied from the amply-stocked wine collection. As a complement to the wine collection, the bar features premium liquors from around the world.
It’s a private dining experience tailored to your tastes and steeped in the culture and culinary traditions of the Riviera Maya region.

Main Villa Room
36 Sq. M. / 387 Sq. Ft. Elegantly appointed rooms within the “Main Villa” complex, furnished with tropical wood and indigenous design inspirations. King bed or two doubles, premium linens, air conditioning, complimentary WiFi with state of the art microwave technology, flat screen Smart TV, rain shower, luxury bath products and amenities.

Beachfront Bungalow
36 Sq. M. / 387 Sq. Ft. Surrounded by white sand and steps away from the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean, this thatched roof bungalow is a great way to be in touch with nature without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of a five star resort. King bed, premium linens, separate bath tub and shower, luxury bath products and amenities, air conditioning, complimentary WiFi with state of the art microwave technology and flat screen Smart TV, luxury bath products and amenities

Private Garden Bungalow:
53Sq. M. / 571 Sq. Ft. Spacious bungalow, surrounded by white sand and steps away from the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean, this thatched roof bungalow is a great way to be in touch with nature without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of a five star resort. This bungalow boasts a private garden with an outdoor plunge pool. King bed, premium linens, walk in shower, luxury bath products and amenities, air conditioning, complimentary WiFi with state of the art microwave technology and flat screen Smart TV complement our Private Garden Bungalow.

Price per person per night in USD for 2016 and 2017 until Jan 4th 2018 | Includes food, drinks, lodgings, taxes, premium liquor, VIP transportation* to and from the Cancun airport
*private car and boat
single rate followed by double rate, so in May for double occupation it is 600USD per person

Jan 5 - Apr 11
Apr 12 - Jun 30
Jul 1 - Aug 16
Aug 17 - Oct 31
Nov 1 - Dec 23
Dec 24 - Jan 4
main villa 940 | 700
800 | 600
800 | 600
710 | 550
800 | 600
1300 | 890
beachfront bumgalow
1100 | 800
900 | 700
950 | 720
850 | 650
950 | 720
1500 | 1100
private garden bungalow
1300 | 970
1100 | 820
1170 | 900
1000 | 800
1170 | 900
1750 | 1300

Book 50 days in advance SAVE 10% on all bookings except Dec 24 to Jan 4

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All kinds of herbs abound in the biosphere surrounding Kan Xuk.
Regarding one of them, some local Mayans claim this herb can cure coughing, itching, burning, athelete's foot, and high cholesterol.
27 people were given this herb while 27 were given a placebo.
Some felt better while some did not.
Tests would have been more conclusive if the Mayans kept track of who got what.
One thing is certain. Your experience here in Kan Xuk in Tulum will please! Enchant! Regenerate the spirit
Although there are no known side-effects you may become warm, cold, hot, or lukewarm.

TulumMayans claim other herbs growing in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere can make someone invisible.
As evidence they show how the famous Hollywood actor Ernie Kovaks is invislbe in this photo on the left.

But some claim he never ever came down to the Mayan ruins.
As he's been deceased for a while, figures he no longer travels anywhere anymore.

George Clooney and his lady friend took his private jet down to Los Cabos but as far as we know never made it down to Tulum.
Drew Barrymore has been to Tulum but never tried this herb as far as we know.
All those who come to Tulum love the warm transparent turquoise waters.
But proof of invisibility is yet inconclusive.
So be reluctant to purchase this herb or book Kan Xuk with anyone but us.

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